Top 10 Most Busiest Airports in The World

From inception, man has always wondered and was amazed how the birds fly. He always wanted to live the life of all seemed impossible as many had tried and their attempts proved futile. Over the centuries each individual has tried different ways to fly and that’s how the story of Icarus started. Even Leonardo da Vinci tried his hand and did not succeed. But a breakthrough came during the industrial revolution when 2brothers, Wilbur and Oliver wright invented their first aeroplane. Although their flight lasted for only 12 seconds, they paved the way for aviation industry.

Thus a new method of transportation was invented which was much faster than the fastest boats covering long distance in short amount of time. Now the aviation industry has come a long way with different kinds of helicopters and aeroplanes ranging from single engine planes to the mighty Airbus a380. Not only that , there are also aircrafts to attend emergency services like fire and medical assistance to also the multimillion dollar Lockheed Martin which is a stealth jet. The increasing number of aircrafts along with the increase in number of people using air transportation put pressure on the government to build airports to accommodate the increased traffic with ease. Here we have list of top 10 busiest airports in the world 2019 in terms of passenger traffic.

10. Dallas /Fort Worth International Airport

Most Busiest Airports 2019

In 1927 proposal from Dallas to build a joint airport was rejected by Fort Worth. The plan of again put into action in1961 and was finally completed in September 1973. This Airport is located in Grapevine, Irving, Euless, Coppell, Dallas County, Tarrant County. This Airport is owned by city of Dallas as well as city of Fort Worth. the specialty of this airport is that it is the busiest in Texas and has its own zip code, Postal service as well as well as Police for medical for and emergency services this airport caters 2207 destinations including 58 International as well as 149 domestic destination. This airport had passenger traffic of 64,072,468.

9. Charles de Gaulle airport

Most Busiest Airports 2019

The construction of this airport began in 1966 and was finished in March 1974. This Airport is located in Paris and is owned by Paris Aéroport. The specialty of this Airport is that it is the largest in France and is Europe second busiest airport only leading behind Heathrow International Airport. This Airport was specifically designed and built in the outskirts of the city so that later on it could be improved and could be expanded. The passenger traffic last year was a whopping 65,766,986 persons.

8. Hong Kong International Airport

Most Busiest Airports

This airport was open to public on 6th July 1998.this airport is located in Chek lap kok, Hong Kong. This Airport is owned and operated by Airport Authority of Hong Kong .this airport is very important to the people of Hong Kong because it adds a significant amount of revenue to the government. it employees nearly 65000 employees .this busy airport accommodates more than 100 Airlines which operate to 180 cities and annually has a passenger traffic of 8.5 million passengers.

7. Los Angeles airport

Most Busiest Airports

Making it number 7 on this list is Los Angeles International airport .this Airport was constructed in 1930. Originally it was named as mine field but later on its name was changed to Los Angeles Airport. The location of this Airport is in Los Angeles, California and it is owned by the city of Los Angeles. Not surprisingly though, it is the third busiest in terms of aircraft movements. It is also the only airport to rank among the top 5 US airports for both passenger and cargo traffic. It has been given the name of “Gateway Of The Pacific Rim”. This airport is one of the few airports to have 4 parallel runways.

6. Heathrow international airport

Most Busiest Airports 2019

The construction of the airport was started in 1944 and it was opened to public in 1946. This Majestic airport is located in London borough of Hillingdon and is owned by Heathrow Airport Holdings. The master plan of this airport was designed by Sir Frederick Gibbard. This Airport has the record of being the busiest in the UK as well as Europe. It operates more than 88 airlines to 185 destinations in 84 countries. Not only that, but this Airport is unique because it has Hindu, Catholic , Muslim , Sikh ,Jew ,Chaplains. It also boasts a Multi faith prayer room in each terminal. It also has its own press corps with an exclusive TV crew on the ground.

5. Tokyo international Airport

Most Busiest Airports

This Airport opened its international Terminal in 2010 .this Airport is located in Ota , Tokyo , Japan. This Airport is operated by Civil Aviation bureau. This busy Airport has Airlines flying to 25 cities in 17 countries. To increase the revenues the government regulated the use of Haneda for premium businesses routes and Narita for leisure routes. Not surprisingly this Airport is the 3rd busiest in Asia.

4. Chicago O’Hare international airport.

Most Busiest Airports

Number 6 on this list is Chicago O’Hare international airport. This airport was founded in is located in North West side of Chicago. It is operated by the Chicago department of aviation. It is owned by the city of Chicago. It previously held the record for take offs and landings in 2014 and lost it to Hartsfield Jackson international airport. It currently caters to more than top 10 destinations including 153 domestic and 57 International destination. This airport was regarded as the best airport in America for 10 years and also the second worst for delays. Statistical records show that 20% of nation’s flight cancellation and the delays took place from the Chicago airport.

3. Dubai airport

Most Busiest Airports

At the 3rd position on this list is the famous Dubai Airport .this airport was constructed in 1960 .it is situated in Al Garkoud. This world famous airport is owned by the government of Dubai. It serves mostly Dubai, UAE. Terminal 3 is the second largest building in the world by floor and space and also the largest airport terminal in the world is being constructed in Dubai. There are nearly 1700 weekly flights operated by Brown 140 Airlines to over 270 destinations. A special fact about this airport is that the first jet to land was Comet from the Middle East Airlines in 1965.

This airport is very important for the economy as it employs over 90,000 people. It supports over 4, 00,000 Jobs direct and indirectly. It also contributes nearly 26.7 billion dollars to the economy.

2. Beijing capital international airport.

Most Busiest Airports

Beijing capital International Airport was opened to the public on March 2nd 1958. It is located in Chaouyang- shunyi . This airport serves Beijing. It is owned by a state controlled company called Beijing capital International Airport Company Limited . The specialty of this airport is that it has the second largest terminal in the world and till 2010 it had been branded as the busiest airport. It is the busiest airport in Asia and also it is a very huge airport as it covers about 1480 acres of land.

1. Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta international airport

Most Busiest Airports 2019

Making it number one on this list is none other than Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This airport was built on the Atlanta Speedway in April 16th 1925 it was later renamed to the present name in 1946. This huge airport covers a very wide area and it is located in Atlanta College Park, Hapeville, Fulton ,Clayton county. This Airport is the central hub for Delta Airlines it is owned by the city of Atlanta and is operated by Atlanta department of Aviation. It has been ranked as the busiest airports in 2012 in terms of passenger traffic as well as flight density. It has 207 domestic as well as International Gates. This airport has been known for the operation of many low cost carriers which benefit more than half the population of the country.

Thus we come to a conclusion of the top 10 busiest airports in the world in terms of passenger traffic. The technology used to build planes are getting better and aeroplanes are becoming safer ,hence it’s only natural that more people would like to use air transportation to get from point A to point B. Therefore it is the citizen’s duty to keep the airports clean and neat and play a small role in improving the society.

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