Top 10 Dance Club Songs 2019

Billions of people around the world listens to the soulful tonal patterns which occupies much of their time on a regular basis and those healing tunes that is incorporated with meaningful words are called music.

Bob Marley the great musician once said “When music hits you, you do not feel any pain”, and the world has always agreed to it. The power of music is incomparable with anything else and every single being enjoys their kind of music. Over the years, a number of musicians have produced their masterpieces that have put a smile on many people’s face.

Music is a way of expressing love, a soothing lotion for a solitary lover, company of a dance enthusiast, an inspiration for a sportsman and every other kind of being. There is a wide range of the type of music and the genre of music. Some people like it slow while some like fast paced songs; some are fans of instrumentals while some go ga-ga over the lyrics. From this broad selection, we have summed down a list of “Top 10 English Dance Club Songs 2019”, for the party animals.

Dance Club Songs 2019

List of top 10 new Dance Club songs of June month.

10. Nothing To Lose by Vassy

EDM is the medicine of the new age and Vassy in her latest release has presented us something really sassy. Nothing To Lose is a powerful electronic number that can put any feet to dance. Vassy explained how the parallels between the challenges and joys of everyday life inspired her and influenced her in creating this hit machine. The Australian songwriter/singer has successfully secured its position in the billboard. The powerful voice of Vassy can fit any and everything and she has proved her worth yet again with “Nothing To Lose”.

9. Rockabye by Clean Bandit

Rockabye features Sean Paul, and everyone knows what Sean Paul is capable of and he has made justice to his impression yet again. Though “Rockabye” is classified as a Dance Club Song, the lyrics carry a lot of depth. The song tells the story of a mother who is trying to present her son with a better life.

Anne Marie, the other vocalist has sung the song to perfection and her voice carries the pain ideal for the story the song depicts. The lyrics are beautiful and the tune is strong, the audiences enjoy every bit of ‘Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye…’.

8. Show me Love by Brian Justin Crum

Toy Armanda and DJ Grind, features in this amazingly created number. Crum, the California based singer rose to fame by participating and securing the fourth place in the 11th season of America’s got talent.

The importance of loving each other is shown in every single frame of the video and the smooth pace tune of the song is the reason why it is loved a lot by the people. It is a catchy song and has a nice hook in it. “Show Me Love” is smooth and powerful for the listener’s spirits to fly high. One cannot stop humming this beautifully created number.

7. Koinz by SR

Dance music is meant to be played on the louder side, and this hit demands to be played at high volumes each time. SR is nonpareil, the electronic touch works like magic, the timely raps and the heavy music compliments the fabulous voice of SR. The video throws a lot of energy and attitude and “Koinz” fits perfect in the list. The group of beautiful girls dancing to the tunes makes the video appealing.

6. Move Your Body by Sia

Who does not love Sia? The peppiness of her songs and the unconventional ways she presents the videos are highly praised by the audiences of all over the world.

Sia is back again after ‘Cheap Thrills” with a power packed single realised on January 2017 “Move Your Body”. The fourth single of the album This is Acting carries that unique touch of Sia throughout the 4 minutes and every once in a while it very well explains why Sia is among the best in the business. “Move Your Body” each time with this superb track, you are definitely going to be loaded with energy in the best possible way.

‘Won’t you let me be the rhythm tonight/Move your body, move your body…’

5. This Town by Niall Horan

The soothing number by Niall Horan is a bit on the softer side. This Town is the Debut solo of Niall Horan, the member of the popular boy band One Direction and the superbly talented young singer is destined to shine brightly. The lyrics are beautifully written, the love for the hometown and that girl in the bar, this song actually is a recall for the people who belong to small towns. The Frank Sinatra fan belongs from a small town but surely will go a long way in the glamorous world of Hollywood.

4. Enough is Enough by Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand

The song is a classic, the song is sexy and the song is full of energy. It’s a duet and the beats in past one and a half minute will suddenly cultivate in the urge to dance. Unique in its own way and outstandingly sung, you certainly cannot get enough of “Enough Is Enough” and you will surely play it on a loop in your playlist.

3. Slumber Party by Britney Spears ft. Tinashe

You like dance music and you do not know Britney Spears? You are making a big mistake somewhere. The woman behind the best of the dance club songs for the last decade has yet again proved what she is worth.

Slumber party is an intelligently paced ideal dance song. It has a number of highs and lows and Britney Spears seem to be nothing less than a muse who is ready to spread the potion of love. Tinashe, the pop sensation is also featured in the song and Britney has added a great number to her previous records.

2. Long Live Love by LeAnn Rimes

From the very first second of the song, it will put you in the groove and your feet will not stop. Long Live Love is superbly created and the drops in various sections will blow your mind each time. The song is designed to put your energy up and moving. Ideal for the dance clubs, Long Live Love has the touch of classic dance music complimented with modern taste.

1. Yeah Yeah 2017 by Luciana

If it is sitting on the top, then it deserves to sit on the top. “Yeah Yeah” is that dance number that can make any party dance. The track redefines EDM and electronic music and there is not a second where you will be bored of the song. It’s more on the music side than the lyrics and the mix by “Dave Aude” is equally killer. Dance club musics are meant to carry lot energy and this does pack the right amount of energy. Throw your hands up in the air and do the “yeah yeah”.

The best of the industry understand the needs of the young clubbing crowd and their numbers are worth every appreciation. The list above reflects on the abilities of the best in the business around and they are expected to create more amazing numbers and make the world a paradise. Join the club and dance to these numbers party animals.

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