Top 10 Best Selling Tea Brands in The World

When ancient Chinese invented tea, they would not have known that the drink that they invented would be so much famous and of such a great use someday. Tea is one of the ancient drink which was an accidental discovery turned in to a whole level of business. The tea that we drink is basically from the extract of the tea leaves. Every country has its own variety of tea and similarly there are variety of companies which produces various brands of teas all over the world. Here is a list of top 10 best selling tea brands in world 2019 that are well renowned, bestselling and known to be the best in the world and the count down follows:

10. Tetley:

Best Tea Brands 2019

This company is one of the biggest tea company which is based on UK. This company is the second largest manufacturer of the tea in the whole world. They are so much expertise in the production of tea that they have about 60 different flavors from all around the world. Tata Group purchased this brand in 2000 and then it was mixed with the Tata tea in about 2006. Tata tea is now very famous in the whole world and is the 2nd largest manufacturer of tea after Unilever. Thus now it is in the tenth position in our countdown.

9. Yorkshire Tea:

Best Tea Brands 2019

This company of tea is established in the year of 1886. This is very famous black tea made by Betty’s and Taylor’s of Harrogate. It has produced variety of range of tea and also the nomenclature of it is being done is a different way. There are luxurious blend gold tea, Yorkshire seasonal, original tea and hard water as well they even process, produce and sell coffee as well.

8. Bigelow:

Best Tea Brands

Bigelow is known as Bigelow Tea Company and is famous all over the world. This company is basically an American company. They have different variants of tea like black and green tea and herbal tea and so many other types of tea. They have their of tea plantation which can be seen in the southern Carolina. This company owned about $90 million in 2009. They are renowned for their quality products and the company does no compromises with quality.

7. Lipton:

Best Tea Brands

This company is owned by the famous Unilever group of companies. Lipton is one of the most famous tea producing companies. This UK based company markets its products across the world. The company was named as Lipton because of the names of its founder Thomas Lipton. The brand is very old and it’s still effective and satisfactory in its services. It renders a great taste and is considered to be one of the best tea brands in Europe.

6. Dilmah:

Best Tea Brands

This company of tea is established in the year 1974 and since then it is known for its work in the field of tea. Dilmah tea is available in more than 92 countries of the world that include UK, Turkey, Indonesia and many more. This company was started in Sri Lanka where the tea is pretty famous as Silone tea. Its market spread across the globe and it was also endorsed by the Sri Lankan Cricket Team on their jerseys’.

5. The Republic of Tea:

Best Tea Brands 2019

This company produces tea from organic products available in the nature. This private company is owned by an American company. They are also known for their offerings of loose tea bags. They produce different varieties of tea like white tea, red tea and different flavors too. They were initially producing wine and later got into the production of tea as well. They started to working in production of tea from 1992, and the company has seen a significant growth since then.

4. Harney & Sons:

Best Tea Brands

This is the tea which was nominated as the best tea in the year 2009. Their tea box is known to be very elegant and also comes with a very luxurious look. They have been producing very good quality tea bags. The tea that they produce as quite expensive but it’s worth the money. They are distributed among famous leading hotels, shops and other places too and have a widespread market around the world, making them the 4th best Tea brand in the world.

3. Tazo:

Best Tea Brands

This company is known for its production of herbal tea. The company was started as a field work in the Portland. It was later purchased by the Starbucks and now it has reached a very good position on the global market. The company produces best quality tea and available all around the world, with unique aroma and taste. It is quite iconic and is said to be good to promote health.

2. Celestial Seasonings:

Best Tea Brands

This is the only tea company in the world which has an annual sale of about $100,000,000. This company is based in America and it is pretty famous all over the world. They are known for their production of green tea, black tea, and many other forms of the tea. The brand is widely marketed and has gained a lot of popularity in every part of the world.

1. Twinings:

Best Tea Brands

This is one of the most used tea brand all over the world. This company is the number one tea producing company and it is owned by British Food Association. The iconic logo of the brand too has its own significance, relating to its advent. The company offers variety of tea and tea bags with varying flavors, aroma and concentration. This company was started in the year 1706, and still has retained its popularity and has maintained its market value.

Thus this is the list of top 10 best, popular and best-selling tea brands all over the world in 2019. Tea is also known as the elixir for some people and the amount of tea consumed every day is enormous. It has a significant amount of caffeine that is a stimulant to the body and helps one to be active along the day. If you are a tea person, we recommend to go and try all the above tea and enjoy your life with every sip.

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