Top 10 Richest Villages in India

A village is a grouped human settlement or community, which is usually lesser than towns and a population of about 1000 at maximum. These parts are often referred to as rural areas. In the past, villages were a community where people practice subsistence agriculture. But as time progressed, the villages transformed and are now the centers for many economic forums. When someone says village, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is poverty. But you may be impressed that there are many rich villages in India, which are also the richest in Asia. These villages are very prosperous and have preserved the essence of rural life within. Listed below is the top 10 richest villages in India 2019, as well as in the Asian continent.

10. Shani Shingnapur

Richest Villages in India 2019

This humble village is located in Maharashtra, India; this village has one sole identity that no other place in the world has. This village is known for not having doors in houses. Now this might be apparent as people in this village not being able to afford to build doors in their houses, but actually Shani Shingnapur is so innocuous that one does not need to lock the doors or even have a door. Theft is a thing unknown to this village, the people out here might not be monetarily rich as they are rich in their hearts. Shani Shingnapur is in fact so safe that there is no police station. Yes that’s true; folks in this village get to have a peace of mind. Another interesting fact about this village is that its bank is lockless which is hard to believe but it’s true so it is considered to be one of the richest villages in Asia.

9. Kokrebellur

Richest Villages in India 2019

Kokrebellur is a small village located in Karnataka, India. People in this village are enthusiastic about nature and love it. This village is known for conservation of nature as birds are respected and loved by everyone out here. The species of birds in this village is diverse and in fact, some of the rare species of birds can be found in Kokrebellur. The people in Kokrebellur are so much dedicated in birds that the villagers have created special areas for wounded and sick birds. These wounded and sick birds are given special care. Kokrebellur most deserves to come in the list of richest villages in Asia.

8. Khetwadi

Richest Villages in India

Situated in the state of Maharashtra, Khetwadi has been considered to be one or the economically developed villages in India and it has also said to be a role model village. What’s great about this village is that everything in this village is at proper place. There is no indulgence in narcotics, a proper municipality, people are economically stable. All this has been made possible in this village by the adaptation of Art of Living Foundation. Since this initiative has started in Khetwadi, this village is very organised.

7. Pothanikkad

Richest Villages in India

Pothanikkad has definite reasons to be in this richest villages in Asia list. The greatest thing about Pothanikkad is that this village has (surprisingly) 100% literacy rate. This is like impossible for a village to have its 100% population to be literate. But Pothankkad a small village located in Kerala has set an example and sent a deep message that even the most rural villages can have education as their first priority. Having a look at the records, Pothankkad is the first village in India to have a 100% literacy rate.

6. Dharnai

Richest Villages in India 2019

Dharnai is considered to be a technologically developed village in India. Located in Bihar, this village is fully dependent on electricity by solar power system. Facts hold that this village had remained in darkness without electricity for almost 30 years. Dharnai has not only powered itself with electricity with solar power but has also set an example to most of the places to use greener technologies.

5. Baldia

Richest Villages in India

Although being a small village in the state of Gujarat, India, Baldia is one of the most developed villages in the country and richest villages in Asia. Having a population of 8000 people, this village has well developed inter connected roads, great telecommunication system, proper municipality, no shortage of electricity, etc. The total deposit record of this village holds an amount of 12 corers.

4. Punsari

Richest Villages in India

Located in Gujarat, India, Punsari is wealthy in terms of their urban facilities and management systems. This village is rather developed than most of the urban places in India. Being a rural village in India, Punsari has facilities like 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity, solar powered lamps, an independent bus service, CCTV cameras, clean drinking water and many other facilities. Not only this, the villagers can opt for a medical claim or Rs 25,000 and an accidental cover of Rs 1 lakh.

3. Madhapur

Richest Villages in India

Madhapur is situated near Bhuj in Gujarat, it is also considered one of the richest villages in Asia. This village has a population of 15000, the per capita deposit of this village is nearly equal to Rs 12 lakh and the fixed deposits in the banks are as much as Rs, 1,800 crore. That is some huge amount of money for a village, and thus Madhapur ranks at the 3rd position in the list.

2. Maraog

Richest Villages in India

Also called the ‘Apple King’ Maraog comes under the richest villages in Asia. This village is located in Himachal Pradesh. The main reason for its prosperity is that it is one of the leading producers of Apple in the world. Companies like Tropicana and Real does business in this village that ranks 2nd in the list of wealthiest or richest villages in India 2019.

1. Hiware Bazar

Richest Villages in India

In the Ahmednagar, district of Maharashtra lies Hiware Bazar. Hiware Bazar is probably the richest village in Asia as records holds that there are 60 millionaires in this village. This village does not have poor families and even if it does have, the numbers are just 2 to 3. This humble village occupies the top spot in richest villages in India as well in whole of Asia.

This was the list of the top 10 richest villages in India 2019. As the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi had once said, The Soul of India lies in its Rural Areas. It is so true. India has witnessed globalisation, industrialisation or urbanisation, but still Indian Villages carry the true essence of nation’s culture and tradition. It is also notable that currently the Government of India has taken up ‘Adarsh Gram Yojana’ that empowers villages to attain development with respect to basic needs and amenities.

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