Top 10 Best Builders And Developers In India

These real estate companies have changed India and the way the rest of the world looks at their ability to create luxurious properties for all classes in India. Some of these properties are ultra-luxury minded offering the best in real estate and some of these properties are simply upgrading the slums in India to some eco-minded and affordable housing. Here are the top 10 best builders and developers in India 2019.

10. Hiranandani Developers

Best Builders And Developers In India 2019

Hiranandani Developers is a part of the Hiranandani Group which was founded in 1978. They have employed over 1,600 people working together to create state of the art real estate projects. They were the first company to introduce copper piping to India. Their most recent project is Hiranandani Park which offers 1-to-4-bedroom spacious living quarters of utmost quality.

All of the rooms have a beautiful view of the Yeoor Hills which provides the most relaxing escape. They provide luxury real estate for residential buildings, offices, healthcare, hospitality and educational buildings.

09. The Oberoi Realty

Best Builders And Developers In India 2019

Oberoi Realty have created 39+ projects appropriately place all over the Mumbai skyline which comes to about 9.18 million sq. ft of spaces to live and thrive. Their goals in real estate is to be innovative, trusting, provide innovative technology to new homeowners and provide superior service in Mumbai.

They desire to build the best real estate in the middle of the city so that all of your needs to conveniently placed nearby. They are passionate to innovate and always provide the most up to date technology for your new home. They also believe deeply in transparency; nothing is hidden or dumped on you last minute.

08. Sobha Developer

Best Builders And Developers In India

Sobha Group is one of the largest real estate organizations in India and the Middle East and was founded in 1976. They currently are building in 24 cities and 13 states across India and in the Middle East. The company’s reputation and goal is to provide the best real estate in all areas they serve. They don’t only build residential buildings but also commercial buildings for new companies.

They pride themselves on providing a quality product when it is promised to be completed. They are completely transparent in their business dealings and pride themselves on laying everything out up front right from the beginning. They desire to earn your trust and confidence while they create your perfect place for either home or work.

07. The Prestige Group

Best Builders And Developers In India

The Prestige Group was founded by Mr. Razack Sattar in 1956 and has been providing their customers excellent customer service in real estate sales, land development and marketing. They are constantly innovating the way they do their work always working to provide the best in commercial development. They currently are the only real estate developer in Bengaluru to win the FIABCI Award.

They have also built over 60.08 million sq ft of real estate all over India! Their real estate is beautifully built with crisp lines, unique architectural textures and yet compatible with a variety of décor. The Prestige Group designs some of the most beautiful residential buildings in India.

06. Brigade Group

Best Builders And Developers In India

The Bridgade group is a fairy newer real estate company formed in 1986 with the goal of developing current property and upgrading it. They now build beautiful residential buildings all over India as well as still develop older buildings with new upgrades. Their headquarters are in Bangalore, India but they provide real estate in many other states and cities around South India.

The great thing about the Brigade group is they don’t only build residential buildings but also focus on retail and commercial projects. They were the first to introduce the enclave concept to Bengaluru.

05. Puravankara

Best Builders And Developers In India 2019

Puravankara has been in the industry since 1975 and their focus from day one has been providing the best in quality. Besides quality they promise the best customer service, superior engineering, transparent business practices and the uncompromising values. They are considered one of the most preferred real estate companies when it comes to both commercial buildings and residential buildings.

Some of their real estate buildings come with bar-b-q pits, koi ponds, snorkeling pools, bars and wave pools. With Puravankara you are able to create almost any residential or commercial business however big you dream it. When it comes to the interiors of the building they won’t just create the most relaxing design but also help educate you on how to properly maintain it so that you get the most out of your time with them.

04. SRS Real Infrastructure Ltd

Best Builders And Developers In India

SRS Real Infrastructure Ltd is listed with the Bombay Stock Exchange and have been a successful real estate business since as early as 1995. SRS builds everything from residential buildings, farming buildings, apartment complexes, commercial buildings and more. If you need it; they are able to build it. They currently have a land bank of over 500 acres to work with across India.

They are intuitive when it comes to the needs of their customers and have been praised for their transparency in costs and construction ability. Their portfolio is vast and their ability to create anything is expressed in all of the projects they have completed thus far, including IT parks, Corporate towers and more.

03. Sunteck Realty Ltd (SRL)

Best Builders And Developers In India

Sunteck is a real estate developer headed out of Mumbai. Their portfolio includes 25 million square feet of projects already completed around India. Within just four years that have completed six projects which covered 2 million square feet including both residential and commercial projects. They are also well known for creating very luxurious buildings in Mumbai.

They have their own in-house management team which strategizes with both local and international contractors. They have completed projects for the likes of Walt Disney, Talathy & Panthaky and others. They are proud to be one of the most well-known and successful real estate companies in Mumbai.

02. Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd

Best Builders And Developers In India

This real estate company headquartered in Pune has been around for over 2 decades in India. They have created over 10 million sq ft of real estate projects both in Bengaluru and Pune. They’ve also recently adopted some projects in Mumbai creating upscale residential units. They have experience building not just residential and commercial buildings but also IT parks and integrated townships.

Their biggest goal is to create real estate property that blends in with its surroundings instead of standing out. They believe in being properly integrated with the natural landscape surrounding their properties. They take eco-friendliness seriously and incorporate green living in all of their projects. They are also very well known for completing their projects in a timely manner, meeting goals as promised.

01. Housing Development & Infrastructure Limited (HDIL)

Best Builders And Developers In India

HDIL is India’s premier real estate companies with most of their operations out of Mumbai. They currently have their real estate company listed with BSE and NSE stock exchanges. They’ve completed to date more than 100 million sq ft of real estate projects all within the last decade. They are proud to service a diverse group of customers which include commercial projects, IT Parks, residential buildings, retail shops and more.

They have created townships which cater to the Indian middle class and providing quality housing for a fraction of the cost. They are considerate of the environment they build in and are dedicated to slum rehabilitation. They have had the largest impact on the real estate industry in India, helping both the upper class, middle class and lower class populations of India.

Whether you are looking for the best real estate with the most luxury, upgrading a suffering portion of India or looking to just build a wisely built retail unit one of these companies are able to accomplish your goals with your financial ability in mind. Anything can be accomplished in modern India and if you can dream it; it can be built!

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