Top 10 Largest Power Generation Companies in India

At present times, the world comes to halt without electric power, as everything we use in our day to day life is completely dependent of electricity. Hence the electricity producers play a major part in the normal routine of each and every individual and also the countries as a whole. Indian power generation sector helps the country to develop in many ways, and as of now it has a total generation capacity of 2.75 lakh MW. Private companies produce about 38% of total while the state sectors hold a share of 34% of the total of the nation’s power. Here is the list of the top 10 largest power generation companies in India 2019 by total production capacities.

10. SJVN Limited

Largest Power Generation Companies in India 2019

It is a joint venture of Government of Himachal Pradesh and Government of India established in 1988 and is Mini Ratna Category-1 status and Schedule-‘A’ company under administrative control of Ministry of Power, Govt. Of India. Beginning with single project and Single State operation that is the India’s largest 1500 MW NathapaJhakir Hydro power station in Himachal Pradesh. It is presently implicating projects in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh and neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bhutan. It is a fast growing player in power sector with a capacity of 1500MW.

9. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited

Largest Power Generation Companies in India 2019

This company is government-owned lignite mining and power generating company in India. The company has installed capacity of 2740 MW of electricity. The whole process of Lignite mining is mechanized. It operates largest open pit lignite mines in India, presently mining 24MT of lignite. To extract the coal layer of rock bed is removed and excess water is pumped out. Thus it also supplies large quantity of sweet water to Chennai from aquifers in lignite mines. Established in 1956, it operates 3 thermal power stations in Neyveli ,Tamilnadu and one in Bharsingsar, Rajasthan. The company inferred a status of “Navaratna“in 2011.

8. JSW Energy Limited

Largest Power Generation Companies in India

JSWEL was incorporated as JindalTractebel Power Company Limited, in year 1994 in Mumbai. JSWEL is first Independent Power Producer to be set in state of Karnataka. The company has the capacity of 3140 MW. The company is established with 2,790 MW of generating capacity in construction or implementation Phase. It has power generation projects at an under development with a proposed combined installed capacity of 7740 MW. With the aim of becoming a leading integrated power company and managing sustainable growth, it has ventured in joint development projects. Coal and lignite mining procure capacitive fuel supply for power generation projects .

7. Torrent Power

Largest Power Generation Companies in India

With the unique mix of Coal base, gas based, and other renewable power sources Torrent Power has over all generating capacity of 3334 MW. The Torrent Power SEC Limited was formed in 1997 after purchasing 28.98% stake held by Gujarat. The company has aggregate generating capacity of 3250 MW. The company used latest generation techniques and hence ensures high thermal efficiency. The company is sole distributer of electricity city to Agra, Surat, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. Torrent Power Company has a power generation of 3250 MW and distributes power to almost 3 million customers.

6. Reliance Power

Largest Power Generation Companies in India

It is a 2007 found company and is part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. It is a private sector Public utility company with a capacity of 6000MW. The project sites are mostly located in Western India, North-Eastern India, and Southern India. They inculcate six coal-fired projects, two gas-fired projects and four hydro-electric projects. It has Ultra Mega Power Plant in Krishnapatnam-3960 MW. The company wholly distributes the electricity in the suburbs of Mumbai. With its subsidiaries, it is developing 1 medium and large-side projects with total capacity of 33,480 MW. It is one amongst the top 10 largest power generation companies in India 2019.

5. NHPC Limited

Largest Power Generation Companies in India

Established as National Hydroelectric Power Corporation in 1975 is a hydropower generation company with an objective to promote along with planning and organize an integrated and efficient development of power in all aspects. The company is a Mini Ratna Category –I Enterprise of the Govt. The company has also other sources of energy like Solar, Geothermal, Tidal, Wind etc. It has completed 21 project of 6627 MW capacity and 5 projects of 89.35 MW on turnkey basis. The other projects were executed in Nepal and Bhutan. NHPC Limited operates 20 hydropower stations and 4 are under development. The total capacity of the company is 18,386 MW.

4. Adnani Power

Largest Power Generation Companies in India 2019

Adnani group is the Power business subsidiary of Indian conglomerate Adjani Group with head office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. At Mundra, by implementing 330MW out of 4620MW, it started its power generation in july 1996. The Mundra super mega project is the largest coal-based power project of India and is fifth largest in the world. Thus Adnani Power has become one of the India’s Largest Power Plant with capacity 3300. This company is India’s largest private producer, with capacity of 10,440MW and also the largest solar producer. It is ranked 334th in top 500 list. The mission of this company is to reach 20000 MW by 2020.

3. Tata Power

Largest Power Generation Companies in India

Tata Power commissioned India’s second hydro-electric project in 1915 in Kohopoli for 72MW. The firm was started as Tata hydroelectric Power Supply Company in 1911. It has an electric generation of 9432MW and is India’s largest integrated power company. The company has operations in Indonesia, India, Singapore, Bhutan and South Africa. Tata Powers has expanded generation capacity of 4,000 MW. Tata Power is serving more than 2.6 million distribution consumers in India. It is also one of the largest renewable energy producers in the whole nation with a clean energy portfolio of 179MW. Its market capitalization is 182 billion.

2. NTPC Limited

Largest Power Generation Companies in India

National thermal power corporatiom private limited was found in 1975. It is an Indian Public Sector Undertaking headquartered in New Delhi. The company, NTPC also has ventured in the field of oil, gas exploration and coal mining. It has about 16% of the national capacity and contributes about 255 of total power generation. It operates from about 55 different places in India with 1 in Sri lanka and 2 in Bangladesh. The total capacity of the company is 45548 MV with coal, oil and gas stations located across the country. It acquired 400th ranking in 2017.

1. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Largest Power Generation Companies in India 2019

This company is an National owned electric utilities company. It was incorporated in 1989 as a public limited company, owned by Indian government. Power grid operates throughout India and is headquartered in Gurgaon. Its transmission network runs 101,886 circuit kilometres and 197 EHVAC and HVDC substations, which provide a total capacity of 168,063 MVA. It transmits about 50% of total power generated in India. It is Central Transmission utility of the country and plays an important role in Indian power sector and also provides pen access on its inter-state transmission system.

This was the list for the top 10 largest power generation companies in India 2019, that are known to be producing highest amounts of electricity across the country and help in achieving self-sufficiency to some extent. For a developing country like India, It is very essential to have sufficient electric supply to carry out activities in Metropolitan cities and industries. However, with increasing environmental concerns, use of renewable sources of energy is of prime importance and there has to be extensive research done regarding such sources in India.

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