Top 10 Largest Cities In The World Based On Area

City cannot be defined exactly but it can be understood as a area where there is permanent human dwelling. Cities have a complicated administration which is required for the smooth running in systems like housing areas, transportation ,sanitation etc. Damascus is considered as the oldest city. A big city is usually refereed as metropolis. It usually has exurbs and associated residential areas referred as suburbs. Such cities are heavily populated and emerged as a result of urbanisation. These urban centers attract people for business and employment and thus promote development. A super city or a megalopolis is a chain of roughly adjacent metropolitan cities.

There is no explanation as to how the cities were first formed but the conventional view suggests that they were formed after the Neolithic revolution. Due to this revolution which introduced agriculture various people including hunters and nomads settled down to create a denser population and to produce surplus crop products. The factors influencing the formation of city like production, human population business slowly increased in various periods.

When industrial revolution occurred it led to massive urbanisation and gave rise to great cities in Europe and other regions. Increase in the number of manufacturing centers and introduction of advanced transport like railways promoted migration of people from rural to urban areas. Various forms of environmental pollution including waste and sewage management are the major problems in cities and thus leads to health problems making city a deadly place too. In the 21st century with the concept of globalisation and innovation of networks the smart city concept is introduced where technology and communication is used to bring about innovation, healthy environment, renewable energy and service to every person dwelling in the city. Given below is the list of top 10 largest cities in the world 2019 based on the area in square kilometres.


Largest Cities Based On Area 2019

This city has a land area of 3,173sq km with a population of about 17,827,000 and located on Pearl River. It is the third largest city in China. Being the capital of Guangdong it is a center for manufacturing, transportation and trading since a long time also this city is best known for the annual canton fair.


Largest Cities Based On Area

Possessing the land area same as Guangzhou but varying in higher population of 20,186,000. This city is the vibrant center in the country as it is the famous for art, entertainment and commerce. Adding to the fanciful factors it is the host for fashion week and world’s largest gay pride parade.


Largest Cities Based On Area 2019

With an area of 3497sq km Beijing stands number 9 in our list. It literally means the northern capital as it has a History ranging till 3 millennia. The grand Forbidden City complex and imperial palace during Ming and Qing dynasty is an example for ancient architecture. It is the second largest city in China with one of the world’s busiest airport thus known as a transport hub for China and Asia. It is a center for education, culture and politics in China.


Largest Cities Based On Area

Number 8 on the list is Manila with a area of 4863sq km with the dwellers number being 21,420,000. This city has faced a lot of destruction during the World War 2 but now it is the capital city of Philippines. Quenzon is the main commercial center which is just a part if this metropolitan area.


Largest Cities Based On Area

It is the largest city of China with area of 6340sq kms. The population growth in this city is remarkable and presently has a statistics of 23,000,000. It is the most attractive megalopolis as they decorate the city preserving the old culture and polishing with modernity. Due to favorable port location this city grew in trade recognition. Presently the stock exchange here is the third largest in the world and thus a hub for trade and finance in China.


Largest Cities Based On Area 2019

This city has a area of 6392sq kms and sits on the northwest coast of island if Java. It is the capital city of this country with a population of 28,300,000. This city is believed to be established by Sunda in 4th century. For the administrative purpose it is further divided into 5 municipalities. Establishment of headquarter of various MNC’s increased the city’s business and employment opportunities thus attracting migrants from all over Indonesia making it a vibrant city with blended culture if different communities.


Largest Cities Based On Area

With the land area of 9560sq kms Mexico City stands number 5 on the list. Geographically being located at an altitude of 2250m it is one of the highest capital cities in the world. It is densely populated with a population of 20,463,000. The city consists of 16 municipalities and one of the most important financial centers of America. This city has a GDP of $390billion and thus being one of the richest city in the world. The public transportation here includes metros, suburban rails, peseros, urban buses etc. The airport in this city is Latin America’s second busiest. It attracts a lot of tourists due to its culture, art and entertainment.


Largest Cities Based On Area

This city has an area of 10400 sq kms. It is home to almost half the koreans with a population of 25,800,000. This city is situated on Han River. Baekje found this city back in 18BCE. It is environmentally rich as it contains 5 UNESCO world heritage sites. It has a GDP of $845.9billion. It is ranked number one in technology readiness and also called as the wired city. This city is surrounded by mountains which are the most visited national parks in the world. COEX-the largest underground mall is in this city.


Largest Cities Based On Area

Located on southern half of Japan’s largest island Honshu it has a area of 11,170sq kms. It is the second largest metropolitan in Japan with about 20,186,000 inhabitants. Historically it was a rice trading city and thus known as the nation’s kitchen. Tourist destination here is the prominent bay on the west side of this city. The GDP if this city is $341 billion and stands equivalent to Paris and London. The municipal subway ranks 8th in the world by annual passenger ridership. This city has one of the largest number of whole sale and retail shops. Tenjin Matsuri is a famous annual festival of this region. This city thus has highest contribution to art, entertainment and commerce.


Largest Cities Based On Area

Facing extensive damage during World War 2 it has rebuilt dynamically to the largest metropolis in the world. It is one of the youngest cities in the world. This city has a land area of 13500sq kms. The number if inhabitants in this city is 35,700,000. It is on the eastern side of the main island Honshu. Tokyo ranks 3rd in the IFCDIE as if hosts 51 out of 500 fortune global companies. It ranks first in the world’s safe cities index. In the historic period this was a small fishing village which now is a metropolitan city. The city consists of only modern and contemporary architecture as the old ones were destroyed during extensive bombing. It has a total GDP of $1.9 trillion and has topped the list. This city has a high cost of living.


Largest Cities Based On Area 2019

This city harbors on the Hudson River and has a land area of 30,671 sq kms. It has an estimated inhabitants 20,464,000. It has a significant impact on art, fashion, commerce and thus considered the global power city. Being in the big brother country it is described as cultural and financial capital of the world. The various landmarks like empire state building, central park, Statue of liberty Broadway etc attract a lot of tourists. The architecture here is of different styles and from different periods of time. The city has a GMP of $1.55 trillion. The city is a global Centre for banking finance and world trade.

This was the list of top 10 largest cities in the world 2019 based on the area that are well-developed and houses millions of residents and have been the centres of business, commerce, trade, entertainment, tourism etc. Once in a lifetime, it’ll be great to explore such cities to admire the diversity in the world.


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