Top 10 Richest States in India

India is a country comprised of 29 states with diverse culture, tradition, languages, climate, people across its lengths and breadths. The extravagance of the state depends on the Gross Domestic Product, which is normally known as GDP. It is a customary device used to gauge the lavishness of the nations on the planet. As per New World Wealth is error prone and not precise.

This is on account of the high GDP does not really convert into high riches. As per 2019 positioning India with a GDP of 8.80 trillion, remains at the number third position in World’s Richest Countries. In any case, however, the quantity of moguls is expanded by 400 percent amid 2002 to 2016 period, many people are as yet living in the underneath indigence line. Here is the list of top 10 richest states in India 2019.

10. Delhi

Richest States in India 2019

At the 10th position of the list is the capital, union territory Delhi. It is one of the wealthiest states with GDP of 4.51 lakh crore (US$66 billion). The GDP of the state is expanded by 5-7% when contrasted with the year 2002-03. This state has just 1.83% of the nation’s aggregate populace adding to national level GDP. The proposed spending plan said that per capita salary of Delhi is expanded from Rs 2, 52,022 in 2014-15 to 2, 80,193 in 2015-16. The tertiary segment contributes 82.3%, auxiliary area contributes 15.5%, essentially count.

9. Madhya Pradesh

Richest States in India 2019

It is one among the wealthiest state in India with GDP of 5.08 lakh crore (US$78 billion). The economy of this state was considered as one of the tired economies of India till 2004, after 2005 it came to as topmost states in India as far as GDP. Madhya Pradesh has gotten grants from the Honorable President of India for enhancing its tourism, medicinal, social and infrastructural development. It has some great natural resources reserves that are contributing to state’s economy.

8. Andhra Pradesh

Richest States in India

Formerly the unified state of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the southern states with GDP of 5.20 lakh crore (US$77 billion). Andhra Pradesh coastline of 974km. Andhra Pradesh has been separated as Telangana and Seemandhra. The state has very much created the social and mechanical foundation. Andhra Pradesh is a sanctuary to numerous worldwide and pharma players. Cotton is the principal development of the state. The naval base and the rocket launching center in the state are also very important in nation’s development.

7. Rajasthan

Richest States in India

It is one of the richest states in India 2019 with GDP of 5.7 lakh crore (US$100 billion). Out of the fifteen million hectares of land that is being developed, just 20% land is being flooded. Wheat, Barley, Gram, Vegetables, organic products and so on are the primary harvests developed here. Openings for work in this state are great. There is a decent system of streets in the state covering a length of 1,50,000km. It has the largest desert in the country and is one of the hottest states in the country.

6. Karnataka

Richest States in India 2019

It is one of the high monetary development states in India with GDP of 7.02 lakh crore (US$ 100 billion). Karnataka is the sixth wealthiest state in India. Karnataka has recorded most noteworthy development rates as far as GDP and per capita. The tertiary segment contributes 55%, optional segment contributes 29% and vital division contributes 16% to the conservative development of the state. Bangalore, the capital city of the state is the Silicon Valley of India and is a prime IT hub in the country.

5. Gujarat

Richest States in India

This state has a GDP of 7.66 crore lakh (US$ 110 billion). It is the biggest inland mechanical focus in western India after Mumbai. This state is the biggest exporters of gems and diamonds. Vikram Sarabhai and Kasturbhai Lalbhai who gave the name for the Ahmedabad as Manchester of India. Aravind Mills is biggest material factories in India. This state has mechanised farming and is one of the largest producer of agricultural products in the country. it is one amongst the Top 10 Richest States in India 2019.

4. West Bengal

Richest States in India

It is one of the wealthiest state in India with a GDP of 8.00 crore (US$ 140 billion). The economy of West Bengal is mostly subject to farming and medium measured enterprises. Be that as it may, extensively measured enterprises assumed an exceptionally noteworthy part in the economy of the state. West Bengal was still reliant on the Central Government for taking care of the requests for sustenance. It is the nourishment delivering state in India, which produces 20% of rice, 35% of the potato.

3. Uttar Pradesh

Richest States in India

Economy of the Uttar Pradesh is the third biggest after the economy of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with a GDP of 9.76 lakh crore (US$ 140 billion). Around 22.3% of the states are urbanized. Uttar Pradesh has seven urban communities having more than 1 million populaces. Uttar Pradesh is otherwise called Agrarian state since it contributes around 18.9% for the creation of nourishment grains in India. In tenth Five-year arrange state obtained 5.3% yearly financial development. After eleventh Five years arranges yearly conservative development was to some degree diminished to 4.8%. Tourism in the state contributes a lot to its economy, mainly the magnificent Taj Mahal.

2. Tamil Nadu

Richest States in India

It is the state having a second biggest economy in India with a present GDP of Rs. 13,842 billion (US$ 210 billion). The per capita wage of Tamil Nadu was about $3,000 in the year 2014-15. Around half of the state is urbanized. The administration contributes around 51% of the monetary exercises in the states. Likewise, Government is the major is the real speculator in the states. Private Indian speculators contribute around 30%, Foreign financial specialists contribute around 15%.

1. Maharashtra

Richest States in India 2019

It is one of the wealthiest states in India with GDP of 16.8 lakh crore. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. In 2014 it had a GDP of about $295 billion and now it is raised to $398 billion. The per capita wage of Maharashtra is about $1,660. Maharashtra is a third urbanized state having the urban populace of 45% of the entire populace. It is the second biggest exporter of programming with yearly fares of 19,000 crores. Pune, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Latur. Mumbai is known as the major gateway to India and is the commercial capital of the country.

This was the list of the top 10 richest states in India 2019. These states have highest GDP and contribute to the nation’s economy and development. These states accumulate revenue for the aid to country’s GDP and promote the growth of the nation.

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