Top 10 Best Gyms (Fitness Centres) in India

“Take care of your body, it is the only place where you live” says a famous quote which makes absolute sense when it comes to humans. A good physical condition and also mental health is very important for the well-being of humans. Time has come where people don’t get enough time to go out and work under sun and break sweat, now they have turned towards gyms for the workouts , so that they can keep their selves fit. Here is the list of top 10 best gyms in India in 2019 that have trained some of the big names in the industries of film, sports and any other activities:

10. Vivafit Fitness Center:

Best Gyms in India 2019

It is one of the women’s fitness center and gym which is seen in multiple countries like Portugal, Spain and India. The main motto of the gym is t make woman to lose weight and feel great by practicing a healthy diet and also regular exercise. This club is exclusively for women and provide a good atmosphere for workout and well being over there. Their aim is to establish over 1300 centers in India over next 10 years.

9. Curves Health Clubs and Fitness Centers for Women:

Best Gyms in India 2019

This is an international fitness club exclusively for women. This US based fitness club is world’s second largest women’s fitness club in the world. Recently even India has witnessed the opening of 3 centres in the country. One at Mumbai and 2 at Hyderabad. It has announced 250 centres in the country for next 3 years. The specialty of this club is the 30 mins workout sessions which can burn upto 500 calories.

8. Fitness One:

Best Gyms in India

It is a company created with passion and vision and dedication by the company Fitness One India Ltd. It was started as a single centre as an health club. On September 2004 there was the second center which was inaugurated at Chennai. There are no other chain fitness centre in South india. The vision of this company is to get the youth into shape and make them healthy and fit for a better future and also for a great country.

7. Snap Fitness:

Best Gyms in India

It is one of the rapidly growing company which is 24/7 express fitness club. This is open all the time throughout the week and aims at fast, convenient and affordable workout. It was founded in March 2003 by Peter Taunton. The first franchise was sold in the year 2004. Snap is one of the world’s fastest growing health club in global level. It is present over Canada, Mexico, and Australia etc.

6. Fluid Fitness:

Best Gyms in India

This is a World class fitness center brought to you by PSA fitness center. A center for the integration of state of art technology and world class spa techniques. The fitness just started in india and is seeking to expand their branches soon or later here over the nest years. This was first established in the years 2004 with the motto of providing fitness solution for individuals

5. .Ozone Fitness and Spa:

Best Gyms in India 2019

This was initiated in the year 2002 is now countries first largest chain of premier boutique healt, fitness and Spa. The logo of the company symbolize “strong protection of the human race”. It is awarded ISO-9001-2000 AND ISO-14001 certificate. The company has also been awarded with India Gandhi Priyadarshini award for the Eco friendly health club. It is luxurious as well as well-equipped too to help every member to reach their fitness goals.

4. Gold’s Gym:

Best Gyms in India

It is an international chain for fitness center which are seen throughout this world in almost all the countries. This gym was initially started in California by Joe Gold. The gym is best known for its well equipped setup and highly trained person trainers to assimilate the clients. In India it is seen in all the major cities and also in small cities. The number of health club is increasing tremendously day by day.

3. Fitness First:

Best Gyms in India

It’s a private owned health club all over the world with more than 540 fitness clubs. The members of this club has reached more than over 1.3 million in over 18 countries. In India it can be seen in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. The main aim of this club is to make work outs more fun filled and effective.

2. Talwalkars Gym:

Best Gyms in India

This gym was previously known as talwalkars better value fitness Pvt Ltd. Nos commonly known as Talwalkars is one of the India’s greatest chain for health centre and also gym. The branches over 50 cities more than 100 in number are all ultra-modern and over 100000 members. They are also known for their experience over the past years.

1. Solaris Fitness World:

Best Gyms in India

Initiated in the year 1999 as a single branch in the city of Pune, Maharashtra this gym has now grown up as a chain of well equipped, convenient and also well designed club throughout the country. This had adequate staff members too in the branches. This gym has been successful in providing satisfactory service for the costumers. Right now there are around 7 centers all alone in Pune. It almost has the Membership of more than 15000 people.

Thus this is the list of top 10 best gyms in India by 2019. For all those fitness freaks who are looking to change their normal workout place to a classy ultra modern one, now it’s the perfect time to do so. Go join your closest gym center and get in shape.

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