Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in The World

Of all the consumer goods on the market, those sold by multilevel, or network, marketing companies have their own following in terms of a customer base. Many of these products – from cosmetics to home decor to wines – are made with the best quality in mind and a unique business model. This is just part of what makes them successful without the use of traditional media advertisements.

Some of the entries on the top 10 network marketing companies in the world go back as far as the late 19th century. Many have stayed in the game by offering their representatives fair compensation based on sales and referrals, creating products that are in demand, and using forecasting to determine the future needs of their audience.

Contrary to popular belief, many successful network marketing companies believe in building relationships before making sales. According to one business trade magazine, the objective is to gain repeat sales instead of one-time transaction. This is part of why some some company representatives hold an event where people are allowed to casually mingle, participate in a raffle or interactive games, and enjoy light refreshments. While live demonstrations are performed, event guests are allowed to ask questions about the product as well as career opportunities. Here are the top 10 network marketing companies in the world 2019.

1. Avon Products, Inc.

Best Network Marketing Companies 2019

A USA-based company that got its start in 1886. Though known to the public for selling cosmetics, in recent they offer women’s apparel and jewelry. In 2016, they were estimated to have made about 11.3 billion in sales. Their 6.5 million sales reps can be found in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Avon became a publicly traded company in 2015 and donates a portion of its profits to a number of causes, like breast cancer research and helping victims of domestic violence.

2. Amway

Network Marketing Companies 2019

This company sells a vast number of products-ranging from beauty products to household goods to nutrition and weight loss management. Last year, they had about 10.9 billion in sales and 80 markets worldwide. Since their beginning in 1959, they have gone on to become a brand that is not only popular but well-respected.

3. Herbalife

Network Marketing Companies

Back in 1980, a protein-based weight loss management product was being sold out of the car trunk of owner and founder, Mark Hughes. Over time, more weight loss and sports fitness products came on the market, earning Herbalife millions of dollars in sales in over 80 markets worldwide. After Hughes passing in 2000, the company quickly regained its former glory with new marketing strategies. Herbalife would re-enter the stock market in 2004. The company is still going strong today after a years-long investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, which ended in 2016.

4. Natura Cosmeticos SA

Network Marketing Companies

This Brazil-based cosmetics and personal care company was founded in 1969. Their premium lines are for both men, women, and children. Sales for 2016 were 3 billion with representatives in seven markets across South America.

5. Vorwerk

Network Marketing Companies

The oldest company on this list, as it began in 1883 in Germany. They carry a number of products for men, women, and children, as well as Jafra in the U.S. Last year, this cosmetics company raked in about 3 billion in sales. Vorwerk has over 1 million sales representatives that cover seven global markets.

6. Mary Kay

Network Marketing Companies 2019

Another USA-based cosmetics company that began in 1963 but their business model includes lively demonstration and recruiting events given by its hostesses. Those with exceptional sales for the year are rewarded with a pink Cadillac and other late-model vehicles. In 2016, sales were nearly 3 billion in 35 markets worldwide. Like Avon, they also work with a number of charities that help women in need.

7. Tupperware Brands Corporation

Network Marketing Companies

This company began in 1946 to a slow start in the hardware section but within a few years, it was invigorated with a new marketing strategy. Besides food serving and storage, Tupperware also sells home and office storage, cookware and kitchen utensils. They also contribute to a number of charitable organizations worldwide.

8. Oriflame

Network Marketing Companies

Specializing in cosmetic and personal care products for men and women, as well as nutrition, this Luxembourg company got its start in 1967. Oriflame also carries home accessories and jewelry. In 2016, they had over 2 billion in sales with nearly 4 million representatives in 67 global markets.

9. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

Network Marketing Companies

This USA-based company was founded in 1984 and offers cosmetics, personal care, and weight loss management products. In 2016, they had nearly 2 billion in sales and have about 900,000 sales reps covering about 52 markets worldwide. This same year, Nu Skin entered the stock market.

10. Primerica Financial Services

Network Marketing Companies 2019

This USA-based financial services company was founded in 1977. Their consumer offerings include financial analysis, debt management, investments, and prepaid legal. Primerica also offers different types of individual insurance. They are the self-proclaimed top seller of financial services in North America and entered the stock market back in 2010. Sales for 2016 were over 1 billion.

Network marketing is good career for those who enjoy engaging with others. The hours are usually flexible and with the internet, there are many ways to earn commissions and residual income. While some may start off as a part-time worker, those who excel may move into upper management where they may earn a full time salary, commissions, and other incentives.

Often people who enjoy engaging with others can make a nice income, even if they lack a college degree. One way to ensure career success is to research the company and ensure that their commission structure is realistic. While this list of the top 10 network marketing companies in the world 2019 has reputable companies, their are some that should be researched before investing any money. Some fly-by-night companies, pyramid scheme operations, will paint a fantastic picture about how much one can earn through referrals. Their products are priced much higher and are no better than the competition. Prospects should use their own basic math before deciding to have a business relationship.

For instance, if a person lives in a town with a moderate population and there are ten other representatives selling the exact same product, chances of reaching a high volume are impossible if relying on live sales. If the business model is based on referrals only and the product has a niche demographic, then moving up may be difficult. This instances do not make a company bad or immoral but these are simply factors worth noting.


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