Top 10 Most Expensive Military Tanks in The World

Every nation spends quite a large amount on strengthening its defence forces as a country is vulnerable for an attack by its opposing nations or terrorists. Military tanks play a major part in the defence of any country. Any country having more number of military tanks, always has an upper hand in the battle, causing fear in the opposing country. Generally in any war, these tanks are placed on the front row, to show the opponent the power possessed by the country, and also to have a larger range of shot, in order to destroy more power from the opposing country. War Tanks have been evolving over the years and today we have some gigantic and most powerful war tanks ever built. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive military tanks in the World 2019.

10. ZTZ 99

Most Expensive Military Tanks 2019

Weighing about 55 tons, this tank is in possession of China. It was first manufactured in the year 2001 and is in service till date. It is designed and manufactured by Norinco. It has its main gun which has the boulders of 125mm. It is built with modular composite, having central driver position. Its hull is almost a copy of the Russian T72, whereas the overall design is similar to those of the western designers. About 200 such tanks were ready for combat, just in the year 2008. Loading of the cannon is automatic in this tank, whereas the control of gum can be both automatic and manual, depending on the user. The rate of shoot is about 8 rounds per minute in this tank. This tank costs about $2.6m.

9. T 90 AM

Most Expensive Military Tanks 2019

One of the major on field military power held by Russia is the T90AM. It has two variants, T90 and T90A. T90 came into force in the year 1993 and T90A came out in the year 2004. Both being heavily armed has been successfully used in the Syrian civil war and the Dagestan invasion in 1999. Both weighing about 45 tons, these tanks cost about $4.5m. Its body is made of composite-steel reactive blend. The main gun is made of 125mm cannons with 42-43 rounds per loading. For the safety purpose, it has smoke discharges, heavy armour, warning laser etc. This tank was basically developed by Uralvagonzavod, in order to singularly replace T64, T72 and T80.

8. Merkava IV

Most Expensive Military Tanks

Held by Israel, it has been a major threat to the opponents of Israel. It has been in service to the Israel since 1978, which has been used in a several wars. First Intifada, Lebanon wars, second Intifada, Gaza wars to name a few. Manufactured by Mantak, this tank costs about $4.5m per unit for sole to the other countries. It has a 120mm cannon, and the tank weight about 65 tons. It has the capacity to carry upto 6 people at a time. It also has other ammo shots like 60mm, 12.7mm, 7.62mm and also 12 grenades. For the protection of the passenger, the engine is kept in the front, in order to defend frontal attacks. It is cost effective and also off road sustainable.

7. Arjuna MK II

Most Expensive Military Tanks

Designed by CVRDE and DRDO of India, this tank is one of the most effective weapon against the opposing country. This tank was designed in the year 1974 and is in service till date. It costs about $8.3m per unit of this tank. Weighing about 60 tons, it shows great effect in any battlefronts. It has a riffled gun of 120mm as its main weapon. It also has 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns attached. The crew for this tank is made up of 4 members. This tank performed very well against the T90 when put to trial against it. The country presently holds 366 such tanks in its service. The main gun has a capacity of firing 6-8 rounds of cannons per minute.

6. Leopard 2A6

Most Expensive Military Tanks

This is one of the main battle tanks of the German army, which has been in service since 1979 which was used in the war against Afghanistan. Over 3000 such units have been manufactured till date for self defence of the country as well as for the sale to different countries. This tank weighs over 60 tons. Its main gun has a 120mm cannons of 42 rounds per loading. It also has 7.62mm MG3A1. It was designed by Krauss- Maffai in 1970s. It is made of multi layered body throughout, for higher level of protection. Its armour is a combination of 2 steel plates of different elasticities, hardness and other properties.

5. M1A2SEP

Most Expensive Military Tanks 2019

Under the possession of the United States of America, this tank has helped the country in gaining the name Big brother of the world by assisting the army against the opposing countries. It has been used in different wars such as Iraq war, Afghanistan war, ISIS war etc. It has been providing service to the nation since 1980. It has the capacity to carry 4 people at a time. It is made of Burlington composite armour and over 10,000 such units have been produced till date. It has a 120mm cannon ball gun and also 105mm riffled gun. It also has 2 smoke grenade which is 6 barrelled. It has an active protection system which directs the incoming missile away for protection.

4. Challenger 2

Most Expensive Military Tanks

Owned and used by the United Kingdom, this battle tank is been in service since 1998. It has been used in many wars, among which a major war being Iraq war. This tank weighs a little less than 65tons and has a crew capacity of 4 people. Its main weapon us the 120mm riffled gun with 49 rounds per loading. It also has 7.62mm chain gun and 7.62mm machine gun in the secondary ammunition. It is used by both the UK army and the Oman army. This tank was designed by the Vickers Defence systems, which is basically a British company, in the year 1986. 58 main rounds and 4200 secondary rounds are carried in this tank at a time.

3. K2 Black Panther

Most Expensive Military Tanks

Though it came into service very recently, in 2014, this tank is one of the finest tanks under the possessions of South Korea. Costing about $8.2m, this tank is the best when it put in trial against both Markova and the leopard. Weighing about 55 tons, only about 100 such units are produced till date. It has an anti missile defence system installed in it, and also has a composite armour which gives it a double protection. It has 40 rounds of 120mm main gun along with the secondary guns of 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns. It has a lock on system which helps to track and lock the target which is upto 10kms far.

2. Type 10 tank

Most Expensive Military Tanks

This tank is a possession of Japan. It is a 4th gen tank which costs about $9.4m. It has been in service to the country since 2012. It is designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Company. Weighing about 45 tons, 80 such units have been produced till date. It has the capacity to carry crew of 3 members. The armour is made up of Nano-crystal steel, modular ceramic composite armour. Its main armament has an automatic loader of 120mm cannons, along with the secondary 12.7mm and 7.62mm machine guns. This tank has replaced the type 74 and type 90 tanks. The view of the commander in this tank is much wider than the other tanks.

1. AMX 56 Leclerc

Most Expensive Military Tanks

Came into service in 1993, in France, this tank has been used in wars many times till date, among which Yemeni was is the major. It was designed by GIAT industries previously and presently by Nexter. Around 860 such units are produced till date by this company, but presently the production is stopped as there is no need for more production. Weighing about 55 tons, it has the main armament of 40 rounds of 120mm tank gun. It is made of modular composite armour of, tungsten, titanium and semi reactive layers. It has a crew capacity of 3 members. It also has secondary armament of 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns.

We find that countries that are called Superpowers in the world and those who have issues with neighbouring countries. War Tanks were extensively used in the World Wars and today, in a nuclear weapon equipped world they are quite out of colours. But still, nations are interested in investing on various such warfare equipment so as to be prepared for any attacks.

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