Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes in The World

Nike is a very popular brand in shoes, apparels and sports materials. The company was founded in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. Later it was renamed as Nike Inc. in 1971. Nike is the name of Greek goddess of Victory and the company is already one of the largest supplies of sports apparels. The company has its headquarters in Orgeon. Nike is leading in the design, development and manufacturing of shoes, apparels and sports accessories. They have pioneered some incredible technology to facilitate better performance.

The shoes by Nike, be it a running shoe or a sneaker, are very much comfortable and gives you a different feel. You cannot deny that. They are also luxurious and people always ask about the shoe if you are wearing one. The iconic Tick mark is very much popular around the world. Shoes by the company are special. There are those which are affordable by common man as well as those for the rich and privileged. So this company is a talk in everyone’s household. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive Nike shoes and sneakers 2019.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes 2019

You must know about the legendary Michael Jordan. He is the greatest basketball player of all time like Sachin Tendulkar stands in cricket. You won’t find this shoe in local stores because of its price dude. That is just $4 million. In the 80’s Nike, impressed by Michael Jordan’s tremendous talent, asked him to create his own variety of shoes under the brand symbol. He accepted the offer and created the fantastic shoes. If you have the money, buy and boast about it.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes 2019

The favourite shoes of the current world number one golfer and a four time major champion, Rory Mcilroy has been given his name. He hails from Hollywood. The guy who has accomplished so much is a marketable athlete. One pair of these shoes costs $6 million. It is one of the best shoes that the company is providing. They are beautiful and wonderful shoes that are designed with great care.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Tiger Woods is a legend. He is one of the best players of all time. Though is out of his form now and his place is taken by Rory Mcllroy, he is still the most favourite golfer ever. Eldrick Tont Tiger Woods was the highest paid athlete for numerous years. This shoe comes in customized colours. The colour combination and the design of the shoe are appealing. You can choose whichever colour you need but you must pay a sum of $10 million before doing that.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Lebron Raymone James is one of the best basketball players of the world at the moment. The 31 year old Lebron James plays for Cleveland Cavaliers of NBA. This is one of the most beautiful basketball shoes designed by Nike till date. The design is superb and I already fell in love with it. It provides the perfect comfort and is available for $12 million. He is the god for many fans out there and whoever wants the shoes of god, pay the price and then feel him.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes 2019

Rafael Nadal is one of my favourite tennis players. He is a Spanish legend. He is considered as the best clay court player ever. These are the favourite shoes of Rafael Nadal and this shoe was designed as a tribute to him since he was the inspiration of the company. They enhance your performance as well as the code of fashion. This can be considered as perfect pair for tennis players. If you want to purchase it you need to shell out $15 million.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes

This shoe is very much light in weight and gives the utmost comfort. This is also highly customized and is available in a wide range of colours and styles. To choose the one which you need you need to order and pay a total sum of $16 million. The shoe is named after the legendary baseball player Derek Jeter who played for New York Yankees. He is a 5 time world-series champion. He is the main reason of success of Yankees in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes

Maria Sharapova, the young and hot Russian tennis player is one of the best and famous players of the world. One of the best shoes ever produced by Nike is available for a price of $18 million. It is attractive, stylish and elegant. It enhances the performance and is so comfortable. It is very famous among the tennis players and is available in online shoe stores.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes

I think this the most stylish pair of shoes in this list. The exotic design along with a great colour combination makes the pair of shoes very appealing. The Kobe Bryant shoes are promoted every year through a dynamic campaign. It is being sold at a whopping price of $20 million for each pair. Designed so funky and stylish, the shoes are named after the 38 year old Los Angeles Lakers player. The shoes are available in a wide range of colours and are perfect pair of shoes for utmost comfort. They are easily available in online stores.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes

The 2nd most expensive Nike shoes are available at the online gallery of Nike. It is highly customized shoe. You can select the colour you want from the large number of colours and personalize the style of the shoe. This pair of running shoes is really amazing. The amazing basket ball player playing for Oklahoma City Thunder of NBA is already a legend at a very small age. These shoes are stylish, bold and control the game of an athlete. If you are ready to shell out a sum of $21 million you can buy the legend inspired shoes.


Most Expensive Nike Shoes 2019

The 35 year old Swiss tennis player has been the greatest tennis player of all time. These shoes are inspired from the great athlete Roger Federer and provide the utmost level of comfort. It is damn stylish and costly too. It is not surprising that the most expensive Nike shoe is named after Roger Federer. This pair of shoe comes in different styles, colours and outlooks. This pair talks about the ultimate personalization. It is priced at a whopping $23 million. It equals the money to pay for 13 Bugatti Veyrons!! This master player’s line of sports shoes are the most expensive Nike shoes for 2019.

Have you ever thought this may be the price of most expensive shoes? This is the height of craziness, creativity and business idea. Anyhow, these shoes are ultimate sophistication with best comfort, performance and looks. For a prolific sportsperson these shoes are really suitable.

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