Top 10 Best Diecast Car Manufacturers in World

A great many young boys and even girls have been able to enjoy diecast car and other toys growing up, but there is a vast difference between the cheaply made toys that many of us remember and the more expensive collectibles that can gain their company a solid reputation within the industry. Though it might seem a bit lavish when talking about miniature-scale cars and other vehicles, many collectors of die cast cars take this particular hobby very seriously.

In fact it is safe to say that serious collectors would go so far as spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in collecting their favorite cars and rare vehicles that can complete their collection. Hobbyists such as this are a large part of how the diecast car manufacturers stay in business, and are also one of the reasons behind this industry’s existence. Below are the top 10 best diecast car manufacturers 2019.

10. Highway 61

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers 2019

This particular company likes to specialize primarily in muscle cars, trucks, pick-ups, and American models from the mid-twentieth century period. There have been some interesting variations to their regular far from time to time as well, but overall they like to represent the American touch that makes their brand so successful. Their models are typically made to a 1:18 scale and can cost anywhere from $70 to $120. Their value is well worth the money and can provide a satisfying addition to any collection.

9. GMP

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers 2019

This company can take at least some credit for people enjoying the typical scale of models in the current era. Their quality is great enough that they have been an acclaimed manufacturer for quite some time, pleasing their customers and loyal followers with their continued creativity and high level of fidelity.

They focus mostly on muscle cars, dragsters, and hot rods that are highly detailed and painted in bright, vibrant colors that can liven up a collection and offer a bit of flair. Their prices can go anywhere from $120 to $290 on average, but the highest price for a single car is around $500.

8. Franklin Mint

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers

During the 1980’s to the 1990’s few companies could even hope to match the type of work that this company was capable of. They decided to specialize in 1:24 scale models, focusing upon a very extensive and adventurous line of American and European automobiles.

They are particularly fond of Corvettes, which seem to be their absolute favorite to make. At this time they are creating more limited edition models, and they have decided to not continue the production their older models. As a result those older models have increased in price, going for anywhere from $135 to $145.

7. ERTL/Autoworld

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers

ERTL stopped making the 1:18 scale models after decades of using it as their base and most popular style. That of course made the models worth more once they were discontinued, but once those molds were leased out to Autoworld they began to make some of the originals once again. Autoworld decided to stock up on the ERTL diecast models and as a result are now able to offer a wide selection of the originals once again. Their typical price ranges from $50 to $80.

6. Danbury Mint

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers 2019

For a long time this company has been well known to produce quality and in-depth detail that collectors and admirers alike have come to expect. The company typically produces 1:24 scale models and their cars usually American in style from the 1920’s era to the modern age. They are quite close-lipped about their production and are even known for producing only a single 1:12 model at a time so as not to saturate the market and still be able to demand prices ranging from $130 to $800.

5. CMC

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers

This is a brilliant example of a stunning collaboration between Japan and Germany. CMC models are well known to be accurate reproductions that use exhaustive research, attention that borders on the obsessive to gain every precise detail, and precision manufacturing that allows the company to produce a superb and flawless finish.

They produce 1:18 scale models, 1:24, and 1:12, all of which are different prices. The price range from one model to the next starts at $280 and can jump all the way to $2,560. Some of their models have even been deemed as museum quality and stand without peer.

4. BBR Models

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers

Italian-based, this company has a reputation for working very closely with Ferrari and emulating their style. Over the years their fame and recognition has been based largely around this fact and has banked on it more than once. Their price range is from $325 to $350, and they come highly recommended by many.

3. AUTOart

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers

This company is all about superior value, especially in the 1:18 models. They tend to use non-metallic parts to keep their costs down, but their quality is so great that many collectors either don’t bother to notice or simply don’t care. Each model is made with meticulous care and are desired by most of those that know quality when they see it. Their prices can range from $100 to $600.


Best Diecast Car Manufacturers

High quality is what this manufacturer is all about, and a large reason why they are considered to be one of the ultra expensive retailers when it comes to this industry. Their primary focus is on Formula 1 racing cars and any other automobiles that are related to such models. They are also well known for creating steering wheels and nose cones that are produced every year for the pleasure of collectors. Their prices range from $3,750 to $5,500, making them the absolute most expensive of this bunch.

1. 1320, INC.

Best Diecast Car Manufacturers

There’s a bit of humor in these wonderful creations that include dragsters and funny cars. Despite not being among the most expensive these cars are crafted with such a deft touch that the finer details seem to spring out at the casual observer in a way that make them appear ready to race off under their own power. Unfortunately their stock is limited to what currently remains, with the price being between $60 and $75.

Collecting diecast cars is an engaging and expensive hobby, but it is a step down from collecting the full scale cars that the models represent. While it can cost thousands of dollars to obtain a complete set, it is an interesting hobby that can fill a void in one’s life or simply provide something pleasing to look at.

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