Top 10 Best Bicycle Brands in India

Right from the early time of the invention of the wheel man had been curious about what next? So or later after many years, he made this invention of cycle. A simple vehicle which runs by the force exerted on the paddle. In the initial days bicycles were the only means of transportation since it had no need for fuel and also was cheaply available but later days the bicycles were given a tough competition by bike and now we have reached a point where the use of bicycles are increasing day by day. The bicycle industry is flourishing day by day and here are the top ten bicycle companies of India. Here we enlist the top 10 best selling, popular and widely known bicycle brands in India in 2019 and the countdown follows.

10. La Sovereign:

Best Bicycle Brands in India 2019

This is a collaboration of Thailand and Indian companies which is famous for the production of bicycle and also for the kid’s toys. They are famous for their quality and the global standards. They are famous and leading in the market by producing bikes like BMX, city bikes, mountain bikes etc.

9. Cannondale bicycle:

Best Bicycle Brands in India 2019

They are very well known for the light weight bicycle by the use of aluminum metals producing hi-tech cycles which are potentially faster than the normal ones. Its model for touring the mountains are extremely appreciated throughout the country. They also produce trailer, rider, apparel, and gear. They have different products separately for roads, women’s, off road etc.

8. Schwinn:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

This is an international production house producing bikes according to the need of the riders and they are being able to satisfy their customers throughout their journey. They create models such as cruisers, hybrid, road, urban, kids, bike path, mountain etc. They inculcated the latest technology in their production having technical skills for more than 100 years.

7. Montra:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

The strongest, fastest, lightest bicycles in India are produced by this bicycle manufacturing company. It was founded in India in the years 1949. And they are quite successful in producing bikes of international standards. They produce some high end cycles like country titanium, blues, jazz, techno etc

6. Mongoose:

Best Bicycle Brands in India 2019

The leading producer of aggressive and durable products was first initiated in the year 1974. The main motto of the company seems to be providing thrill to the riders. There company offers three different models under category urban, BMx and MTB. The popular cycles are being fraction, asphalt triple and rocks file comp 24 inch boys.

5. Trek:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

This is an international company, in India it was staring the year 1976 and became widely famous for quality production of bicycles. They produce hi-tech cycles using the latest technology. Mountain bikes, geared nice, sports bike, racing bike, kid’s bikes and roadsters are most famous one of theirs.

4. Firefox:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

This is a recently started company which was initiated in India during 2005. Soon after which they started manufacturing the cycles according to the landscape of the country. They produce bicycles of international standards launching more than 30 new models. The produce BMX, trek, full suspension, kids, hard tail etc.

3. Atlas cycles:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

Started in the year 1951 Atlas is now one of the most trust worthy and leading manufacturer of the bicycles. It had been revolutionary in the field of bicycle industry. The cycles by this company are used in India as well as in other countries. They tend to experiment with a lot of new technologies leading to great innovations. It produces 4 million pieces every year.

2. BSA/ Hercules:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

TI cycles and Murugappa group are the distributors of this famous company which is basically an UK based company. They produced cycles across length and breadth of the country. They offer bicycles with trendy designs and styles that keep evolving with time. Their present production are lady bird, toddlers, roadsters etc

1. Hero cycles:

Best Bicycle Brands in India

It is considered as the best bicycle manufacturing company in India, they have a net total of 48℅ share in the Indian market. The plant for its production is present at Ludhiana which initially manufactured the spare part and now the whole cycle. It is recorded in Guinness world record for the production of highest number of bicycles. Even government started schemes of providing bicycles for students where hero was the bicycle brand which got the whole contract of it.

Thus, this completes the top ten bicycle manufacturing companies in India by 2019. Because of its ECO Friendly nature and since it works as an efficient way to exercise Bicycles are back in popularity now a days. So, all those riders who are looking to buy a new bicycle, go to your nearby store and buy the best one suited to your needs.
Happy and safe riding.


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  2. Hero appears to be a very strong and admirable cycle.I have been to India and apart from winter period which does not affect East African Countries your other conditions are not very different from ours.I guess Hero would very well here in East Africa

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