Top 10 Country Songs for 2019

The beauty of music is unmatched by any other parameter in the whole universe. The romantic hearts, the foot tapping legs or the melancholic breed, the music never fails to satisfy every kind of soul. Midst the others, there exists a genre that you can never ever overlook, the country songs genre. The perfect tunes that can soothe you down in the long drives, the sleepless nights or even in the most chaotic breaks. Over the years the type of music has witnessed a great evolution, but the integrity of country music has never lost its way and the world believes, the demand for soulful country music is meant to last really long, if not forever. Lets us indulge into the top 10 new country songs of 2019 and add some peace in our life.

Top 10 Country Songs 2019

List of top 10 new Country songs of 2019.

10. Today by Brad Paisley

The winner of the numerous Grammy awards, Brad Paisley has yet again presented its fans with one of the most soulful tracks he has ever written. Paisley has released a number of albums throughout his time and made his debut with the album “Who Needs Pictures” back in 1999.

His latest release “Today” explains how a happy memory of a person is enough to tackle through the hard times of life. It is the second single released which is going to be a part of his upcoming Love and War. “I don’t know about tomorrow, but right now the whole world feels right” is one of the best catch from the song he has written. The video is equally beautiful and is greatly appreciated by the all the fans.

9. Sober Saturday Night by Chris Young Featuring Vince Gill

This beautiful number by the hugely talented Chris Young featuring Vince Gill is written and composed in the most amazing way. It was released back in the radio in 2016 and had been a chartbuster since then.

The pain is depicted in each and every second of the heart touching music video. Young is seen depicting the story of a man with a three legged dog, a bad heartbreak and the worst hangover. The melancholic number has touched a quite number of hearts and is hoping to travel a long way.

8. A guy with the Girl by Blake Shelton

Why is that, the music has the ability to cheer you up even in the hardest times? Blake Shelton in his latest number explains why. The beautifully versed number by Ashley Gorley and Bryan Simpson amazingly manifests result the reactions one receives when they are out with their wives. The song is all about the lyrics and the smooth tune it carries. Shelton, the internationally acclaimed American country music artist exclaimed how his life greatly resembles the words from “ A guy with the Girl” and also suits the situation of his life as well. If you are in for a joy ride, this is the song for you.

7. Think a little less by Michael Ray

This song is a result of combined efforts from a number of artists such as John Nite, Barry Dean, Jimmy Robbins and Thomas Rhett. Michael ray the singer was witnessed praising the song over and over again. He appreciates the honesty and truth in the lyrics and rightly so this song seems to reflect the honest you. The melody deserves a lot of appreciation. It is the black and white setup that brings out the deep meaning of the song. The chorus and the guitar tunes certainly fit any mood.

6. Star of the Show by Thomas Rhett

As you lend your ears to this song, you will not be able to take it away. Thomas Rhett has lived with this song for quite a lot of time before finally deciding to release it.

Rhett dedicates this song to his wife Lauren and this number does pack a whole lot of appreciation. The opening guitar is as melodious as it can get and the whole song carries on with good pace. The drops, the highs and the scales never fail to keep up with the pace. If you are in a mood to appreciate your girl for everything, make her realize she is the “Star of the Show”.

He truly feels ‘Cause everywhere we go girl, you’re the star of the show’.

5. Seein’ Red by Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch feels lucky that he had the chance of recording such a song. The song packs a lot of energy and has a thumping beat and melody to it, yet never losing out on the specific genre. Tully Kennedy along with Kurt Allison, Jason Sever, Steve Bogard has given the words for this song.

“Seein’ Red” is super fun, hot, sexy and can make any feet wanting to tap with the tune. It has got amazing lyrics and the energy of the song deserves mention over and over again. Let loose all the bindings and take in the impressive voice of Dustin Lynch.

4. Blue Ain’t your Color by Keith Urban

Hillary Lindsey, Steven Lee Olsen and Clint Lagerberg have penned down the outstanding lyrics of this beautiful Ballad like number. “Blue Ain’t Your Color” has one of the most soulful tunes to it and can make anyone put it on repeat mode. One of those songs that move slow but never makes you realize of its slow pace. You can call it a Waltz but it has got that electronic, robotic touch that redefines Waltz. Fall in love all over again and take in the feel of the song. You will never want it to end. The Australian country singer, Keith has done wonders.

3. Dirt on My Boots by Jon Pardi

If Old school Country music is your call and you have missed out on this number, you have certainly missed out on something outstandingly amazing. The lyrics define country songs in each and every line.

The beauty of the fiddle and steel guitar with a big rock section in the middle cannot be explained in words. Jon Pardi’s voice works like magic on the country oriented lyrics. It has got a catchy groove and will certainly put anyone in the mood. The combination of old-western tune with a modern touch is a killer and the opening music is certainly going to linger a long time on your mind. You will never ignore this.

2. Better Man by Little Big Town

If you have suffered heartbreak, this is the most relatable number you will come across. The song has a melancholic touch to it, and the lyrics are why it stands so top in the list. It is the first single from “Little Big Town” and very well depicts the sadness and pain following heartbreak.

How the beautiful moments crush, the magical relations break but still, life goes on. The heavy beats complimented with soulful music and heartfelt lyrics, written by the pop queen Taylor Swift has been ranked high for long and is predicted to keep up for long.

1. Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt

If the song features on top of the list, there is a reason and Sam Hunt does justification to this sexy number in a fabulous way. The lyrics are greatly inspired by the relationships, the feelings the emotions of a lover. It is what you can call a feel good song. The lyrics are fun to hear; it has got a groovy tune and catches up pretty well throughout the song. The song is easy to listen to and will certainly put a smile on your face courtesy the cleverly written lyrics and the well composed tune. It’s a complete song and explains why it tops the charts.

This selection is the best of the current 10 from that huge list of country songs 2019. The songs have made justice to the high standards of western music that are appreciated by all. These have redefined country music and set the standards to a whole new level. The songs will be with you for long and spark your mood in every way possible way.

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