Top 10 Best Rims Brands

Automotive fans love having custom wheels and rims put on their vehicles because it increases the value of their vehicle and it also makes the automobile unique from the rest. You can get wheels in a large variety of colors and can have them customised to fit your special vehicle. Many of these companies specialise in rims for unique vehicles like Lamborghini’s and other rare manufacturers. Following are the top 10 best rims brands in 2019.

10. American Racing

Best Rims Brands 2019

This versatile company is creating rims for both antique vehicles, modern vehicles and everything in between. The majority of their rims are steels, cast aluminum or two piece cast center forged barrel. You can get your rims in gloss black, satin black, polished chrome and other varieties depending on your vehicle and your needs.

9. O.Z.

Best Rims Brands 2019

O.Z. Racing offers wheels for a variety of customers. You can personalise your rims to match your favorite color or the color of your car and they also offer premium wheels for racing events. OZ is a global distribution and a multi-brand marketing company with its headquarters and manufacture property in San Martino di Lupari, Padua, Italy. It’s popular for its light alloy wheels and has partnerships all around the globe. OZ prides themselves on Italian excellence in regards to wheels as they contribute to multiple markets including racing, after market and luxury automobile makers. OZ was established in 1971 and considers themselves a legend in the automotive industry.

8. Konig

Best Rims Brands

KÖNIG is extremely popular around the globe for their aftermarket wheels and rims. Konig is proud to have been part of the wheel industry for the last thirty years and providing a lifestyle centered around rims. König is proud to be ran and manufactured by car enthusiasts and pouring their excitement into every product they create. Konig started out as a company that is proud to create wheels for many vehicle companies where they are able to contribute to dealers all around the world. They believe in always using the most up to date technology to provide the highest quality rim. They are extremely obsessed with rims and want to offer nothing but the best. Thanks to the discovery of Flow Forming Technology wheels they have been able to offer their rims at the lowest price in history.

6. HRE

Best Rims Brands

HRE Performance Wheels was founded in Vista, California in 1978. They pride themselves on quality details that can be found in each rim. They pay attention to producing a product that is the best in both style and performance. Each wheel simply enhances all of today’s supercars. They offer a large variety of finishes; everything from satin black to chrome, different shades of gold and a variety of colors to match your vehicle. On their website you can view a variety of vehicles with the rims on so you can best get an idea what they will look like on your personal vehicle.

5. Forgeline

Best Rims Brands 2019

Forgeline offers custom made, made-to-order, rims for any vehicle type with a large variety of finishes. They pride themselves on offering light weight after-market rims at a great price. They’ve been working on creating the best wheels for a variety of demands for over twenty years. Each wheel is electronically tested for all variables. They are molded from heat treated aluminum to create a wheel that is fast, strong and appealing to the eyes. All of their engineers and designers are in-house so they are able to create and manipulate the wheels based on your specific needs. Since each wheel is custom made you don’t have to worry about the product coming from a factory that lulls out the same items for all customers. You can be sure to have a truly unique wheel that is not replicated or like anyone else.

4. Weds

Best Rims Brands

Weds wheels is well known in the automotive industry. They just recently came out with a new set of wheels plated in a limited edition samurai gold color. They offer a large variety of wheels ranging in shape and size as well as color, including chrome, bronze, gun metallic, and other varieties. Their products are only available through specific retailers and are specially designed for motor sport racing. The majority of their advanced metal forming is done in Japan despite the fact they are a huge contributor to North American retailers.

3. Lexani

Best Rims Brands

Lexani is known for creating quality wheels for all upscale customers and even have videos on their website featuring their wheels with celebrities. They offer one of a kind wheels and custom forge wheels for the likes of BMW’s, Lamborghini’s and other automobiles. Besides rims they also create and customize special grilles for a variety of vehicles. Their website has a wheel builder in which you can interact with all the options available to you.

2. XO Luxury

Best Rims Brands

XO Luxury specializes in creating the most unique and popular wheels in the industry. XO Luxury Wheels is a family-owned and operated company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida started in 1982. All of their wheels are designed in the United States and include perfect wheel design and engineering, 3d computer modeling, brake caliper testing, wheel cleaning prior to shipping and hand inspected quality control. They also ship anywhere in the world. So no matter where you live or where your vehicle happens to be located they will be able to ship your personalized wheel directly to you.

1. Vogue Tyre

Best Rims Brands 2019

Vogue Tyre has been around for over 100 years now and has been providing the most elegant and luxurious rims in the world. They are well known for their gold lining and upscale design. Vogue Tyre has been at the leading-edge of presentation and technology. They continue to deliver clientele with a distinguishing tire that includes amazing performance. Vogue has developed the most excellent tire for high-end automobiles for a large variety of clientele including superstars and famous athletes. Purchasing vogue tires are a great investment into increasing the wealth of your vehicle.

There are so many different wheel companies out there but these are the best of the best. Many of these companies are back by celebrity referrals praising their creativity and phenomenal designs. If you truly want to increase the value of your vehicle and also ensure that it stands out from the rest you can always begin with the rims or wheels.

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