Top 10 Most Expensive Alcohol in The World

Human beings discovered the pleasure of drinking alcoholic drinks in around 10000 BC. To the eternal displeasure of sober souls everywhere, alcohol is one drug that is profoundly ingrained in our collective culture. After thousands of years of getting nice and sloshed, our protohuman ancestors began to have more refined tastes and production methods. Over the millennia and centuries and decades, alcoholic beverages are developing to give more defined tastes. They also invented various processes of making them sophisticated, for a variety of tastes, color, flavour, smell, alcohol content etc naturally, it is because of the technique, time, and sometimes, the brand name also adds to the cost of the drink. These costly drinks are for those who spends thousands of dollars on drinks for their entourage.

10. Glenfarclas

Most Expensive Alcohol 2019

Glenfarclas whisky distillery was founded at Scotland owned by J. & G. Grant in 1836 which produces single malt Speyside whisky. This whisky was born out to celebrate the 200th anniversary of John Grant and is the best whisky. Only 110 bottles are produced which costs $10,878 per bottle. Its taste is resembled with the usual Macallan Speyside malt with large amount of sherry.

9. Kors Vodka

Most Expensive Alcohol 2019

Kors Vodka is the most sought vodka owned by KV Spirits Company produced using water from Italian Alps. Gold and diamond techniques of distillation are used in this distillery. The prices of the bottle range from $12500 to $24500, so it is considered as one of the most expensive vodkas on the market. Bottles are with designs made from diamond, platinum and 24k gold will be in high end polished Walnut wood box.

8. Bombay Sapphire Revelation

Most Expensive Alcohol

Bombay sapphire is the best quality rum created by Kim Rashid launched in 1987 at London worth $200000 per bottle is the most recognised spirit. Rum bottle has an iconic blue colored giant gemstone with 10 principal facets, representing 10 botanical ingredients used to create the complex and refined taste. All the profit gained by the sale of revelation goes to the charity.

7. Legacy by Angostura

Most Expensive Alcohol

Legacy by Angostura is a type of rum produced in Caribbean which comes in a case crystal decanter designed by Asprey, the jewellery company in London. It is a blend of seven most rare and precious rums which are aged for at least 17 years. Only 20 rum carafes were ever put up for sale. The main political reason behind this rum crafting was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Trinidad and Tobago. Every year, it is available in the month of August priced $25,000 per bottle and it is worth of it.

6. Royal Salute

Most Expensive Alcohol

Royal Salute is one of the blended luxury Scotch whisky manufactured by Chivas Brothers at Scotland in 1953. It is created for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll to celebrate 50 years on the throne. With the limited 21 whisky bottles, each handcrafted black porcelain flagons are encrusted with 413 flawless black and white diamonds that are dipped in silver and gold. Its taste is like smoky anise and raisin flavours. Price of a Royal Salute Bottle is $250,000 excluding taxes.

5. Dalmore 62

Most Expensive Alcohol 2019

Whyte and Mackay founded Dalmore in 1839. Only 12 bottles of 64 aged whisky bottles to ever be manufactured but unlike other rare drinks it contains enough liquor to pour out a number of drinks. Costing $215,000 per bottle it received the title of the costliest whiskey. It is a best investment as the cost of unopened bottle increases day by day. The liquor gold will be in the specially made wooden presentation case, which took over 100 man hours to create.

4. Macallan

Most Expensive Alcohol

Macallan is the most expensive whisky produced at Moray owned by Edrington Group founded in 1824. Macallan comes with eye-catching crystal bottle crafted by Cire Pirdue with copper cap which was based on Rene Lalique’s perfume bottle. All of it comes in a high-polish black, sleek box which is extremely classy. It was launched to celebrate the 150th birthday of Rene Lalique. The whisky has notes of wood smoke, green apple, raisin, lemon and cinnamon. The price of a Macallan bottle is $631,850.

3. Diva Vodka

Most Expensive Alcohol

A bottle of Diva Vodka launched in 2007 costs $1 million as it follows diamond-based purification process and is also the most expensive glamorous vodka tasting like a nail-polish remover. The bottle is crafted with meticulous distilling process, where the alcohol content is refined thrice and finished through precious stones with colored diamond at centre. The Vodka is made of natural spring water and further distilled trice with ice, Nordac Birch Charcoal and lastly with sand and precious gems.

2. Henri 4 Dudognon Heritage

Most Expensive Alcohol

The Champagne is the most expensive cognac with 41% alcohol which is aged for 100 years and is packaged by jeweler Jose Davalos in 1776 named in honor of king Henri 4 dubbed as the DNA of cognacs. The price of a bottle is $1.9 million and is best enjoyed during leisure flight. The bottle of cognac is bejeweled and is dipped in 24 carat gold and sterling platinum later decorated with 6500 brilliant cut diamonds weighing 8kg.

1. Tequila Ley

Most Expensive Alcohol

Tequila Ley is a beverage at Tequila made from plant blue agave which is almost similar to mescal having 40-60% alcohol content and containing hints of pepper. Tequila will be distilled thrice with small amount of water to dilute its alcohol content to give a smooth and long-lasting finish. The bottle is hand carved, one liter, two-piece- one half is made of platinum and another half with pure white gold studded along with 6400 diamonds and costs $225000. The 2 halves are joined by a solid platinum emblem.

These are the top 10 most expensive alcohol products in the world 2019. Their prices are whooping and definitely are not meant to be drunk. These would be better kept at some museums with the price tag to leave people amazed.

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