Top 10 Best DIY Stores in The World

No matter where you are in the world there is a store near you that offers everything you need to get that Diy project under way and completed. There are companies all over North America, Europe, Asia and more! Following are the top 10 best DIY stores in the world 2019.

10. Bauhaus

Best DIY Stores 2019

Bauhaus headquarters are in Switzerland and are well known for their home improvement and gardening options. They currently have 250 stores all over Europe and are a common known company. When they were founded they based their company outline on American hardware stores. They are known for their relaxed store ambiance and the ability to buy all DIY needs under one roof. They became famous for their ability to offer customized wood pieces and parking directly in front of their front doors. In the early 2000’s, they almost partnered with the American company Home Depot but it never happened.

9. Home Hardware

Best DIY Stores 2019

Home Hardware is a Canadian leading company offering hardware, hand tools, plumbing, electrical supplies and more. They are also the leading supplier of gardening supplies. They are one of the most successful companies helping homeowners and business owners find an extensive and specialized selection of DIY supplies. They also offer furniture and decor so that your finished home product will be complete with everything it needs to be a beautiful and functional space. They are Canada’s leading home repair and renovation retailer and for good reason! They’ve been successful since their creation.

8. Leroy Merlin

Best DIY Stores

This impressive company is headquartered in France and was established in 1923. Despite their headquarters being in France, they operate out of a multitude of different companies. They are extremely popular for their home improvement and gardening products. They’ve been open and successful for over ninety years. They became popular quickly with the French public thanks to their free delivery services.

7. Obi

Best DIY Stores

Obi is one of Europes leading companies in home improvement, renovation, and gardening supplies. The company currently operates in several European countries and have more than six hundred and fifty stores, where three hundred and fifty of them are in Germany. The company started in 1970 and has been a leading German DIY store since it’s inception. They’ve expressed success in the German stock exchange and don’t see their growth stopping anytime in the near future. Before the opening of OBI, nails and wood items had to be ordered specially from trade men. OBI was able to revolutionize this by bringing all items under one roof to save time and money.

6. Screwfix

Best DIY Stores 2019

Screwfix is one of Europes leading DIY stored, selling trade tools, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms, and kitchens. They are extremely popular with homeowners but also with tradesmen and handymen who specialize in a trade. Screwfix alone has approximately 499 stores worldwide offering their services and top of the line products. Before they became Screwfix they were known as Woodscrew Supply Company in 1979. They even have their own organization called the Screwfix Foundation which launched in April of 2013. They help those in need get their properties fixed, redone, upgraded, restored or fixing.

5. Crocket the Ironmonger

Best DIY Stores

This is a very old DIY store located in Ayrshire and has been operating since 1870. They are a family company with its sixth generation working there now. They specialize in equestrian, outdoor and workwear. They offer country clothing as well as safety boots, raingear, and everything the tradesman would need to wear to be successful at their job. They offer a range of outdoor equipment as well for hunting and fishing.

4. B&Q

Best DIY Stores

B&Q is currently owned by Kingfisher and they offer a range of DIY supplies for all sorts of projects. Their departments cover kitchen, flooring, bathroom, bedroom, painting, decor, tile and flooring, heating, plumbing and everything outdoor for gardening and lawn care. They guarantee the lowest price as well as taking an additional 10 percent off of that. It’s deals like this which make the company quite popular. B&Q has been established since 1969 in Southampton, Hampshire.

3. Kingfisher

Best DIY Stores

This multinational home improvement or Diy store is headquartered our of London, England and is the third largest in the world right behind Lowes and Home Depot, both of those which are in the USA. Some of its brands include B&Q, Brico Depot, Screwfix, and Castorama. They are currently traded on the London Stock Exchange. This successful company was founded in 1982 and have expanded over the years by acquiring B&Q, Brico Depot, and others. They currently own over 1,100 stores all over Asia and Europe.

2. Home Depot

Best DIY Stores

Home Depot is headquartered out of Cobb County, Georgia but have stores all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They are the top-performing home improvement stores in the world right next to Lowes. The store was founded in 1978 with the intention of creating home improvement superstores all over the country. That is precisely what they did and they’ve been extremely successful at it. In 2009 they introduced and have been using the motto “More Saving, More Doing” which is recognizable by the general public. They are so huge and popular they have over five call centers and their website welcomes over 120 million viewers a year. The physical store attracts more. Home Depot also has its own foundation which has contributed over $200 million dollars in labor, money, and supplies to organizations in need. Their most popular sponsorships to date include the Tony Stewart NASCAR racecar and hosting ESPN’s college game day.

1. Lowe’s

Best DIY Stores 2019

Lowe’s is right next to Home Depot in being one of North Americas leading home improvement retail stores. Just like Home Depot, they have stores located all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They were founded in 1946 in North Carolina. They are the leading chain of home improvement stores in North America and still ahead in profits of OBI and Kingfisher in Europe. They have their own NASCAR sponsored race car which is driven by Jimmie Johnson.

DIY and Home Improvement has grown over the years with technology giving us the opportunity to share ideas so quickly. Pinterest has been one of the biggest drivers of consumers to these retail outlets.

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