Top 10 Best Hookah Flavors

Are you tired of smoking the same old flavors and you want something tastier? Our tastes and preferences change almost daily. Smoke the following hookah flavors whether at home or at the club, and your will realize nothing beats them. Let me introduce to the breakdown of the top 10 best hookah flavors of 2019.

10. Starbuzz Blue Mist

Best Hookah Flavors 2019

This flavor tastes great. It has a sweet, cotton candy flavor. For beginners this is great flavor to start with. Don’t be afraid to mix this flavor with another because it will still work great. Currently, Starbuzz Blue mist is the best-selling flavor. Loved by many people around the globe. It has an amazing strawberry flavor with traces of mint that is realised afterwards.

The mint will soothe you since it has that tingly sensation. This flavor is similar to that of code blue. The only difference is that code blue is a bit “bold”, due to the chocolate taste. Try it out and see for yourself!

9. Bubble gum

Best Hookah Flavors 2019

This is an amazing flavor that works best when mixed with other flavors. It will probably remind you of super bubble gum. When smoked, it gives out a very strong flavor but yet a smooth smoke. Try mixing this flavor with mixed berry, cola or Starbuzz blue mist. Once you taste, you will surely buy it again.

8. Pan Rasna

Best Hookah Flavors

The Pan Rasna flavor can also blend in with any other flavor. The end product is just the ultimate best. Especially the blend between kiwi and mint. This flavor is a blend between pomegranate, cherry, mint and rose. The smoke smells like burnt incense. You should try this one sometime.

7. Strawberry

Best Hookah Flavors

It has an excellent taste but not too overpowering. It has a fruity and a delicious touch to it. When strawberry is mixed with a creamy flavor, it just takes you to a dreamland. The smell of this flavor is mind blowing. This flavor is many people’s favorite since it tastes as good and has the captivating smell. Trust me it will be so hard not to fall in love with the strawberry flavor. It blends perfectly with rose, apple, coconut, vanilla and apple.

6. Flower power

Best Hookah Flavors 2019

Floral power has a smooth popular flavor that is turned into a strong fruity taste. This flavor mixes aromatic citrus-floral punch and a fruity taste. Flower power has an intense touch to it. For those who love floral flavors, it is worth a try. It has a very distinct flavor when compared to jasmine and rose. Flower Power is just incredible mainly because of the balanced level of sweetness, longer lasting flavor, and its perfect smoke density.

5. Starbuzz sex on the Beach

Best Hookah Flavors

Just as the drink: sex on the beach, this flavor combines both lemon and orange mixed together and then served. It has one of the most popular flavor ever: Pirate’s cave, and if you have not tasted this yet, please do. Sex on the beach promises you a nice, fruity and a dense cloud. It has a variety of fruity taste to it that includes: pineapple, cranberry and coconut. The tropical blend is out of this world!

4. Apple Americano

Best Hookah Flavors

If you are a great fun of espresso, the dark but rich flavors, you should try this. It blends in anise aromas and apple. The smell is just unreal! This is a very popular shisha flavor. Apple Americano will wrap you in the perfect sweetness of a candy apple. It gives you close to an ice tea experience with a woody after taste. Since it is a product of Starbuzz, you can be sure of releasing thick clouds. The flavor combination can be unusual but they blend in just perfectly.

3. Queen of sex

Best Hookah Flavors

This an entirely bold but natural hookah flavor. It will give you a pink lemonade encounter. Neither dye nor preservatives are added. It makes good use of tobacco and a perfect flavor recipe. With royalty sweetness and tangy taste is expected. Just imagine the taste of citrus fruit flavor with a bit of mint in your entire system. Queen of sex tastes exactly like fruit pebbles, after smoking it turns to another level of sweetness.

It releases thick but flavourful cloud. This is a fruity flavor that has yummy taste to itself, with or without blending in other flavors like blue mist. This hookah flavor is a straight shooter. It is worth buying, and tastes great!

2. Fumari Red Gummi Bear

Best Hookah Flavors

For the lovers of gummy bears, try smoking the Fumari Red Gummi bear flavor. It blends in wild cherry with raspberry flavors giving it a candy taste. Your taste buds will certainly be excited. Personally, I love eating gummy bears all day long. If you haven’t tried red gummy smoothie, what are you waiting for? Try it and get to know the actual taste of gummy bears. The taste is amazing!

It has a sugary and fruity taste to it, which is just incredible. With a perfect taste to it, Fumari Red Gummi sells this hookah flavor at a price higher than ordinary hookahs. The Gummi bear is available in the following different flavors, red cherry, orange and blue raspberry. It is available at the stores in 100g and 1 kilogram.

1. Al Fakher Mint

Best Hookah Flavors

Al Fakher is among the top most recognized shisha brands in the universe. Mint is one of the most popular and tasty flavors around. However, most people will prefer fruity flavors and not mint. When you are addicted to smoking hookah, it won’t be a hassle to try something new. Al Fakher is amazing, since it doesn’t burn and has a fresh taste. It is also affordable.

If you buy in bulk it tends to be much cheaper than buying 1/4kg or 250 gm. It lasts longer, especially when you have bought 1 kilogram. Most people will love to smoke something at a cheaper price and this is what Al Fakher Mint offers you. This is a classic hookah flavor. What a treat!

The above flavors are incredible and true Hookah enthusiasts or those that just love trying out something new should try them out. Although they may sound mysterious, the fresh sweetness of the fruits flavors mixes perfectly. Happy smoking everyone!

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