Top 10 Best BMX Bike Brands

Who doesn’t know a BMX bike? It was and is still the most popular bike brand in the whole world. Most of the kids when growing up, they all want a BMX bike because it is an awesome bike especially a mountain bike. Just like any brand of cars or motorbikes like Honda or Toyota, BMX has several bike brands under its famous name.

Some of these BMX bike brands you already know them but some are not that common. In these article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 best BMX bike brands in the world in 2019. These are the bike brands that distinguish and elevate BMX bike brands above other bike brands in the world. These BMX bike brands are of premium quality.

10. WeThePeople

Best BMX Bike Brands 2019

If you want a bike that uses the most advanced technology in making bikes, then WeThePeople BMX bikes are the bike for you. Not only have they been made with most advanced technology but also they are awesome skate park bikes and are lightweight. If you get yourself one of WeThePeople bikes, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

It is a bike made by BMX bikers who have dedicated their lives into the sport so as to make well-crafted complete bikes.

9. Fitbikeco

Best BMX Bike Brands 2019

This is a BMX bike brand for bike enthusiasts. It is a bike brand of BMX that has been tested exquisitely for its components, frames and tyres. The best is called Dugan Sig. it is fitted with bars with Fit Savage grips, forks, a full chromoly frame and removable brake mounts. The awesome thing about Fitbikeco bikes is that they are affordable and fitted with junior platform PC pedals and integrated headtube.

8. Haro

Best BMX Bike Brands

The x1 backtrail and the 2010 F3 bikes are the best of Haro BMX bikes. Haro bikes are known for their durability and longevity. Let no friend of yours with a Fitbikeco intimidate you with his or her because Haro bikes are also worthy competitors. Haro bikes are common with freestylers and are also known to have accurate parts such a first generation fork and frame. This exquisite BMX bike brand was founded by Bob Haro.

7. Sunday

Best BMX Bike Brands

Judging by the name, it may seem to be a bike that is cycled on Sundays but that isn’t the case. Established in 2005, this BMX bike brand has grown at an exponential rate due to it being made from premium, durable and excellent materials. The awesome thing about this bike is that it is super affordable. Sunday bikes are famous for their spinning and manoeuvrability due to them being made with a shorter back end.

6. Kink

Best BMX Bike Brands 2019

This is a brilliant American brand that makes BMX bikes for people not only based in the USA but also all over the world. Darryl Tocco, Chris Doyle, Sean Sexton and Dan Coller are the brilliant minds behind this fantastic bike. For just a thousand dollars, you can get your hand on this outstanding bike. Kink bikes are strong and lightweight bikes making them perfect for freestylers. They are readily available in most bikes shops.

5. Eastern

Best BMX Bike Brands

If you are person that likes already established brands of BMX bikes, then is the BMX bike brand for you. This is because it is one of the oldest BMX bike brands in the world. The reason why it is still existing up to this date is because of its excellence that is unmatched and unrivalled by only a few bikes in the market. Natural, Orbit, Nagas, Javelin, Traildigger, Rebar, Shovel head and Tailsman are the most common and famous Eastern BMX bike brands.

4. Mongoose

Best BMX Bike Brands

Mongoose are the original performance bikes. This is because they are strong but at the same time they are lightweight. If you love stunts or a freestyler, this is the BMX bike brand for you. Most people who have bought this bike have reviewed it highly because of its capability to do stunts easily. It also has great designs, it runs smooth, it is fast and it is easy to carry around.

3. United

Best BMX Bike Brands

It is known around the world that products from England and Germany are very durable and long lasting products. United is a BMX bike brand from England. The people are behind it is unprecedented success since its inception in 2006 are Corey Martinez, Jeff Kocsis, Kye Forte and Jack Birtles. It is one of the cheapest and affordable BMX bike brands.

2. Subrosa

Best BMX Bike Brands

If you want a BMX bike with a big personality and small wheels, then this is the BMX bike brand for you. The awesome feature about Subrosa bikes is that you can customize them to your taste and how you want it to be or look like. Most of Subrosa bikes have a rant alloy U-brakes and chromoly frame. Regardless if you are a pro or a novice, Subrosa bikes magnificent to both. If you buy one, it comes equipped with a chain kit for easy repairs. The bike itself has magnificent pedal spindles and axles.This is one of the top rated BMX bikes in the market today.

1. Odyssey

Best BMX Bike Brands 2019

Odyssey BMX bike brand produces quality BMX bike parts. If you buy a chain kit from Odyssey, you will get a thicker side plates, lower side plates and oversized pins for repairing your bike. This chain kit also accompanies an Odyssey bike you buy. Furthermore, Odyssey bikes are known for their quality pedal spindle and axles. Odyssey bikes are excellent for all terrains whether it is a tarmacked road or an all-terrain road, Odyssey bike will work efficiently.

The above brands of BMX bikes are the best BMX bike brands in world. In terms of quality and efficiently, they are unrivalled and unmatched. They are made to run smoothly but also fast depending on the user’s preferences. They have been made from durable and long-lasting materials. If you are a freestyler or a person who loves stunts, any of the above bikes will suit you perfectly.

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