Top 10 Best Railway Stations of India

Basically India is a country with world’s second largest population in the world wherein people travel everyday for their necessity and also for the work. There are about 8000 to 8500 railway stations all over India which are very prominent and play a major role in people’s daily life . Since Railways play a major role in each and every individuals life, it’s important to know few of the facts related to the rails and railway stations. So here’s a list of top 10 best railway stations of India 2019.

10. Tiruchinapalli railway station

Best Railway Stations of India 2019

It’s one of the most beautiful stations of India . It takes the 10 position. As it says it had 10 platforms . It’s also the second largest and busiest station in southern part of India . It’s a electric train which is actually for the betterment of reduction of pollution.

09. Secunderabad railway station

Best Railway Stations of India 2019

It’s situated in the middle city of hyderabad. It’s a large station , also clean , and is one of the most beautiful stations

Here also there ara 10 platforms, and still the place will crowded with the passengers from all over India . It’s one among the electrified stations of India.

08. Ghum railway station -Darjelling

Best Railway Stations of India

It’s located in Darjelling of West bengol state . It’s referred as one of the most coldest city also . It owns a very beautiful track . It’s the highest railway station of India and world’s 14th highest . It’s at an altitude of 2258 metres . It’s a also a place where Ghum monastery and batasia loop exist.

07. Cuttack railway station

Best Railway Stations of India

It’s located In the state of Odisha. Its also one of the busiest booking railway stations of India . It’s clean , beautiful marvelous and also amazing


Best Railway Stations of India 2019

Bangalore is called as the land of spices and it was ruled by British for about 200 years. Even though we lost the opportunity of being the richest country in the world you still have some very big gift given by the British one of them is the Railway system. Railway routes were basically built for transportation of the goods. And now they have become the very popular mod transportation. Railway system in India is world’s fourth largest and one of the very cheap mode of transportation

05. Howrah station kolkatta

Best Railway Stations of India

This is one of the oldest busiest stations in India there are about 26 platforms and it can handle very large amount of crowd at a time. A lot of commuters witness the crowd present everyday over there. It’s located on the banks of river Howrah.

4. Chennai railway station

Best Railway Stations of India

It’s also called as Madras central railway station . It’s located in tamil nadu. Here almost around 350000 passengers commute daily . It contains 3 platform all in total and all are meant for suburban trains . It’s about 950m long

3. Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow

Best Railway Stations of India

Charbagh Railway Station, also known as Lucknow NR, is one of the two main stations for the city of Lucknow. It actually has total of 9 platforms and it’s connecting all the major cities of the state and even the metro . It had a view with a beautiful garden and it is a mixture of Rajput Mughal and also Awadi architecture which gives a pleasant look for it .

2. New Delhi railway station

Best Railway Stations of India

It’s the capital city of India . Sony plays a major role In transport. It has the largest interlocking system in the world which makes us proud that it’s from our India . It’s the 3 rd busiest and also largest stations of India . About 5 lakh of commuters witness the station with all other passengers .

1. Thiruvananthapuram central station

Best Railway Stations of India

It’s one of the biggest and also busiest stations of India . I St located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. It’s in kerala. Almost an out 300000 people travel through this station . It’s has remarkable and well built structure of buildings and has the best facilities present within the premises . It’s well equipped with new security protocols, with video surveillance.

Thus this completes the list of top ten best railway station in India 2019. India had been always known for its railways more than any other means of transportation. India is being of one the biggest railway network and also it harbours highest number of employees. So try to start visiting all these stations , go book your tickets now!

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