Top 10 Longest National Highways in India

India being worlds 7th largest country on the basis of area need to have a strong transportation facility from north to south and from east to west. The country being divided into states needs proper transportation too. The journey with the country through the land routes can be done only by proper roads throughout the stretch of the country. Hence government has already constructed many national highways which connects two major ends of the door two major states. This is the top ten list of longest national highways in India 2019.

10. NH 31

Longest National Highways in India 2019

NH 31. Being 1,125 km long, it starts in Barhi, Jharkhand and ends in Jalukbari, Guwahati. It runs through Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Assam. This highway passes through major cities of the above states and also excellent landscapes of Assam can be witnessed. A section of this highway comes under the East-West Corridor.

9. NH 3

Longest National Highways in India 2019

NH 3 or the AB road. Connecting Agra and Mumbai, it is 1,190 km long. The stretch between Agra and Gwalior comes under the North-South corridor. This highway convers the distance between those to cities of the different states like butter Pradesh and Maharashtra. easten express highway and Mumbai Nashik expressway is also seen in this highway.

8. NH 4

Longest National Highways in India

This high way travels through the 4 most populated cities in the country making it as major link of all those cities. It starts from the Mumbai and it’s passes through Pune then passes through the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore and then reaches capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. This covers a span of 1235 km and passes through Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andra pradesh and also Tamil Nadu.

7. NH 17

Longest National Highways in India

It is one of the most beautiful highways which runs from north to south along the west coast and as parallel to the Western Ghats. It basically aims at the connection of panel in Maharashtra to Cochin in Kerala. The distance from the start to the end of the highway is about 1269 km . It’s passes through Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and ends at Kerala. The highway covers few beautiful landscapes.

6. NH 8

Longest National Highways in India 2019

It connects the two major cities one of which is the capital city of the country Delhi and another one is the trading capital Mumbai. It covers over a distant 1428 km. It also passes through Gurgaon, Ajmer, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, and also Vadodara. This highway is a part of Golden quadrilateral project by the government.

5. NH 2

Longest National Highways in India

This highway is about 1465 in the length and it is considered as one of the most busiest highways of the country. This highway passes through Delhi, Haryana, uttar pradesh, Bihar, jharkhand and finally the west Bengal. It is also a part of Asian road network AH1. This highway passes through so many cities.

4. NH 15

Longest National Highways in India

This is a high way which connects a city from Gujarat, samakhaiali with another city of Punjab pathankot . The roads covers the length of around 1526 km. The highway travels through 3 states of North such as Punjab, Gujrat and also Rajasthan.

3. NH 5

Longest National Highways in India

This one is located at the east coast and serves as a major highway which spans over 1533 km. It passes through different states such as Orissa, Andra pradesh,and also the Tamil Nadu. It beings from odisha and ends at Chennai temil Nadu. This is also a part of Golden quadrilateral project.

2. NH 6

Longest National Highways in India

Starting from hajira in Gujarat it extends upto Kolkata in West Bengal. This highway spans upto 1949 and is considered as the second longest highway of the country. This passes through major states such as Gujrat, Maharashtra, chattisgarh, Orissa , jharkhand and west Bengal.

1. NH 7

Longest National Highways in India

This is the longest one among all the highways and it’s runs upto 2369 km and it successfully connects 21 important cities. It starts from Varanasi in uttar pradesh and ends in the tip of india that is Kanyakumari. The longest highway is passing through uttar pradesh,madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana andrapradesh Karnataka and finally Tamil Nadu.

Thus this is the list of top ten longest national highways present in India 2019. These are successful in connecting major cities and also different states making it helpful for the means of transportation. For all those rider over there waiting to go for a long journey, these could be the best ones to travel in. Thus filling the top ten list.

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