Top 10 Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India

We humans have very great attachment with the food we take. Let it be a vegetable, meat or a fruit. Now let us consider fruits. Man’s relationship with fruits had always been great. In the day of Stone Age, he used to eat all the fruits available in the forest, just like monkey’s do these days. Later man started to accumulate fruits by growing them. In the beginning of the modern age, man started to implement a method to make only the liquid portion of the fruits to be used as his food. This beverage is called as fruit juice.

There are thousands of fruit juices brands available in the market but the right ones always stand in the top position because of their quality and taste. Not all the fruits can be made as a packed juice and sold. Thus this is a very clever business. Here is a list of top 10 best packed fruit juice brands in India 2019.

10. SAFAL:

Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India 2019

This is one of the fruit juice under the company Mother dairy. They are having a market value of about 110 Crore and the company is really growing in a drastic rate. The company is very well known for its quality products. The motive of this company is that to produce tastier products at the affordable price. Thus, this company’s products are mainly produced from horticulture products is in the top 10th position.

9. 24 MANTRA:

Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India 2019

This is one of the organic juice manufacturing company which is known for its quality. This products are only available in any other countries making it exclusive for India. The founder of this company is Raj dream. This company manufacturer juices with no added preservatives and also artificial flavors. Thus, this company stands in the top 9th position in the list.


Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India

This company was established in the year 1886. The company has been known for all the vivid range of products they have brought to the market. They are very innovative and they have under gone series steps to maintain the quality in their products. They also cultivate wholesome vegetables, fruits and also tomatoes thus even known for their sauces.


Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India

This brand is owned by the world famous company coca cola. They are exclusively makers of the fruits juices and drinks. They have this tag line saying put good in, get good out. They produce flavors such as berry punch, cherry limeade, raspberry with teams many other variants are available. Thus this is in the top 7th position.


Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India 2019

This company is basically a German based company WILD. This brand was introduced in the year 1969. The Capri is one of the islands in the Mediterranean. They are known to produce concentrate drink made of fresh juice. They are usually sold in the laminated foil pouches. Their company is known to produce flavors such as kiwi, strawberry, Pacific cooler and other thus it is in the top 6th position.


Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India

This company is owned by the famous ITC Ltd. This is very famous in all over the country. They are known to produce tasty fruit juice. They produce fruit juice and it is packed in the six layer tetra Pak cartons. They produce flavors like merry, Jasmin joy and many other flavors. Thus it is in the top 5th position in the list.


Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India

This is one of the best producers of the package fruit juice brands. They produce and supply fruit juice all over 84 countries in the world. They use no artificial preservatives and no artificial color making it gluten free and also rich in the vitamin c. Thus this company is currently in the top 4th position.


Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India

They produce wide range of non-carbonated beverages and also a lot of energy drinks. They are actually marketed by Hector beverages. They are known for their quality products and also hygienic and best quality packing. They produce exotic flavors such as, Jaljeera, Kokum, Aam Panna, Kala Khatta tops in fruit juice.

2. REAL:

Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India

At the 2nd position is one of the most trusted fruit juice companies in the world. This is one of the top serving brands which had been serving since a very long time. They have been producing a wide range of 14 exciting flavors. They are known to use the cultured fruits, and with no added preservatives. This is known in India to produce finest quality fresh juice. They are known to produce flavors like cranberry, peach. Apricot, grape and many other exciting flavors.


Best Packaged Fruit Juice Brands in India 2019

This is one of the fresh fruit juice which is the best among the rest. They do not have added sugar, water or any other preservatives. They are very good source of vitamin C. They are having positive impact on the immune system. They are known to produce high quality orange juice from over past 60 years. They also have variety of flavors which are available in bottles, tetra packs and sippers. They rightly deserve the first position in the list for being a reliable brand since many years and rendering some of the best ever flavors in fruit juices.

This was the list of the top 10 best Indian fruit juice companies 2019 that are very popular and well-known for serving best fruit juices across the country. These are the highest selling packaged fruit juice brands and have been around since decades in India.

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