Top 10 Best NGOs in The World

Mankind is the greatest boon to us and man being a social animal, always needs a society or community to live with. Humanity is the force that has been able to sustain life. Love, affection and care is the thing that has been driving the life since centuries. At times, the world has witnessed cruelty, bloodsheds, war, racism that which can be quoted as the black spots to the beauty of mankind.

Best NGOs 2019

However, humanity has stood over all of those and has proved that world is the best with peace all over. The initiatives of non-profit, non-government organisations have proved to be very fruitful since decades. May it be any social issues, environmental issues or peace keeping, NGO’s have always served the cause. Here is the list of top 10 best NGOs in the world in 2019 that have worked effectively and have brought people together in making the Earth a better place to live.

10. BRAC:

Known formerly as the Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee and then as the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee. This organization which was established in the year 1972. It was formed as a non profitable organization with a motto of eradicating poverty from the world. It was started by Sir Fazzle Hasan Abed, who is the present chairman of the NGO. It is actively working hard in Asia, Africa and in America.

09. International Rescue Committee:

This international NGO is started in the time of Hitler’s dictatorship. On approval of Albert Einstein’s request this NGO was started in 1933 at Chanin building, New York, USA. Its present President is David milliband. IRC has been awarded high marks by charity watchdog groups and major publications for the efficient use of its financial support and the effectiveness of its work. It has the motto of helping refugees and to treat them in a better way.

08. Acumen Fund:

It was founded by Jacqueline Novogratz in the year 2001. This non-profit organization mainly aims at using entrepreneurship approaches to solve social issues like poverty and hunger. It aims at establishing financially sustainable organizations that distribute affordable goods and services to improve the lives of the poor. It works from New York and has regional offices in India, Pakistan, Kenya and Ghana.

07. Medicins Sans Frontiers:

As a response to the Biafran war (France), this organization is established in the year 1971. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a medical humanitarian organization. Joanne liv is the founder of this organization. The organization is known in most of the world by its localized name or simply as MSF; in Canada and the United States the name Doctors Without Borders is commonly used. In 2015 over 30,000, mostly local, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, logistical experts, water and sanitation engineers and administrators provided medical aid in over 70 countries.

06. Cure Violence:

It was in the year 2000 that Dr.Garry Slutkin founded cure violence at Chicago School of Public Health. It has its headquarters in America but it is actively working all around the globe. Originally developed under the name “CeaseFire” in 2000, Slutkin launched the model in West Garfield, the most violent community in Chicago at the time. CeaseFire produced a 67 percent reduction in shootings in its first year.Detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating high risk individuals, and changing social norms are its missions.

05. Ashoka:

The organization was named after Emperor Ashoka, the ruler of the Maurya Empire during the 3rd century BC .Emperor Ashoka recognized the suffering that he had caused by unifying his empire, and he promoted religious and philosophical tolerance and the paramount importance of morality when working for the public. In 1990 Bill Drayton established this organization. Right now he is the Chairperson this Committee. It has its headquarters in Roslyn, Virginia, USA. It has its motto ‘everyone are change makers’. As inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, it is working on shaping a global entrepreneurial and competitive citizen sector.

04. Mercy Corps:

Ellsworth Culver gave a start to this venture in the year 1979. It happened at a place known as Portland, Oregon. No it has grown to a huge global organization. It is a global humanitarian aid agency engaged in transitional environment that have experienced some sort of shocks: natural disaster, conflicts etc.

03. Clinton Health Access Initiative:

Former President of USA, Bill Clinton founded this humanitarian organization in New York City, USA. It employs over thousands of people around the globe and is missioned at bringing people together to take challenges. The organization launches several health improvement programmes, immunization programmes and supply of second line drugs at cheaper rates.

2. Heifer international. :

This non-profit organization based at Little Rock, Arkansas was established in the year 1944 by Dan West. It carries a motto of “Ending Hunger, Caring for the Earth”. Its works are mainly focused on sustainable development, agro ecology and bringing self-sufficiency. The organization distributes animals along with agricultural training to provide self-sufficiency to the families in need around the world. It has reached over 105 million people across the globe.

1. Wikimedia:

It was in the year 2003, Jimmy Wales, an internet entrepreneur established this charitable organization. It is headquartered at San Francisco. This foundation employs over 280 people and records annual revenues over US$75 million. Christophe Henner is Chairman of the Board of this foundation. It owns the internet domains and hosts sites such as Wikipedia. It goals at maintaining open source content, wiki based projects and provide full sight of those projects to the public that too free of charge.

Working for the betterment of one another marks the value of humanity. That must be the ultimate goal of every human being. These best NGOs of the world have achieved milestones in rendering humanitarian works. Every one of us should involve in one or the other organizations and step out to help the needy, thus making the Earth a better place to live.

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