Top 10 Most Expensive Bags Brands in The World

Pre-historic human used to make bags out of leather and even today the trend is the same. But, today, the more exotic the leather, the higher is the price of the bag. In some cases, it appears as if price limit cannot be put on an extravagant bag. Originators simply continue converting poor gator and crocodile leather into branded bags, and rich customers who always hope to have the freshest designs, simply keep buying them. They don’t care about the price tag. They just want to show their glory to others. The expensive bags are rich in crafting and employ great skills to be handcrafted richly. So, here is the list of top ten most expensive bags brands in the world 2019.

10. Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag

Most Expensive Bags Brands 2019

this bag is produced using extraordinary crocodile calfskin, this exquisite piece from Marc Jacobs Carolyn comes with a sectioned leather outside and inside. The additional pockets give a smooth finishing and efficient look on the outside. It doesn’t have expensive stones embedded onto them like others, but it looks beautiful. The current price of this bag is almost $38,000. Though the cheapest in the list. It is pretty expensive for a middle-class guy.

9. Gadino Bag by Hilde Palladino

Most Expensive Bags Brands

This bag is manufactured by Gadino and though it gets its value from being made by Hilde Palladino, one of Norway’s driving style figures. Above that, this top of the line designer satchel is fitted with catches made of white gold .It is embellished with 39 great white diamonds in its exterior. Which itself costs almost 30,000 dollars. This designer handbag costs a dumbfounding $38,470. Just around 500 dollars more than the previous listing.

8. LV Tribute Patchwork Bag

Most Expensive Bags Brands 2019

The LV Tribute Patchwork handbag parades a different look that is uncommon among the top of the line designer bags. Breaking from the standard pattern and shape and blasting its own particular way. It resembles having numerous bags stuck to a bigger purse. Just 20 of these were ever constructed and music siren Beyonce Knowles as of now got her hands on one.Even though it looks bad, due to its rarity , this bag comes with a price tag of $42,000, making it the eighth most expensive bag in the world.

7. Leiber Precious Rose Bag

Most Expensive Bags Brands

Rose bag, a fantastic handbag from Leiber is made of superb materials, starting from the leather to the metal catches and sling. This bag is formed to take the state of a rose in full blossom. In any case, its high esteem originates from the way that it is studded with the invaluable stones, these stones are 1,016 jewels, 800 tourmalines, and 1,196 pink sapphires. It is an impeccable accomplice for rich ladies. It costs around $92,000.

6. Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag

Most Expensive Bags Brands

Hermes Matte Crocodile bag was made as a praise to British artist Jane Birkin, this excellent satchel from Hermes is created from best quality crocodile cowhide and has catches that are brightened with 10-carat white precious stones. For the individuals who don’t have a lot of money to spend on this thing, Hermes offers a brought down value of just $5,000, by eliminating all the precious stones and gold on it. All things considered, such figure is still a tremendous add up to many individuals. It is one amongst the top ten most expensive bags brands in the world 2019.

5. Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag

Most Expensive Bags Brands 2019

This bag is another baldfaced outline from Louis Vuitton, this bag is made of useless junk. Like water bottles, cigarette packs, and biting gum wrapper, the Urban Satchel sack appears as though it has to be in a junk dump as opposed to a lady’s shoulder. Truth to be told, it is the ugliest bag on this list. But it accompanies a sticker price of $150,000. Making it the fifth most costly sack on the planet. If you’re wondering who would buy this bag, you are not the first.

4. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

Most Expensive Bags Brands

Lana Marks conveys selectiveness to a more elevated amount with their Cleopatra bag. Cleopatra sack is delivered each year and every sack contrasts in outline and shading. It is an exceedingly pined for thing in the design world, the current year’s Cleopatra pack from Lana Marks is made of crocodile cover up in a metallic silver shade. Its 18-carat white gold belt is encrusted with 1,500 high contrast precious stones. The cost of the current version of Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag is $250,000.

3. Diamond forever bag by Chanel

Most Expensive Bags Brands

This bag is designed using fine crocodile skin and enhanced with 334 precious stones totaling 3.65 karats. Nothing can beat the work of art and that is surely the case with Chanel’s “Precious stone forever” sack. The shoulder straps are molded from white gold. This warrants an overwhelming cost of $261,000. There are just 13 of these and 5 are in the United States. Making this the rarest bags on the planet. Its price tag is due to the combination of its rarity and valuables. Without a doubt, it is the most beautiful bag on this list.

2. Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka

Most Expensive Bags Brands

We are now crossing the million dollar mark. When Hermes chose to make a Birkin Bag with notorious Japanese fashion designer Ginza Tanaka, the outcome was stunning. Designed from platinum, as of now a valuable metal, this Birkin Bag additionally displays 2,000 precious stones in its external shell. On top of that, the pack accompanies a precious stone sling that can be removed and be utilized as an arm ornament or a jewelry. A centerpiece jewel, a pear-molded 8-karat stone sits at the front and can be removed and worn as a pin. Platinum in addition to jewels is an exceptionally costly mix to be sure. This currently costs a mind-blowing 1.9 million dollars. But unlike other bags, this offers customization to the customer.

1. Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

Most Expensive Bags Brands

This exceptional bag is a masterwork of 10 expert artisans. These designers had to work 8,800 hours to design it. The heart-molded purse is made out of an 18 karat gold and yet the highlight of this bag are the valuable stones that are present on its surface – 56 pink jewels, 105 yellow precious stones, and 4,356 dismal precious stones. Guinness Book of World Records certified it as the most costly handbag on the planet. It costs almost 3.4 million dollars.

This was the list of the top ten most expensive bags brands in the world 2019. These are lavishly designed and crafted and are the symbols of luxury and royalty. The craftsmanship involved in the making is just incredible as the finish in the bag is so refined and of top notch quality.

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