Top 10 Best Selling Washing Machine Brands in The World

Washing clothes by soaking it in some detergent, and then using some hard surface to rub against for retreat of dirt is quite a method used in most places. But, what happens when there are a lot of clothes, and you have a lot of other work to do besides this? Isn’t there a better and more efficient way? Well, that is when people give preference to high performance washing machines. Washing machines come in different strains. While the oldest ones had a lot of manual work to be done besides their electronic chores, at present, the washing machines can be classified into two broad categories. They are semi automatic Washing machines and completely automatic washing machines.

These washing machines make life much easier for people and that is why they are surely worth buying. Until you know which brand is most suitable, you cannot make an ideal purchase. Here is the list of top 10 best washing machine brands in the world 2019 so choose a brand of your choice and make the machine count in the battalion of machines you have.

10. AEG

Best Washing Machine Brands 2019

AEG is a Germany based company. It is famous for its mechanically perfect and efficient washing machines. The company was founded in 1883 by Emil Rateneau. It deals in electronics, communication and transportation items as well.

9. IFB

Best Washing Machine Brands 2019

IFB stands for Indian Fine Blanks. This is an India-based company, founded in 1974 by Heinrich Sch Mid. It is one of the best washing machine brads. This has been known to design top notch and reliable products. The washing machines of this company are designed innovatively.

8. Bosch

Best Washing Machine Brands

Bosch is one of the leading home appliances companies. It has been in industry for over than 70 years. The company was started by Robert Bosch. It gives ten years warranty on washing machines. Its products come with features like spacious, clever water sensing, anti vibrant design, and volt check etc.

7. Whirlpool

Best Washing Machine Brands

Whirlpool is one of the best washing machine brands. This company was founded in 1911 by Louis and Empory. Today, it has become a leading supplier of washing machines that come with automatic and semi automatic and manual formulas.

6. Kenmore

Best Washing Machine Brands

Kenmore started its operation in 1927. This company is headquartered in Chicago, USA. Its washing machines are built with high efficiency material. It is one of the best sellers of washing machines to date. It is also one of the very few brands that is known especially for its washing machines only.

5. Maytag

Best Washing Machine Brands 2019

Maytag is one of the best selling washing machine brands 2019. This is an American company that has gotten popularity the worldwide since it was founded in the year 1893 by Fredrick Maytag. The company has come up with many varieties of washing machines. The products are manufactured with top notch materials.

4. Electrolux

Best Washing Machine Brands

Electrolux is a leading home and office appliance maker. This brand was established in the year 1919 at Sweden. The company started manufacturing by keeping mind the exact requirements of the housewives. The cost of its washing machines is always reasonable. This is one of the top 10 best selling washing machine brands 2019.

3. Panasonic

Best Washing Machine Brands

Panasonic is one of the best washing machine brands. This Japanese company is years old, and was founded by Konosuke Matsushitha in the year 1918. It comes up with different models of washing machines which are known for their features like full automatic, semi automatic, manually operated etc. In the recent past, the company has also been active in producing some of the most uniquely interesting electronic products other than washing machines.

2. Samsung

Best Washing Machine Brands

Samsung needs no introduction. This company has made great efforts to get a distinctive place in the electronics industry. Samsung washing machines are the best in quality, reliability, and affordability. Of course, it ranks first in the list of the best mobile phone manufacturing companies, and is one of the most innovative companies in the history of industry and marketing.

1. LG

Best Washing Machine Brands

LG is one of the best washing machine brands. Its washing machines withstand high performance and give the most appropriate results. The company is known for its complete home appliances, and mobile phones, as well as laptops and other various accessories. Some of its mobile phones top the lists with amazing and mindboggling features, and it also turns out that in some categories it heads the race of mobile companies.

These are the top 10 best washing machine brands in the world 2019. Therefore, interestingly, these machines are said to reduce human stress a lot, thanks to their ability of doing chores that would otherwise take long. No doubt they are important.

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  1. Miele make the best electricals in the world except refrigeration and vacuum cleaners (Liebherr and Sebo are the leaders in this field, and I own products from these companies). Whoever wrote Samsung are the most reliable machines etc doesnt know what they talking about. Korean companies expand too much in their product lineups without having quality control in place.

    I do know what I’m talking about as my father was a senior ophthalmologist and hospitals only use German brands eg Miele and Liebherr. the same goes for hotels/museums/John Lewis and other major department stores.

    Korean brands are good for TVs but I’m a Panasonic person.

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