Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Countries in The World

You cannot think of a kitchen without milk. Milk is one of the most important elements in the kitchen. All around the world it is found in everyone’s home. It is a very important commodity in our daily life. Milk is rich in various nutrients like calcium and it helps strengthen our bones. Milk is really important because it can be given to all age groups especially children as it is one of the building blocks of life. It can also be used for a variety of food items such as desert and beverages.

We should not forget that milk can also be used for a variety of dairy products such as butter, cheese, curd, yoghurt. There are various sources of milk such as cow’s milk, buffalo’s milk, goat’s milk, etc. But since cow’s milk is widely used we shall be seeing about this category in this article. We shall be seeing about the top ten largest milk producing countries in the world 2019.


Largest Milk Producing Countries 2019

This is the last country to make it to our top 10 this year. If we compare it with the rest of the world, Turkey has dairy farms smaller than the rest of the world. Other than India and Pakistan, Turkey gets a significant amount of milk from buffaloes. Milk production in Turkey has increased steadily because of the increase in lactation yield as well as the increase in the number of cattle. Most of the milk is Turkey comes from Izmir, Aydin, Konya, bursa and bordor most of the milk is exported to the & European Union although the government has taken several initiatives to boost the demand for milk in domestic market


Largest Milk Producing Countries 2019

This tiny country produce 21.53 million tons of milk previous year. Thus country mainly exports milk products like butter, cheese, cream, milk powder. All these products are exported all around the world. The reason this country has made is to the top 10 id because the herd size has increased rapidly. This country exports its milk and its milk products to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Thailand. Initiative is taken by the government has helped dairy farms make efficient use of the resources to improve its fairy farm sector.


Largest Milk Producing Countries

Dairy industry is crucial in France with the whooping 70,000 dairy in and around France. It is Europe’s second largest producer of milk second to only neighboring Germany. This country has more than 3.6 million dairy cows and a good number of milk processing facilities. Just like New Zealand most of the milk is converted to dairy products. France exports mist of its milk products to Italy and Germany.

7. Russia

Largest Milk Producing Countries

This large country in the world ranks at the 7th position in this list. Despite their usage of traditional breeding techniques and also traditional dairy farming, they continue to maintain a steady lead. Moscow tops the list of highest milk consuming state. Currently Russia is concentrating on developing better milk yielding breeds. Not only that, even Russian investors are investing on dairy farms abroad like china, to satisfy the increasing demand for milk in the domestic market.

6. Germany

Largest Milk Producing Countries 2019

Number 6 on our list is Germany which has 4.2 million dairy cows. It’s not surprising that Germany tops the highest milk producing country in the European Union. Germany recently overtook Russia and stole the 6th spot. Both east and West Germany collectively add to the milk production significantly. But sadly German farmers are facing difficulties in rearing cattle as the land prices are skyrocketing and also they face shortage of skilled laborers to do their job.

5. Brazil

Largest Milk Producing Countries

Milk production adds a significant amount of revenue to Brazil government. Even though Brazil is known to be the largest importer of dairy products, they still hold the 5th position in milk production. This is because of the increased support of the government as well as low production and processing costs. Uniquely, Brazil relies on the Gir breed which is and Indian breed from Gujarat which is known to produce large quantities of milk. This sector gives employment to over 1 million people and hence we can see why dairy farming is important to the economy of the country.

4. Pakistan

Largest Milk Producing Countries

Number 4 on our list is Pakistan. The main source of milk is from buffaloes in this country. The annual milk production in the previous year was 42 million tons. A little amount of milk also comes from goats. Punjab and Sindh provinces of the country are the main producers.

3. China

Largest Milk Producing Countries

China stands third in the highest milk producing countries in the world 2019. China exports milk only to a few Asian countries. This is because, they cannot satisfy the vast population, hence even though it stands third in the milk production, it is the highest importer of milk products. Recently, a 100000 cow dairy farm is planned to be set up in order to satisfy the domestic market of Russia as it plans to stop import from the European Union. It is said to be three times the size of the largest dairy farm in The USA.

2. United States of America

Largest Milk Producing Countries

Number 2 on our list is USA. Although United States stands second in terms of global milk production, it is first when it comes to cow’s milk as USA is the largest producer of cow’s milk. Very little is from buffalo’s milk. The dairy farms in USA have more than 15000 cows but even smaller ones contribute significantly as they yield a good number. There are altogether 23 states which produce milk. They even export a large amount of dairy products as well as milk to Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and China.

1. India

Largest Milk Producing Countries 2019

Number 1 on our list is India topping the milk production globally. India contributes a whopping 9.5 percent in global milk production. In terms of cows milk alone, India stands second to unites states, but has topped the chart as majority of the milk in India is from buffaloes. More than 80 percent of the milk production comes from various unorganised sectors from small farmers. There are about 130000 dairy cooperative societies at the Village level. Even though the milk production is less, the large number of milk producing states like Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Punjab add to the record. India exports milk to countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE,, Nepal.

Thus we can sum up and tell how important the diary sector is in adding growth to the global economy. Hence initiatives have to be made to improve each and every countries milk production capacity.

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