Top 10 Best Sofa Colors

When it comes with deciding on a sofa colors for your living room, it is always best to look out for a color that will allow you to change your décor as often as you would like. Buying a sofa is not a simple task – it is a long-time investment that might make or break a room. Your couch should be versatile enough to go with your décor scheme and classy enough to blend in yet stand out.

Many people find it incredibly hard to choose a couch tone for their living room. You need your living area to be both relaxing and calming. For anyone looking for new décor tones, we have compiled a list of top décor themes that are incredibly popular in 2019. These ten color schemes with help guide you in the right direction. Let us take a closer look: Here are the top ten Best Sofa Colors for 2019.

10. Warn Neutral

Best Sofa Colors 2019

Warm neutral colors such as camel, tan, or biscuit tones work incredibly well especially when paired up with schemes such as black, blues, or fall colors. You can even go bolder by introducing red – you can do this by using red accessories such as lamps, throw pillows, a rug, etc (whichever you think will work best with your room). These textures are warm and make any room feel homey and cozy. Warm neutrals are classic and always in style. When paired with bolder tones, warm neutrals become incredibly strong in design.

9. Black

Best Sofa Colors 2019

Black can actually be quite stylish to use for both modern leather and fabric couches. A black chair might sound like it might make your house seem dark and gloomy but when paired with tones such as grey, white, and silver textile fabrics. Black is quite impressive when used with fabrics such as velvet and chenille.

8. Light Neutral

Best Sofa Colors

Tones picked from neutral colour charts such as coffee or sand tones are becoming more and more popular. Why not go daring and try out variables such as mushroom, cream, beige, mushroom, sand, or even stone colour palette. Neutral colour charts are incredibly versatile and you will have a wide variety to pick from. Neutral colors will add warmth and coziness to your space. For a more personalized feel, try matching neutral with bolder accessories. This will create more drama and uniqueness to any house.

7. Brown

Best Sofa Colors

Brown has never truly gone out of style not do we think it ever will. Brown is the most popular color choice for leather furniture. You can go for a light tan brown or go to dark chocolate colors. For modern sleek contemporary pieces, you cannot go wrong with a brown tone for your living room chairs. Brown can also be used to bring a classic vintage feel to a house. Always wanted to have that “old money” feel to your chateau? Then a brown leather seat will never disappoint!

6. Subtle Patterns

Best Sofa Colors 2019

When it comes to patterns, now is the time to try your hand at subtle patterns. They are always more versatile and add a personalized feel to a home. Instead of going for dramatic patterns, why not choose a classic pattern that is so small that it can be confused as texture. When combined with more dramatic pillows, a chair with subtle patterns can look incredibly modern and sleek.

5. Go Bold

Best Sofa Colors

Why not select bold colors such as lime green, yellow, orange, or even raspberry? Some people might steer clear of such bold schemes but when used in a subtle yet classy way, these tones can transform your area immensely. Imagine a bright yellow sofa surrounded by more neutral surroundings? Alternatively, you can opt to use it in a more daring way. Why not try mixing greens with yellow or even mix a bright red with pinks, purple, or orange. If you want to be truly adventurous, then bold colors will help you create a space that is to your unique and individual taste.

4. Red

Best Sofa Colors

Deep red is a perfect option for anyone looking for an eye-catching yet rich color for both fabric and sofas. A deep red couch/ sofa is a brilliant eye catching piece to any living room. For anyone looking for a tradition meets modern, then deep red is the grown-up color to go for. If your home has a lot of glass and chrome furniture, then you will be surprised by just how much a deep red couch will change your living area.

3. Gray

Best Sofa Colors

Gray is a beautiful tone that works wonderful in just about any home setting. A gray seat will immediately bring sophistication to your space. You can opt for a dark gray or a light gray tone. To make your space not look too gloomy, try pairing your gray seat with brighter and lighter tones such as aqua blue or yellow. This way, you will prevent your room from looking gloomy.

2. White

Best Sofa Colors

One thing that you can be certain of is that a white couch is timeless. Now, one thing about a white sofa is that you and your guests have to be extremely careful to avoid any spillage. We all know just how easy it is to have a red wine spillage. When you are choosing white upholstery, we would recommend that you look out for stain resistant fabric.

Also, look out for white fabric that can be easily cleaned and bleached if need be. Finally, white allows a user to add just about any accessory that suits you. If you have light colored walls, rest assured you can pair your living room with brightly colored accessories such as a bright rug, vibrant paintings, etc.

1. Duck Egg Blue

Best Sofa Colors

Duck-egg blue (sometimes also referred to as Robins Egg Blue) is a color that has become increasingly popular. This is because it goes with tons of other colors and when used in interesting ways, it can make a room. It is literally appealing everywhere in home design; from cushions, lamps, sofas, paint, etc. This color is highly versatile and looks great in any room and can be used in many styles. This tone is very calming and can bring life to overly bland and dark rooms. It also looks great against chalky and boring tones such as taupe or beige. You can get creative and use it in addition to monochrome theme or pair it with deep browns to create incredibly striking contrast.

These above mentioned colour tones are just some of the irresistible pastels that are trending. These above mentioned are fun especially when incorporated into your living room. They provide a classic shade rife that has a homely comfort to it – yet it is still fresh and vibrant. The main appeal is its soft and fresh feel. When using such colours, be sure to mix them with a few neutral or bolder tones. We would love to know how you are using any of these tones in your home. We would love to see your interior design of how you have applied them to your living area so feel free to share a few pictures with us.

Do not just pick tones and mix them together. It is always advised you first play around with fabric catalogues and see what matches best and what doesn’t. Next, figure out where each individual shade is going to be applied. When you successfully do this, your entire living area will come out beautifully. For more information, do not hesitate to leave your queries below and we shall get back to you ASAP.

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