Top 10 Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

DTH services have grown rapidly in the last few years in India. Every home is looking for the best price for the best quality. Now with more choices than ever before, you will find something that fits your needs. Many of these DTH service providers have won awards to back up their great service and great product. As time goes on they are looking to provide you with the most convenience, affordability, and more options. Along with more demand they are providing more convenient customer service. Here are the ten best direct to home (DTH) services in India 2019.

10. DD Free Dish

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India 2019

Doordarshan is an Indian public service broadcaster partnering with Prasar Bharati. This group has one of the largest collections of studios and transmitters. They allow up to eight channels for one transmitter which you get for free. While the channels are free they focus on issues and matters that are of interest to the country of India.

The majority of the channels are educational, informative, current affairs, documentaries and more. This DTH has been around as early as 1959 starting with one modest transmitter and one studio. They’ve been expanding ever since. They now offer a free DTH for all of India.

09. DEN Digital

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India 2019

Den Digital is one of India’s most popular DTH services. They service approximately 13 million households across India and are available in almost every state and city. They are the number one service for Hindi Speaking Markets and is extremely popular in every city they are in. If you have problems with your service their help desk can be reached either online or on the phone.

They pride themselves on providing personalized care. They have three main packages you can choose from which include Best, Supreme and Superb. With your order digital transmission, weather proof signal, easy installation, free customer care, interactive services and your local channels are all included.

08. Hathway Digital

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

This is another leading DTH service in India. They provide great service and offer the ability to combine internet with your DTH service. Hathway has received many awards from the Indian Telly Awards and was voted the best media company in Asia in 2013. They are India’s first DTH service that also provides internet.

They offer 24-7 music streaming from music types all around the globe. Hathway offers an HD personal video recorder, HD or SD digital packages. With the personal video recorder you can record up to 625 hours of HD video material for the best viewing.

07. DD Direct Plus

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

DD Direct Plus is related to DD Free Dish except with payment of subscription you get far more channels. The additional channels include News, Sports, Kisan, Bharati, Bangla, Chandana, movie channels and so much more.

06. Videocon

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India 2019

This DTH company offers over 400 channels you can view. They pride themselves on providing many more channels that your typical cable company. They offer HD channels so that you can have the best viewing possible. The more rooms you connect to DTH the more savings you will benefit from as well. With this company there is no reason not to have available television viewing in as many rooms as you need.

They also offer unlimited recording so you also don’t have to miss your favorite movies and shows. With Videocon you can also pause live tv so you don’t have to miss anything incase something comes up unexpectedly. Videocon also provides India’s first radio frequency remote which means your remote will work no matter what is in front of the STB or if the remote is pointed away from the STB.

05. Dish TV

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

This popular DTH company provides cable in more places than just India and is a popular provider in India and other countries. They offer Dish+ for customers with a standard television set which is a Standard Definition Set Top Box. If you have an HD television set that offer the DishHD+ with Recorder. They even guarantee to set you up with DTH within 48 hours of placing your order. You don’t have to wait a long time to have the channels you want.

With their Game On HD package you get 23 channels and services and the chance to add on additional channels. With their Full On HD Package you get a whopping 48 channels and services and still get to add on more channels if you like. The best thing is they offer 24-7 customer care so you can get your questions answered anytime of day or night.

04. Reliance Digital TV

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

Reliance DTH offers you many different options for television viewing. You get to start with an Entry Offer which includes Bronze, Silver, Sports or Platinum. You then get to choose a regional pack which has different languages and you are sure to get channels suited for your area. Your third choice is to add on anything extra that you would like. The great thing about this DTH service is that you get to create your perfect package for your viewing needs. You can have as many sports channels, family channels, adult channels and more that you could possibly want.

03. Sun Direct

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

Sun Direct is one of the most popular DTH services in India because you can control your packages on the go. You aren’t stuck on the phone or on a website if you can’t be to get your questions answered and the channels you want. With Sun Direct you don’t have to choose channels you don’t want. You can have as many cinema, sports, family channels as you’d like. Sun Direct offers a recording option so you also don’t have to miss out on any shows or sports games you might not be available to watch.

You get unlimited recording of HD channels so not only do you get to watch your shows and games on your time, but the recording will be the best quality viewing. They give you the opportunity to choose between parent channels and children’s channels, any children’s room with children’s subscription get’s a discount!

02. AirTel

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

AirTel offers DTH for both businesses and homes. You get to order which channels you like and have it installed in as many rooms as you’d like. They offer over 10 packages to choose from, so that you get exactly what it is you want. All you have to do is select your region, your connection type (HD or Standard TV), then enter your details and select your payment option. It’s so easy!

01. TaTa Sky

Best Direct to Home (DTH) Services in India

TaTa Sky is the number one DTH provider in India. With TaTaSky you get direct connection to their teachings with TaTa Sky. You get to choose also between TaTa Sky SD, TaTa Sky HD, TaTa Sky + transfer (so you can watch your shows in any room you desire) or TaTa Sky 4K. Tata Sky goals to provide India with the best television viewing experience with DTH service. Tata Sky offers viewers interactive services as well various channels in DVD type picture and CD type sound.

No matter if you are looking into paying for your services daily or monthly or yearly there is a DTH service available to assist you. Everything from free services to the best of the best at quality price; there is something available for your needs. You now get to provide DTH in any room you desire.

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