Top 10 Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

People often fantasize about what they would do if they ever came into a large sum of money. If you have never actually taken the time to make out a top 10 list of what you might do if you ever even just came into one million dollars, then allow this list to serve as an inspiration. Below you will find the Top 10 things to buy if you had a million dollars, and there’s a little something for the big spender in all of us on the list. Following are the Top 10 Things To Buy With A Million Dollars.

10. Ultimate Shopping Spree

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

Ever just wanted to go into all the high end clothing stores and electronics shops and just get anything and everything that you have ever wanted for your home? So has just about everybody else. There is nothing quite as freeing as not being constrained by the knowledge of your dwindling bank account. You can finally get all of the clothes that you wished you could afford, an entire wardrobe of all the best brands and the latest fashion for every season that you will encounter. Who doesn’t just love looking the very best that they can and getting a new lease on life by just classing up their wardrobe a bit?

9. Yacht

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars 2019

When all of the biggest celebrities are looking for creative ways to spend their excessive money, chances are a yacht is one of those things that will inevitably cross their mind. These huge luxury vessels are a status symbol to say the least, and if you had a million dollars and no real need for the other items on this list, than a yacht is certainly something you might be considering as well. Even if you never took it out of port, there is something alluring just about hanging out on a yacht that you can call your own. Might want to hold off on hiring a crew to man the vessel just yet, you only have a single million dollars after all.

8. Summer Vacation Home

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

A lot of us own our own houses, or are at least close to fully owning them outright. So if you came into a million dollars, it might be nice to think about the possibilities beyond our literal front door. The other half often has several vacation homes all over the world, but even just something as modest as a beach house that you have paid off and could use for vacationing at any time of the year might be enough to completely change a person’s life in a dramatic way. If you don’t necessarily go and purchase the single greatest beach house that is for sale, you might yourself with a decent chunk of that initial 1 million dollars still in your possession to completely furnish it and pay for all of its utilities for years to come. Now that’s a sound investment. Not to mention that you could even rent out this house to others throughout the times that you are not there for a weekly rate, offering you tens of thousands of dollars every year thereafter its purchase.

7. Franchise

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

While there are things to be said about frivolous spending when it comes to falling into a million dollars of your very own, it might be a smarter move to invest it back into something that will make you money for every year to come. Think about some of the franchise opportunities that exist in your area, primarily restaurants that are highly successful in neighboring areas to where you live, but are missing in your city or town. Opening up a store or two with your million dollars can help you overcome the often slow first year of business and push on to the profits of the years thereafter, generating enough income where you no longer have to worry about your hum drum 9 to 5 existence.

6. Early Retirement

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars 2019

Much along the same line as opening a franchise, you might just be happy that you can finally afford to take that job of yours and hang it up for good. No one likes having to get up every day and going to work, and if managed correctly, a million dollars by itself could easily ensure that you never have to go work a normal job ever again. Of course it might require you to avoid making other purchases like what you will find on this list, but maybe this is one of the most rewarding things out of it all that you can buy throughout this whole list: your employment freedom. This begins with taking advantage of the accrued interest of the money in a bank account, and living modestly while the money sitting in your account makes more and more with each passing year. Eventually you are living off of the accrued interest of the money instead of the initial million dollars.

5. Seat On The First Commercial Flight To Mars

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

Sound a little out of this world? Well that’s the idea. Scientists have been tirelessly working on the logistics of sending hordes of people into space. The long term idea is colonizing the planet once it is determined that life can be sustained on the planet. However, this might not happen in our lifetime. What will likely happen in our lifetime are commercial flights for people to get to see the infamous red planet up close. With the high cost of the initial tickets for the flight, you are sure to bump elbows with some of Hollywood’s elite and some of the most powerful people on the planet for your efforts.

4. Exotic Sports Car

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

One of the most common purchases for someone who has stumbled upon a good deal of money is a new vehicle. For car enthusiasts, this isn’t a run of the mill sedan. No what the person who has a newly acquired expensive taste is after is the exotic sports car. The fastest four wheeled creation known to man, and the instant head turner of anyone who sees you coming. These are also status symbols, saying that you are someone who not only has money, but knows just what to spend it on.

3. Private Jet

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

Seem a bit over the top? Really depends on how much you fly around. If you are someone who happens to do a lot of traveling for work, or just wants to have the ability to get out and go someplace new and far away at a moment’s notice, than this purchase isn’t something all that crazy at all. Sure, if you don’t have a pilot’s license you will have to find someone to fly the thing, but it still would be pretty cool to take you and your family/friends on your own private jet somewhere for a weekend. It’s got “most popular person in your group” written all over it.

2. A New Start

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

Ever just wanted to pick up and go somewhere new that you’ve never been before and start all over. You can let go of the places you know here, the people that you’ve met, and just start fresh where you can make your story anything at all that you would like it to be. With a cool million dollars, you can go anywhere you wanted, buy a modest house and have enough start up to wait for that perfect job you’ve always wanted to come your way and reconstruct your life entirely how you would like it to be.

1. House

Things To Buy With A Million Dollars

While it is nice to consider all of the crazy ways that you could spend a million dollars, like many of the other options on this list, some people would be perfectly happy dropping most of it on a house for their family that surpasses what they have right now. Maybe you’re still in the renting loop of life and just want to really have a place that you own outright, while others might just be looking for an upgrade to their current homestead. No matter which of these scenarios best suits you, houses are always the number 1 thing that are thought of when it comes to having a good sum of money on your hands.

While most of us are never going to just happen into a million dollars, this list does comprise 10 of the best things that you can do to spend it when you get it. While some of these things seem a little over the top, all of these options are deemed among the most commonly thought about options when it comes to spending large sums of money.

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