Top 10 Most Developed States In India

India is one among the developing countries in the world and it won’t be long until we reach the Developed Status. The GSDP of the state shows how much the state has developed. GSDP stands for Gross State Domestic Product. It refers to the total value of all products and services produced in a region, state or country in a particular period of time. Given below are the top 10 most Developed States of the India 2019.


Most Developed States In India 2019

In the tenth place we have Delhi. The growth rate has increased over than 15% with respect to the previous year. It is the largest hub of industries in Northern India and has different industries based on different sectors are present in Delhi. Few of the industries include Telecommunication, Banking, Information Technology, Retail, Power and Real Estate. It also provides various job opportunities because of all the industries located in this place. The GSDP of Delhi is Rs 4,04,576 Crore.


Most Developed States In India 2019

In the ninth position we have Madhya Pradesh. This state came into existence in the year of 2000 and has shown immense development with a growth rate of 20.33%. The capital city is Bhopal. The state is also called as the Heart of India and is the fifth largest city by population. It also contributes to 4% of the country’s GDP. It is the largest producer of Soybean in the country which accounts to more than 70% of the country’s share. The GSDP of the state is Rs 4,34,730 Crore


Most Developed States In India

In the eighth position we have Andhra Pradesh. This state contributes to more than 4% of the country’s GDP. It is the eighth largest state of the country. The major industry of the state includes Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles and Horticulture. Andhra Pradesh also has 35 Special Economic Zones and morethan 250 Industrial Estates. The current GSDP of the state is Rs 4,64,184 Crore. Visakhapatnam is the largest commercial hub of the state followed by Vijayawada.


Most Developed States In India

In the list seventh place we have Rajasthan. This state is the largest state by area and mainly comprises of the Thar Desert. It is the main producer of edible oils in the country and agriculture which contributes to the country’s economy. It is also the leading cement producer which accounts to the country’s major cement production. Rajasthan has also various bird sanctuary’s wild life parks and also tiger reserves. The GSDP of the states is Rs 5,17,615 Crore.


Most Developed States In India 2019

In the sixth place we have Karnataka. With a GSDP of 5,82,754 Crore this state comprises of the major public sector companies like Bharat Electronics Limited, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bharat Earth Movers Limited, etc. It is the seventh largest state by area and also the eighth by population. Karnataka has rich cultural heritage and also is known as an agricultural state. It also has major IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, IBM, etc.


Most Developed States In India

In the fifth place we have West Bengal. West Bengal is bounded by five Indian states. One of the major agricultural producer and is the sixth-largest contributor to India’s net domestic product. This state is growing as the major states of the country and has grown 17% financially. It is home to various steel, Jute, Fertilizers, Chemicals, Minerals, industries. The GSDP of the state is 7,06,561 Crore.


Most Developed States In India

In the fourth place we have Gujarat. It is one of the major industrial cities of the country and contributes to 7% of the country’s GDP. It also is the main centre of various companies and is home to Jamnagar Oil Refinery which is operated by Reliance Industries Limited is the World’s largest oil refinery with a capacity of more than 12 Lakh barrels per day. The GSDP is Rs 7,65,638 Crore. It is also called as the Jewel of Western India.


Most Developed States In India

In the third place we have Tamil Nadu. The major producer of rice and turmeric in India. And also has different companies belonging to sectors like Leather, Automobile, Textile and Information Technology. Some of these companies include BMW, Ashok Leyland, Cisco, Hyundai and Infosys. The GSDP is Rs 8,54,238 Crore. Chennai is the capital city. It also has the second largest state economy of India.


Most Developed States In India

In the second place we have Uttar Pradesh. This state contributes to 8% of the country’s GDP and is well known for its sugar production. The states sugar production accounts to the 70% sugar of the country. It has various industries based on different sectors like Automobile, Leather, Steel, Jewellery, etc. The city of Noida has emerged as an Information Technology Hub of Northern India. The GSDP is Rs 8,62,746 Crore


Most Developed States In India 2019

In the first place we have Maharashtra. The state of Maharashtra contributes to 14% of the country’s GDP and has 13% growth rate in comparison to the previous financial year. Its major industries include Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Petrochemicals, Food Processing and Information Technology.

Government of Maharashtra has started an initiative called Make in Maharashtra to give opportunities for emerging industries. The GSDP is Rs 14,76,233 Crore

These states are emerging as the top most of the country with development in the field of education, industry and food production. These states are also the major contributors to the country’s GSP.


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