Top 10 Most Expensive LED TVs in The World

With the rapid growth of technology, the world of televisions has changed extensively. In the present world situation, there is probably no house without a television. There have been TVs belonging to different countries, different technologies, but the cost of it all has reached heights. An LED TV has very less effects on the eye since it is made up of numerous LEDs. But this has been proved a costly technology. This is the list of top 10 most expensive LED TVS 2019.

10. LG 84’ TV

Most Expensive LED TVs 2019

Any movie freak who wishes see all the movies at home, with the effects of a theatre, this is the best option. This 84’ LED TV has been one of the leading contenders in the field since the time it was released it the market. The display of this TV has a clarity of 8.3MP which creates perfect image of anything, even when zoomed in. The angle of view does not make any difference to the clarity of picture produced. The image to be displayed, has 6 steps of processing before the electric signal is displayed as a motion picture. The sound system given to this gives a feel of a home theatre with all the speakers and the boosters. This TV costs about $20,000. Check: LED TV Repair in Jaipur

9. Sony 84’ TV

Most Expensive LED TVs 2019

One of the best products of the company, this TV has an ultra HD display, which makes it an amazing TV for the best movie experience. It has 10 audio devices installed all around the screen, giving a picture perfect audio clarity. It has a display clarity which has a resolution twice that of a full HD display. It has a 2160 pixel ultra HD display and has 4000 pixel picture clarity. This also gives an amazing ED experience which can be viewed in any angle. An advanced technology is used to develop the picture by processing the signal, which gives every tiny detail on the screen with a great clarity. This gives a fantastic movie experience. This TV costs about $25,000.

8. Samsung S9 UHD TV

Most Expensive LED TVs

This TV has the screen resolution 4 times that of normal full HD display. It comes with amazing sound system which provides the sound like in a home theatre. This beautiful TV has a screen size of 85 inches. It was first released only on online purchase, but recently it is available both online and offline. The processor installed in this is quad core which is like the latest technology. Very durable and reliable TV. This is considered as a smart TV, having a 3D viewing available in it. This amazing TV has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. It has smart featured like auto brightness adjustment, channel suggestions etc. It costs around $38,000 per unit.

7. Panasonic TH 103Vx200W

Most Expensive LED TVs

This has a full HD display with 1080 pixels. Amazing viewing clarity. From the time it was released in 2011, it has been one of the favourites among all the people. There is an option for 3D viewing, which is possible by using the 3D glasses that they provide along with this fabulous television. This has one of the latest technologies used in the processing of the signal. It is made up of more than 25 chips which involves itself in the processing procedure. The screen of this TV is as huge as 103 inches. The brightness control can be done both automatically and also manually. It is one of the most recommended TVs by its users. This TV costs about $100,000.

6. Yalos Diamond

Most Expensive LED TVs

Though this has a small screen size of only 46inches, this stands amongst the most expensive LED TVs 2017. This is not expensive for its size, but fir the clarity in picture and sound. This outstanding television has almost 160 original diamonds studded on it. These diamonds all put together has a total weight of 20 karats. This is another attraction of the TV, and is also a main reason for the high cost. This is basically from an Italian company, designed by a Japanese and it was first released in the Germany market. The screen is made of Plexiglas, unlike all other TVs which makes it more unique. This TV costs about $140,000.

5. Beo vision 4 103

Most Expensive LED TVs 2019

Depending on the program being played on the TV this adjusts itself to give a proper colour level, brightness to give the most perfect quality of picture. Sound system is amazing with a clarity like a home theatre. This is a 103 inch huge TV best fit for a large room. This TV can not be hanged, but comes with a rotatable stand, which makes it easy for the view to rotate through an angle and appropriately have the best viewing. This is one amongst the world’s most expensive LED TVs 2017. This gives one of the most exciting and amazing visual clarity which isn’t present in any other. The cost of this TV is $140,000.

4. Sharp LB 1085 TV

Most Expensive LED TVs

The screen size if this TV is 108 inches which was probably the largest available commercial TV in the market when it was released in 2008. This has a full HD display clarity in it, which provides the best viewing. Latest sound system is installed to give the best quality of sound. It can display 758 million colours and has one of the best viewing capability. This comes with a rotatable stand which can be rotated for a viewing of upto 175 degrees. It has a response time of just 6 ms. It has slots for inserting USB and recording your favourite shows. This TV costs about $160,000.

3. Panasonic 152” TV

Most Expensive LED TVs

This has a screen resolution of 2160 pixels, twice that of a full HD display. It is the largest TV produced by this brand and is the most expensive from them. This TV is much larger than a full grown woman. Its weight comes upto almost 580kgs. Viewing a movie on this TV gives the same experience as a cinema theatre. Amazing sound clarity which is possible due to the all round speakers which is installed. This also has a 3D viewing, which makes the viewer feel that things are happening right in front of him. For the best picture and sound clarity experience, this TV costs $500,000.

2. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition

Most Expensive LED TVs

This TV has a 55” display and the high price is for the items this TV is made of. It is studded with 50 round diamonds which has an overall weight of 37.5 karats. It also has several other precious gems on the frame line. The frame is also made of a solid 19 kg pure gold which, all together which brings the cost of this TV to a huge $1.5 million. It is the second most expensive TV in the world. It was manufactured by Stuart Hughes as a unique piece as always. No doubt in the picture quality, it is amazing. The sound system is also of the latest technology and provides the best clarity.

1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

Most Expensive LED TVs

This is another TV from Stuart Hughes, who invented this TV for those who like to show off their financial status. It has 72 round diamonds studded on it, each of it having a weight of 0.75 karats. Solid gold of 25-28kgs forms its frame. Few other gems of high cost are also studded. This is basically a 55” TV, but the cost goes to the Jewels used. This is the costliest TV that has ever been produced in the history of, not only LED TVs, but all TVs. This TV comes with a huge price tag of $2.5 million. Probably a gift from a billionaire to his daughter.

Television has revolutionised fields of information and technology and has shown a great impact on the society. Today, the possibility of a TV’s potential is just amazing as it is now to be called a Smart TV. This invention should be a boon rather than turning out to be called an Idiot’s Box.

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