Top 10 Best Travel Agencies in The World

Traveling the world is important. It’s a chance to see other cultures and connect with them. You get the opportunity to really dig in and maybe incorporate some of their knowledge into your daily life. The best way to see the world is to get out there and book it with a trusted company that knows what you are getting into. The best travel agency will be available to you twenty four seven and has everything in place for you to do nothing except sit back and enjoy the vacation. So, following are the top 10 best travel agencies in the world 2019.

10. Hotel Planner

Best Travel Agencies 2019

Hotel Planner is one of the most successful travel agencies in the world 2019. They are able to cater your experience depending on whether you are planning for a wedding, tour group, conference and more. They guarantee the lowest group rates so you don’t have to worry about the cost for your large group multiplying too high. They even offer free rooms for group coordinators! Hotel Planner is already associated with 100,000 group friendly hotels all across the globe. Over 500 Universities around the world use Hotel Planner to schedule their group travels. Also, if you want to book as a group but pay separately they can conveniently handle that for you as well!

9. SmarTours

Best Travel Agencies 2019

SmarTours is a favorite amongst worldwide travelers that are looking to be wined and dined around the towns they plan to visit. SmarTours has connections with expert guides, upscale hotels, comprehensive escorted tours and specials on international airfare. Their website is extremely easy to use and you can choose what area of the world you would like to visit. They offer a full breakdown of what the experience will be like so you won’t be surprised during your time there. They have been offering worldwide tours since 1999 and have been extremely successful in their endeavors.

8. Zicasso Handcrafted Travel

Best Travel Agencies

Zicasso offers luxury tours for those of us who want to experience something authentic and separate from the typical tourist spot. When you contact them they will match you with a travel specialist who will walk through all the steps of having the most amazing experience of your life. Many of these specialists have experienced these travels themselves and always have great advice to share. During your vacation you access to your travel specialists 24-7 so that if you have any problems or questions they are completely available to assist you. They also default and fraud protection so you can be sure to have your items kept safe while you are overseas.

7. YMT Vacations

Best Travel Agencies

YMT Vacations have been around for over fifty years! They have the ability to match you up with all sorts of tours in the states, overseas, cruises on boats or even combine travel on both land and sea. This touring company started off just offering trips to Hawaii with personalised tours and they still offer this at a great price to this day. Now it’s much more broad; they offer trips to Europe, Cuba, China and the Transatlantic. They also have an A+ rating with the BBB which shows their reliability and trustworthiness. Most of their customers are repeat customers but new customers that find them are always pleased.

6. Global Vacation Network

Best Travel Agencies

This Travel Agency is membership driven but the membership gives you drastic discounts on your travels. You have the chance to travel within the United States and all over the globe. Membership travel benefits contain your condo package plus airline-reservation, car rental, cruises, tour packages and the ability to contact them 24-7 if you have any questions or comments. Membership also has a shopping benefit online which allows you to gain access to thousands of name brand products at wholesale prices by calling their toll free number.

5. Vantage Deluxe World Travel

Best Travel Agencies 2019

If you are interested in travelling alone they are the leader in Solo-Travel. You aren’t forced to bunk with anyone if you don’t want to and you are free to as much alone time as you’d like if that is what you are interested in. If you are travelling as a couple or a group, they have amazing benefits for you as well. You can even earn cash or a free trip by referring people to their travel agency. Vantage offers everything from solo travels, family/group travels, river cruises, adventure travel and more. You can also choose your journey based on the activity you enjoy most, such as hiking, biking, bird watching, history, music or even a safari! They have destinations all over the globe, so no matter what you like they will find a destination for you!

4. Global Work and Travel Company

Best Travel Agencies

This company is extremely unique in that it offers you the ability to travel at a low rate in exchange for volunteering or working. You get to choose if you want to teach English, join a family and help look after children, make a difference in the environment and more. They have opportunities all over the globe for you. If you want to travel and make money or just volunteer this is the company to check out! You get to travel to Europe, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and so much more.

3. CheapOAir

Best Travel Agencies

CheapO Air offers promotional discounts on top of your price so you can save more money on your trip! They’ve received multiple awards for having great customer service and received a five-star rating with Trust Pilot. They have personalised deal experts that scour the globe and web to find you the best rating for your trip. With CheapO Air you can book your flight, vehicle, cruises and a variety of vacation packages that take you anywhere in the world. They have a special place designated on their website so you can find destinations catered to your interests or find what is the cheapest place to travel. This can be great for days when you know you want to get away but have a limited budget. With CheapO Air there is nothing stopping you from learning something new and exploring a different culture.

2. Tours4Fun

Best Travel Agencies

Tours4Fun offers sightseeing tours all over the United States and the rest of the globe. Some of their most popular tours are Maccu Piccu, New York City, Melbourne, Paris and so much more. They have special tours showcasing amazing cities around the globe that is fit for the experienced traveller and even first time travellers. They are able to provide these tours and vacations at such low prices thanks to their connections and partnerships around the globe. If you have any questions at all they offer a 24-7 customer service line to use at your disposal.


Best Travel Agencies

BookIt has been in the travel and vacation industry for over ten years and has been expanding their endeavors ever since creation. They have served over 10 million different guests by helping them having the most epic holiday of their lives. They guarantee the best rates. Let them know if you have found the same trip for cheaper and they will be more than happy to assist you with that. They offer flexible payment options so you know you can get the trip you want and have it paid for just in time!

Whether you are a new traveller or an experienced one you will find the company you are looking for in this list. These companies offer everything from personally guided tours to hotel booking, car rentals and food arrangements.

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