Top 10 Most Accurate Prophets in History

Prophecy is a very dangerous and tricky activity for any person to perform. The reason why prophecy is so dangerous is that people can use this form of religious or spiritual practice to deceive individuals. Throughout the millennia there have been thousands of prophets.

Some of these individuals were major prophets while others where minor seers. Most prophets do prove to be false. However, some individuals who provided prophetic predictions were (or still are) very accurate. The following list will describe the top 10 most accurate prophets in history and their important predictions that have come true.

10. Jeremiah

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Jeremiah the prophet was used by God of the Jewish and Christian people at some time between 628 BC to 586 BC. His message was to the Jewish people and what was going to happen to them at the hand of the Babylonians. God was punishing the Jews for their disobedience and he used the Babylonian people to carry out his discipline.

Jeremiah told the Jews that they would be taken into captivity for 70 years by the Babylonians. He also told them that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would be a descendant of King David. All of Jeremiah’s predictions came true even though the people of his time ridiculed and dismissed him.

9. John the Baptist

Most Accurate Prophets in History

John the Baptist was the last prophet to speak out about Jesus Christ before he arrived on the scene in Jerusalem. John was born shortly before Jesus and that would have been sometime between 10 B.C. and 0 B.C. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah spoke of John’s coming shortly before Jesus’s arrival. Once John the Baptist was preaching about Christ, he started to make predictions about the coming Messiah. John was actually Jesus’s cousin. The predictions that he made about the Messiah were all true and they all came to pass.

8. Abraham

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Abraham is a Jewish patriarch that lived close to 4000 years ago in the Middle East. He was the first person that God used to start the Jewish nation. During his lifetime, Abraham had many adventures with God and he also made many prophecies.

Abraham revealed that God would be the father of many nations, that his descendants would have their own nation, that the Jewish people would be a great race in the world and that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would be one of his future descendants. All of these predictions came true thousands of years after Abraham had passed.

7. The Brahan Seer

Most Accurate Prophets in History 2019

The Brahan Seer was a Scottish prophet who served the Earl of Seaforth during the 19th century. The Brahan Seer’s prophecies were more about the fate of the Scottish people – especially those in power. He made predictions about how certain noblemen such as the MacKenzies of Fairburn will lose their wealth and possessions.

He also said that certain monuments and landmarks within the kingdom of Scotland would be destroyed. He also told his people that when the fived bridges over the River Ness in Inverness would be destroyed. Once this happened world chaos was supposed to have followed.

Unfortunately, this prediction came true when Hitler invaded Poland during WW II. Brahan Seer lost his life when he predicted that the Earl of Seaforth was cheating on his wife. Apparently, the Earl’s wife had him killed for stating such things – even though they were true.

6. Joan Quigley

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Joan Quigley was an unusual prophet or seer because she was used by President Reagan and his First Lady Nancy. Normally, most presidents would not consult a psychic or medium before they engaged in political affairs. However, the Reagans did. They would often consult Quigley before they would meet other political leaders or before they made some type of major political decision.

Eventually the public found out that the Reagans were using a medium to help determine political affairs. However, this incident was quickly and quietly swept under the rug. No American really wants a president who consults mediums and psychics to figure out political affairs.

5. Edgar Cayce

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Edgar Cayce was a popular seer that lived during the early 20th century. He would invite people to his home and have them ask questions about their future. While they asked the questions, Cayce would lie down and enter a trance like state. He would then answer them.

Cayce made thousands of predictions. He supposedly accurately predicted Hitler’s activities and the Great Depression. He also predicted that California would fall into the ocean. However, as we already know, this did not happen. Not all of Cayce’s predictions came true.

4. Madam Marie

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Madam Marie was an American seer that performed this activity for well over 70 years. She made her predictions in the New Jersey area of Asbury Park Boardwalk. One of her most notable predictions was that Bruce Springsteen would become a music star.

This prediction did come to pass. Springsteen referenced the Madam Marie in his song 4th of July and he even helped her to gain a following. Other notable stars such as Ray Charles, Woody Allen and Elton John used her services as well.

3. Noah

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Noah is the famous Jewish Patriarch that lived about 10,000 years ago. He built the great ark which as used to withstand the flood waters that God sent to destroy the world. Many people might be familiar with Noah and the ark but what they probably did not know is that Noah preached for over 100 years while building the ark.

He was trying to get people to turn from their sins and follow God. While he was preaching, he prophesized that the world would be destroyed by water and this came to pass. He also prophesized that people would be destroyed if they did not repent. He was right.

2. Nostradamus

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Nostradamus was an unusual prophet because he could accurately predict a lot of things and they really would happen. Nostradamus never claimed to be a prophet and he often stated that his predictions might not happen at all.

However, this seer did not have all of his predictions to come true. He predicted some things about WW II that actually happened. Yet, other of his prophecies have yet to manifest. Nostrodamus still remains one of the most influential prophets in modern time even though he died in 1566.

1. Jesus

Most Accurate Prophets in History

Jesus Christ is the most controversial figure in all of humanity. One of things that makes him such an enigma for many people is his bold prophecies. Jesus predicted that the temple in Jerusalem would be destroyed and it happened. He also predicted that he would die and rise again to become the savior of humanity.

This happened as well. Jesus made predictions about the start and spread of Christianity and he made prophecies concerning the end times. Christ is also the Messiah and many Old Testament prophets made many prophecies about him in the past. Christ is a prophetic making machine and all of his prophecies have come to pass or will happen in the future.

Keep in mind that all people who make prophecies should be taken with caution. All of the people on this list made accurate predictions but keep in mind that they are the exception and not the rule.

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