Top 10 Best Gyms in The World

As the saying follows “A sound mind in a sound body”, it is very much important to stay fit and healthy to get rid of disorders and diseases. Exercises help a person to be active and lead a healthy life. Since ages, gymnasium have been the centres for fitness and training grounds for those who wish to excel in the field of physical entertainment. In the present scenario, with changed lifestyles, people are more prone to obesity and other related disorders. For the youths, bodybuilding has become a crazy as inspired from the movies. Thus, more and more of the masses are tending towards gymnasium these days. It is very essential to find the best fitness centre so that perfect training is available to make the best of one’s body. Here is the list of the top 10 best and most popular gyms in the world 2019 that have been the home for thousands of bodybuilders and those who have reached their fitness goals:

10. Oxygen gym-

Best Gyms 2019

This gym was started by Bader Bodai in Kuwait in the year 2004. This gym is well equipped and is so huge that just by taking a walk around the gym might be equivalent to a treadmill run for a beginner. With this gym and other 3 gyms in Kuwait, Bodai has been successful in making the Kuwait Bodybuilding team one of the best in the world.

9. Axiom gym:

Best Gyms 2019

This group of gyms located at Meridian and Boise are very well equipped with equipment and active personnel and offer the resources the members need to get in best shape of their lives. The gym equipment are so numerous, that it is almost stacked one upon the other and it reaches the ceiling of the majestic structure. The gym also offers metabolic conditioning class to ensure that all the individuals who insist to achieve something in the field of physical entertainment, can go to a whole new level of fitness.

8. Big Tex gym-

Best Gyms

This gym is located in Austin and is specialized in powerlifting, weight lifting and get in perfect shape. It has special rooms for power lifters to ensure they do not have any distraction during practice. The Gym trainers are assist the members in all possible ways to help them reach their fitness goals. The gym’s atmosphere offers freedom and supports one to be their best with fitness.

7. Quads gym-

Best Gyms

This gym located in Chicago, is a very popular gym in the world, which has marked its spot in various criteria to be one of the best in the world. They offer a wide range of fitness trainings as per the wish of the members. This gym is known to have trained renowned actors and models around the world.

6. Titan fitness-

Best Gyms

All along its 26 years of service, this Fitness centre has been maintaining a minimum standard and is known to offer the best quality training. Mainly based at Sydney, Australia, it was found by Murat and Mets Analin. This centre also offers training in various combat styles like Muay Thai, Savate, Western Boxing, Shooto, and many more. It aims at enhancing one’s physical and mental ability in self-defence situations.

5. Firehouse Fitness-

Best Gyms 2019

This gym was started by Timothy and Pam Smith in Abilene, Texas at a place, which once was a fire station. The gym offers healthy, pre-prepared frozen meal in bulk and other resources to help its members to get in shape and be fit. This centre’s outdoor area is spread in about 2000 sq.ft area and also offers training in Yoga, Zumba classes, Weightlifting and cross fit to bring about effective fitness training.

4. Gold’s gym:

Best Gyms

This is a chain of fitness centres that was initially found by Joe Gold in 1975 in Venice, California. It serves all the needs of a member, may it be burn fat, tone or add muscle, improve cardiovascular health, build strength or increase flexibility. Presently this gym has branches in 28 countries and 38 states. They also provide classes of cycling, zumba, yoga and mixed martial arts etc, in the normal routine, which adds up to the fitness. This gym gained recognition when it was featured in the motion picture “Pumping Iron”.

3. Temple gym-

Best Gyms

This gym is based at Birmingham and is known to be one of the best hard-core gyms in the world. This is best known for being the successful training base for six times Mr.Olympia, Dorian Yates. Though this was started in 1962, not until 20 years later, when Dorian Yates entered its doors, did the legacy begin. It intensively trains the members to reach their best shape and achieve physical ability.

2. Metroflex gym-

Best Gyms

Based at Arlington, Texas, this gym was founded by Brian Dobson in 1987, when there were no many gyms around. This gym was a training centre for Mr. Ronnie Coleman, the eight time Mr.Olympia, the most by anyone in the world. It has been the training ground for over 100 world champions. It is a unique gym which offers a member-friendly atmosphere and strengthens the wish of all those who want to build a career in physical entertainment.

1. Bev Francis’s Powerhouse gym-

Best Gyms

Found by the renowned body builder Bev Francis and her husband, this gymnasium is located at Syosset, New York and is named the best hard-core gym in the USA by the Flex Magazine. Gym equipment here are outstandingly organised, from beginner level to pro level. This gym is open 365 days a year and also has kickboxing, boxing rings for enthusiasts.

For all those who insist to hit a gym and get in shape or tone the muscles, this list of top 10 best gyms in the world 2019 should be of great use. All these are the arenas for even the celebrities from film or sports industries. With good, determined training at the gym it is possible for every one of us to stay fit and lead a healthy life.

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