Top 10 Most Popular Soap Brands in India

In the initial days of civilisations, man might have never thought of spending some part of his day in the bathroom. As the years passed down, bathing itself became one of the most important work to be done by every individual. Thus right from the beginning of the new era, bathing agents have played very important role in the bathing function.

Right now we are speaking about soaps for bathing which comes in the form of a bar in the solid state. They are used to remove the dirt and Greece from the skin and make it healthy. Also, in the recent days scope for natural ingredients to clean the body is increasing and many companies are coming up with new products to expand their markets. Here is the list of the top 10 most popular soap brands in India in 2019 that are widely popular and are sold in highest numbers.

10. Himalaya Refreshing Cucumber Soap:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India 2019

At the 10th position of this list is Himalaya is known for its production wide range of products right from toiletries till medicines. They are expertise in the manufacture of products from using indigenous knowledge. Its coconut oil and cucumber, soothe, cool and cleanse the skin while also leaving it soft. Its mild fragrance leaves you feeling fresh and light throughout the day. It is priced at Rs.24 for 75 g.

9. Khadi Sandalwood Mud Scrub Bar:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India 2019

At the 9th position is the soap gives you the feeling of you having a bath at the great bath in Mohenjo-Daro. This soap contains of sandalwood powder, fuller’s earth, almond shell powder, glycerine, Reetha and camphor. It exfoliates the skin on the face and the body and also soothes any irritation in the skin. The sandalwood and the camphor cool the skin and lend the soap a tantalizing fragrance. It is priced at Rs.75 for 125g.

8. Dettol Soap:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India

Dettol is a producer of the leading disinfectant company and also manufactures wide range of toiletries. To get rid of all germs and microbes in the body after intense workout or activities, this should be one of the best choices of soaps. Be it the original “medicine-like” smelling soap or the newer skin care and Dettol fresh variants, they all promise you the best germ protection you can get. Be sure that all your skin infections can be gotten rid of with this soap. It is priced at Rs.23 for 75 g.

7. Fiama Di Wills Skinsense Soap:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India

This Company is one of the world famous companies in the production of soap and shower gels. They are known for their natural soaps. This soap is made of completely natural extracts that ensures that the skin proteins and moisture are replenished, making the skin soft and supple. The glycerin based soap has a mild fragrance for a fresh feeling all day long. It is also so really refreshing to take bath with that soap after a tiring day. It is priced at Rs.56 for 100 g.

6. Hamam Soap:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India

This soap has one of the best fragrances of soaps in India. Hamam is one of the best neem based soaps in the market, which has been around since decades. Its formulation is enriched with neem, tulsi and aloe extracts and is trusted to help cure skin infections and breakouts. Patrols are known to have good effect on the skin and also the Aloe Vera. This popular soap ranks at the 6th position in the list and is priced at Rs.24 for 100 g.

5. Mysore Sandal Soap:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India

This is one of the government soap producing company which offers high quality perfumed soap. This one is a classic soap produced in the state of Karnataka, that is famous for its sandalwood aroma and the healing and cooling properties of sandalwood that come along with it. It is enriched with glycerine, vegetable oils and pure sandalwood oil, helping moisturise the skin and lighten the skin tone. It is priced at Rs.49 for 125 g.

4. Biotique Orange Peel Body Cleanser:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India

This is another rich soap which known for its body cleansing. Biotiqu orange peel body cleaner natural soap is enriched with Orange Peel extracts and exfoliates the skin as it cleanses it. The enzymes in the orange peel help slough off dead cells and revitalize the skin, making it look younger. It is priced at Rs.70 for 150 g. Thus it is the top 4 th position in the list.

3. Pears Pure and Gentle Soap:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India 2019

They are known for the production of these translucent, honey or blue colored soaps. They have been in the market since decades and are still amongst one of the most used soaps in India. It cleanses very effectively and soothes the skin with glycerin being one of its ingredients and also other age reducing agents. The cost of 75 g soap is about Rs 32.

2. Liril 2000 with Tea tree Oil:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India

This is one of the soaps which produces soaps with nature’s essence to render our skin natural nourishments and fresh feeling. Their popular soap Liril was launched again as Liril 2000 with Tea tree oil 1 that can heal skin infections. The lime extracts revitalize your skin and keep it germ free. Try the soap for not just cleansing but also protection from infections. The price of this soap is Rs. 45 for 125 g and is also one of the best-selling soap brands in the world and has been marketed since a long time.

1 Dove:

Most Popular Soap Brands in India

Done is one of the best soaps ever with the unique formulation with 1/4 fraction of the milk in the product. You feel like you are bathing with huge amount of milk and foam. The skin seems super smooth with the use of this soap. The soap on the other hand is also refreshing and nourishing. The cost 75 g of soap is about Rs 45. It is widely popular and is one of the most used soaps around the world.

This was the list of top ten Indian soap brands and the next time you go to buy a soap, make sure that you have any one of these highly acclaimed soaps in the country that give effective cleansing to the body.

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