Top 10 Cheapest Helicopters in The world

The helicopters were first designed, built, and developed during the first half century of the flight manufacturing era. The helicopter is a kind of rotor craft. The lift and thrust to the helicopter is certainly supplied by the rotors provided to it. They help the helicopter to take off, fly vertically and land safely. During some emergency cases helicopters are used as air ambulances for the medical assistance. The term for those kind of helicopters that are used for medical assistance are called as “MEDEVAC”. Here is a list of the top 10 cheapest helicopters in the world 2019.

10. Kazan Mi-171A2

Cheapest Helicopters 2019

Kazan Mi-171A2 is one among the best beginner helicopters that would not disappoint you in flying experience. The Mi-171A2 company has classified its helicopters among various models. One among them is a mid-size helicopter. And Kazan Mi-171A2 comes under this category. Kazan Mi-171A2 can transport maximum of 24 passengers and the remaining 10 more than the other competitors of the same size. The Kazan Mi-171A2 has the capacity to fly over 423 nautical miles for the fuel which is filled full tank. The range is almost similar to that of those helicopters which have similar sized rotorcraft for it. The Kazan Mi-171A2 can fly to the maximum height of 13123 feet. It is almost 4523 feet more in altitude than its average class height.

9. Kazan Ka-62

Cheapest Helicopters 2019

The Kazan Ka-62 Is a super-fast helicopter that has been categorised under mid-size helicopters. The Kazan Ka-62 is usually used for corporate, medical or oil& gas transportation purposes. The rotorcrafts base price is approximately $8 million. The helicopter can transport maximum of 5 passengers. It is just same as that of other helicopters of similar size. On a full tank fuel, Kazan Ka-62 can fly as far as 416 nautical miles. The range is as same as that of the helicopters using same amount of fuel and having same size as of it. The Kazan Ka-62 can reach to the maximum altitude ceiling of about 10827 feet. This value is 2227 feet more than the average height any helicopter can fly of its class.

8. Sikorsky MH 60S SEAHAWK

Cheapest Helicopters

Sitting in the Sikorsky MH 60S SEAHAWK gives an immense pleasure travelling in it. The Sikorsky MH is categorized as the large helicopter. The helicopter can be used for military and also it is used by the police officers. It can easily transport maximum of 12 passengers at most. That is almost 7 number of passengers lesser than that of the other competitive helicopters carry. It can fly to the maximum amplitude ceiling of (HOGE) of 11750 feet. That is nothing but 5740 feet more in the amplitude it can fly than those helicopters having similar size as it. At 16 knots, the helicopter attains top speed. Or 6.1% more faster than the other helicopters.

7. Airbus EC155 Dauphin

Cheapest Helicopters

Airbus EC155 Dauphin has been classified as a mid-size helicopter. The main uses of Airbus EC155 Dauphin are that it is used for corporate, Medical assistances, oil and gas transportation, and the police assistance. The cost price of the base of this rotorcraft is $10.2 million which is almost 29 more expensive than the other helicopters out there. The maximum number of passengers the helicopter than ship is only 12. It is just as same as the capacity of the other helicopter of the same size as of it. Airbus EC155 Dauphin is capable of flying as far as 423 nautical miles when the fuel tank is full. At 150 knots the top speed comes in. or may be with the right speed of any average mid-sized helicopter.

6. Bell 412

Cheapest Helicopters

Bell 412 has been considered to be a large helicopter in the categorisation of helicopters. This helicopter can be used for many purposes namely corporate, medical assistance, for military assistance and also for parapublic. The cost price of the base of rotorcraft is approximately $6.7 million which is almost equally expensive as those of the other helicopters. The maximum number of passengers that can travel in Bell 412 are only 12. That is nothing but 6 number of members lesser than those of other helicopters of the similar size can accommodate. The Bell 412 can fly as far as 358 nautical miles for the full tank fuel in it. The range of 412 is said to be 69 mi shorter than the other helicopters.

5. Bell BOEING V-22 Osprey

Cheapest Helicopters

Bell BOEING V-22 Osprey is classified as a large helicopter in the helicopter categorisation. It is one amongst the Top 10 Cheapest Helicopters in The world 2017. This helicopter can be mainly used for military missions. The base price of the rotorcraft is approximately equal to $68 million which is the way more expensive compared to any other helicopter available of the similar size. The Bell BOEING V-22 Osprey can accommodate around 24 passengers. That is the helicopter is able to transport more passengers than those of other helicopters. The helicopter manages to fly as far as 879 nautical miles for a tank full of fuel. The maximum altitude of the helicopter can reach is almost 5400 feet from the ground level.

4. Airbus EC635

Cheapest Helicopters

The Airbus EC635 is considered to be a light helicopter according to the helicopter categorisation. The Airbus EC635 is mainly helpful as air ambulance for medical support and also very essential in military applications. It can allow maximum of 6 passengers to travel in it. The Airbus EC635 manages to fly successfully as far as 338 nautical miles for the tank of full fuel filled in it. Its range is also as same as the other helicopters of its similsr size. The price of the base of rotorcraft is not as expensive as of the ones mentioned above in the list. This one is more affordable. The top speed is attained by this helicopter at 37knots.

3. Bell 407

Cheapest Helicopters

Bell 407 is categorized as the mid-sized helicopter and can be used mainly on emergency in medical consequences, oil and gas transportation and it is para-public. The base price of the rotorcraft is approximately equal to $2.6 millions. That is 67%lesser in expense when compared to the helicopters of the same rotorcraft size. It can transport maximum number of 6 passengers at once. It is almost 8 fewer more than the other helicopters. The Bell 407 has successfully flied as far as 330 nautical miles. The range of Bell 407 is 95 mi shorter in comparison with the helicopters out there in the market. At the knots of 133, the helicopter attains the top speed.

2. Enstrom TURBINE 480B

Cheapest Helicopters 2019

Enstrom TURBINE 480B is said to be light helicopter and can be helpful in medical assistance, oil and gas transport, police and military assistance. The cost price of the base of rotorcraft is estimated to approximately equal to $1.3 million. The price is said to be 84% lesser than the other helicopters of same base sized rotorcraft. It can comfortably manage to accommodate up to 5 travellers in it. It is just as same as the other ones. The Enstrom TURBINE 480B can even reach the range as far as 355 nautical miles. The maximum altitude ceiling of the helicopter is 5400 feet. While some of the other ones have 3200 feet more than this.

1. Sikorsky S-70B SEAHAWK

Cheapest Helicopters

Sikorsky S-70B SEAHAWK is classified among the ones with large helicopters. The usage applications are all as some of the other helicopters. The price of base rotorcraft is estimated to be approximately equal to $36million. Though it is expensive, the performance is excellent by the engine. The Sikorsky S-70B SEAHAWK is able to fly as far as 350 nautical miles away for the tank with full fuel. The range of the Sikorsky S-70B SEAHAWK is 77 mi shorter when compared with the other helicopters of the same sized rotorcraft. The maximum peak value of altitude it can be able to reach is 11222 feet. This value is the highest in the series. The helicopter attains top speed at knots of 146.

This was the list of the top 10 cheapest helicopters in the world in 2019 and are considered to be good performers for the price too. This list had also a sneak-peek on their features that which are important to be considered to rate the performances.

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