Top 10 Biggest Gas Stations in The World

We take gas stations for granted as we enter and exit as quickly as we can. But here are ten gas stations that will inspire you to stop and take a moment while you are there. The architect’s imagination is limitless when it comes to a vast amount of buildings but some architects have taken something as menial as a gas station and turned it into a beautiful work of art. Petrol stations are a wonderful way to relax and take a breather before hitting the road again. If you are a truck driver and you spend the majority of your time on the road it’s pleasant to find a fun station once in a while to change your atmosphere. Following are the┬átop 10 biggest gas stations in the world 2019.


Biggest Gas Stations 2019

This gas station is a beautiful work of art. It has strong modern art themes throughout the building. It offers a cafe and dining area beside the ability to fill up your vehicle with gasoline. The architecture is unique for its shape and soft curving lines. It stands out with cement gray and a cranberry red color. It makes you feel like you’ve been transformed to the future. Large pieces of cement is cast for this building and the final touches include large glass walls.

9. GAS GALANTA in Slovakia

Biggest Gas Stations 2019

This phenomenal gas station has tall saucer style shapes hovering over the building and gas pumps. The pump numbers are highlighted and presented in yellow on a cement gray surface. The wooden facade of the attached building really softens the hard and tall concrete surfaces surrounding it. The three large discs are connected and create a very modern atmosphere.

8. HELIOS HOUSE in Los Angeles, California

Biggest Gas Stations

This gas station is absolutely breath-taking. It’s decorated with large stainless steel panels making 3-d like shapes with hard edges. The large canopy is unique in that it collects rainwater and reuses it for irrigation on the property. It’s popular for it’s unique design and eco-friendly usage. The roof alone has 90 solar panels which create enough energy to power two to three average American homes. That is incredible! If you are ever in Los Angeles you HAVE to check this gas station out!

7. UNITED OIL GAS STATION in Los Angeles, California

Biggest Gas Stations

By the way, while you’re checking out Helios House you need to stop by United Oil gas station on the corner of Slauson Ave and La Brea Avenue. This building is breathtaking and extremely unique in what it can achieve. This gas station has twelve gas pumps, a mini market and a car wash all in one. There is a unique driveway that starts on one side, and continues OVER the buildings and gas pumps, and leads you right to the car wash! There is no other gas station quite like this one.

6. ESSO MOBIL STATION in Leicestershire

Biggest Gas Stations

This is an amazing structure that was created in 1979. It has large disc shapes hovering above the building and it’s decorated with red and white. It’s last of it’s kind in England.


Biggest Gas Stations 2019

This gas station has a McDonalds inside and is very appealing to all that pass by. It is an extremely interested glass shell shape. There is a huge dome shape on one side where the McDonalds is sitting and a huge canopy hovering over the other end of the building where the gas stations are sitting. Even though the two are connected into the same building the architect did an amazing job making them feel like they were separate. The dining area for Mc Donalds is surrounded by luscious green grass and mindful wood tables and chairs.

4. HOUTEN SERVICE STATION in the Netherlands

Biggest Gas Stations

The design of the gas station is unique in that it has giant steel canopies and steel fencing covering the front of the gas station which help keep order to traffic. The construction is extremely simple but covers a lot of space. It’s a beautiful compliment to the natural scenery surrounding the petrol station.


Biggest Gas Stations

This gas station is huge and absolutely beautiful! This amazing set up has picnic areas, fuel pumps and even art exhibits. They display art pieces by local sculptors and painters. You get to surround yourself with Belgium’s beautiful landscape, art and a pleasant place to relax. The building itself is extremely long and narrow looking but is actually a very large space. It has a total of has a total of 59,000 square meters and a built area of 3,411 square meters.


Biggest Gas Stations

This phenomenal gas station was built in 2011 and is made completely of cement and steel. It has large sloping designs which mimic the hilly landscape surrounding it. It’s a beautiful master piece that requires you awe upon arrival. Wissol is a name that is recognized all over the country of Georgia but when creating this location they definitely went above and beyond.

1. POPS ARCADIA on Route 66 in Oklahoma

Biggest Gas Stations 2019

POPS is an American landmark that reminds us of times past. It has a very vintage feeling and the architecture of the building inspires nostalgia. Instagram is extremely popular with images of people visiting it daily and taking tons of fun photographs. The interior is extremely colorful and crisp with soft edges. They offer good American food like hamburgers and hot dogs. The entrance has bright blue glass and modern furniture. They offer a giant selection of soda pop and have old fashioned candy containers.

These gas stations are incredible in the sense that they inspire us to see the world differently. From giant steel modern sculpture’s to nostalgic atmospheres and cement shapes like nothing else on the planet. Architects and business owners are learning that gas stations can offer more than just gas a soda pop; they can be places where people relax after a long trip and get some fresh air. They can even be places where you get to take a glimpse at some beautiful paintings and sculptures. Maybe even meditate over the beautiful scenery that surrounds these buildings.

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