Top 10 Best Cricket Bat Brands in The World

A cricket bat is basically a cane attached to a willow-wood blade with a flat front. It is specially designed to be used by batsmen in the cricket sport to hit the ball. The sport can be traced back to Tudor in the 16th century. It is a popular sport especially in countries such as: Britain, South Africa, West Indies, Australasia, and the Indian sub-continent.

When choosing a cricket bat there are factors you should consider. Depending on the type of ball you are intending to use it on you can choose either a thin bat or a thick bat. It is important to note that you can only buy a bat that you can afford; explore the ones that fall within your budget. There are different sizes of bat to select from pick one that suits you. For kids below the age of ten sizes 4 and 5 are recommended. Other factors to consider include: the manufacturing company’s competency, the weight, as well as the grains. Below is a list of the top ten best cricket bat brands in the world 2019.

10. Kookaburra Angry Bird

Best Cricket Bat Brands 2019

Kookaburra Angry Bird is a 12 Piece Sarawak cane with a red snake grip, a flat face, a concave scallop and a low blade. It is manufactured by the Kookaburra Company. This carefully crafted cane is naturally dried after harvesting which makes it both light and tough. The design of the bat ensures that the batsman attains the maximum that he/she can muster. It offers articulate strokes and has endorsements from major cricket players such as: Brad Hodge and Mathew Wade among many others.

9. Spartan CG Authority

Best Cricket Bat Brands 2019

The Spartan CG Authority’s quality is off-the-hook. It has a slightly curved flat face legendary for big strokes. Its perfect balance is due to slight bow. The bat’s handle is round and has nine pieces of cane. It also has thick edges which reinforce its total strength. If you are looking for an awesome modern cricket bat then this is it. The super grade English willow has received remarkable endorsements in the past from cricket icons such as: Michael Clarke and Chris Gayle.

8. Reebok Blast

Best Cricket Bat Brands

Reebok needs no introduction in world of sports. The Reebok Blast’s design incorporates a thick strong edge, a curved blade, and a toe protector. They are made using the latest technology and pay attention to details. It has an English willow which simply means it is light and of superior quality. Many famous cricketers have used this bat including: Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, MS Dhoni and Sanath Jaysuriya. It is made for legends.

7. SS Ton Gladiator

Best Cricket Bat Brands

SS Tone Gladiator is known for its massive strokes courtesy of its special grip, the 12 pieces of Sarawak cane handle and its light weight. Made of an English willow, the SS Tone Gladiator is available in both the SH and LB sizes. This bat is basically the tool for the job. Some of the big names that have used this bat previously are: Dinesh Karthik and Kumar Sangarkara among many more.

6. Puma Ballistic

Best Cricket Bat Brands 2019

Puma is one of the most famous sports brands in the world. Apart from cricket, it offers one of the best sports gears in a variety of sports. The Puma Ballistic cricket bat prides itself in astounding performance and good quality. The cane is highly responsive, comfortable and has a perfect grip. The blade profiles are perfectly engineered to provide strength and depict class as well. It is both durable and of great quality. Cricket icons such as Marlon Samuels, Yuvraj Singh, Adam Gilchrist and Brendan McCullum endorse this product.

5. Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select

Best Cricket Bat Brands

Being the biggest cricket products manufacturer in the world, Sanspareils does not compromise on quality or performance. The Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select cricket bat’s design is close to perfect. Its traditional shape, the Sarawak cane, thick edges, the curved blade, amazing grip and fine English willow are blended to make one of the finest cricket bats in existence. The likes of Suresh Raina and Wasim Jaffer have used this bat in previous games.

4. Gunn & Moore Icon

Best Cricket Bat Brands

The Gunn & Moore Icon cricket bat is designed by the best and made of the best English-willow grade. They are characterized by a concave profiling with a toe up, high swell position, a flatter face, and a 38mm massive edge. They are available in both the SH and LB sizes. The bat is known for strength, grace, durability and superb performance. It has been used previously by cricket gurus such as Shane Watson and Ross Taylor.

3. Gray Nicolls Viper

Best Cricket Bat Brands

Known for the greatest and most colorful cricket bats, Gray Nicolls has been a remarkable cricket gear manufacturer over time. The Gray Nicolls Viper cricket bat has a huge mid-blade, a steep profile, a scoop structure/frame, a perfect balance and a thick edge. Made using a state-of-the-art technology the bats are of great quality and last long. The company’s sports products are advertised by famous cricketers such as Cameron White and David Warner.

2. Adidas Incurza

Best Cricket Bat Brands

This bat capabilities on the field can be likened to that of a magic wand. There is no stunt you cannot try when using the Adidas Incurza. Made of high grade English willow, the Adidas Incurza is light, swift, strong, stylish and durable. Adidas is a famous name in the world of sports and the company’s products are respected and appreciated worldwide. It is the biggest sports-gear producer in the world. The Adidas bat is designed for explosive strokes and outstanding performance. It is being endorsed by iconic persons such as Sachin Tendulkar, Suresh Raina and others.

1. Kookaburra Kahuna

Best Cricket Bat Brands 2019

As far as cricket is concerned, Kookaburra Kahuna needs no introduction. This superior brand of cricket bat stands unrivaled. It is the ultimate cricket bat. The masterpiece is characterized by: a remarkable grip, a large squared edge, and it is made of an English willow. Kookaburra is the best bat manufacturing bats are both stylish and comfortable to use and are endorsed by cricket legends such as: Ricky Ponting and A.B De Villiers.

If you desire to have memorable cricket moments, the above list provides you with right tools to make it happen. Fulfil you cricket fantasies by getting yourself the best cricket bat. The above cricket bats are the right tools to have an amazing cricket experience.

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