Top 10 Best Photo Studios in India

The word ‘photography’ has Greek origins whose direct translation is; drawing with light. However there are many other controversies about the origin of the word and no particular solution has been reached yet. The first attempt at photography occurred around the year 1800 by a man named Thomas Wedgwood but he was not quite successful. The first successful photoetching took place in 1922 by Nicéphore Niépce. Photography has evolved over time to a point where almost everyone is a photographer and owns a camera. The photo studio industry in India has not been left behind in embracing this art/science of creating durable photographs or even films.

Photography, comes in handy in capturing moments in our lives that we would wish to revisit later. Some of the epic moments in which photos are taken in India include events such as graduation parties, birthdays and weddings among others. Below are some of the top 10 best photo studios in India 2019.

10. Photosutra

Best Photo Studios in India 2019

With a series of awards to its name such as; Nikon Asia Countdown in 2011 and Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Award in 2012, Photosutra is definitely a force to reckon with in the world of photography in India. It is famous for doing wedding, pre-wedding, engagement as well as couple’s potraits. It covers a variety of genres such as: engagements, pre-wedding shoots, Candid weddings, Destination weddings and Hindu weddings as well.

9. Weddingnama

Best Photo Studios in India 2019

Talk of destination weddings, cinematography and even wedding photography, Weddingnama can capture all those momerable experiences for you and so much more. Based in Mumbai India, the studio has covered so many events both in the country and even abroad. It is a very reputable business famous for producing high quality images and offers remarkable customer care services. It covers both photography and videography. This studio was founded by: Ankita and Akash (husband and wife) sometime back.

8. AJ Photography

Best Photo Studios in India

Based in Bangalore and run by Anbu Jawahar, AJ photography has made its mark in India’s studio industry. As you might have noted, the Studios initials are a representation of the owner’s/photographer’s name. They mostly cover genres such as: Hindu weddings, pre-wedding shoots, maternity, North Indian Weddings, Christian weddings, as well as South Indian weddings. The studio’s experts are highly trained and experienced and as such their work is terrific.

7. Photo Tantra

Best Photo Studios in India

This studio is the aftermath of two amazing photographers bound by love and passion to produce one of the finest photos studio in India. The studio is located in New Delhi (the capital city of India) and offers its services within and outside the country. They have been honored in various magazines in the past. Such magazines include: Indian Express, Prestigious Peoples Magazine, Marie Claire, Femina, Traveller, and Conde Naste. They do several genres both local and foreign.

6. Jodi Clickers

Best Photo Studios in India 2019

Jodi Clickers is a well-known photo studio in India that covers a wide range of genres both native and foreign. Guajarati wedding, Catholic wedding, Hindu wedding, Muslim wedding, Jain wedding, contemporary couple portraits, engagement, Christians wedding, Buddhist wedding, Haryanvi wedding, and destination wedding are some of the few genres associated with this studio. Their signature style is both innovative and captivating. Their images are known for their attention to detail, great style, high quality and remarkable romance.

5. Manoharan Photography

Best Photo Studios in India

Manoharan also known as “The wedding photographer of Kochi”, was the inspiration behind Manoharan photography. The studio has been around for more than 30 years and have done a great job during that time. Laden with experience in the field, the studio has gained the trust of their clientele and won the hearts of many over the years. They have enhanced equipment and have embraced mo0dern technology to be able to provide even better services. The studio is more popular in the northern sides and southern sides of India.

4. Weva photography

Best Photo Studios in India

In India, Weva photography needs no introduction. It is among the big fish in the photo studio industries in the country. Weva offers wedding video editing, corporate function coverage, wedding album designing, concept videography, candid photography, wedding photography as well as candid cinematography. It is based in Kerala and provides one of the best photo related services if not the best in the region. Their work depict enthusiasm, innovation, passion and professionalism.

3. Crystal Visual Media

Best Photo Studios in India

Also based in Kerala, Crystal Visual Media is arguably the best photo studio in India for weddings. Staffed with a team of young, energetic, innovative, motivated and skilled personnel, they offer impeccable photography services in India more so the Kerala and Palakkad region. Furnished with the latest cinematography equipment, the Crystal Visual Media studio is simply unstoppable. The previous work of this studio speaks for itself with tones of well captured moments to be shared for ages.

2. Foma Digital Studio & Thermal Color Lab

Best Photo Studios in India

The 35 year Foma Digital Studio and Thermal Color Lab photo studio prides itself in its state-of-the-art equipment’s and the wide range of services offered by the studio. It is located in Mukkam, Calicut, Kerala, India, but its services are not confined to the borders of the country. Foma Digital Studio and Thermal Color Lab photo studio is associated with dominance and success in India’s photo industry. The level of technology and creativity exercised in the studio is ‘next generation’.

1. KD Studio

Best Photo Studios in India

Currently, KD Studio stands high and proud as the best photo studio in India. At the moment, it claims all the bragging rights as pertains to the art of photography in the country. It is the most recommended one stop shop for all your photography needs in India. Services such as pre-wedding photography, product photography, candid photography, food photography, industrial photography, construction photography, among others are offered by the studio upon demand. It provides the best level of professionalism, experience, quality of services and service delivery in India.

The industry just like most industries at the moment is highly dynamic to match up with the ever-advancing technology. Above are some of the most up-to-date photo studios in India 2019. Take advantage of them and capture all the magical memories to reminisce the good times.

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