Top 10 Best Selling Biscuit Brands in The World

Biscuits as we all know are something that is munched along by the smallest of kids, to the eldest of people. While the younger ones prefer a sweeter variety, the older people prefer salty or sugar free biscuits based on their health conditions. All over the world, biscuits and cookies are among some of the most sought after forms of packaged food, alongside potato chips and chocolates, of course. Now that more and more manufacturers are putting their revenue on attracting a younger audience, it comes as no surprise that the cream biscuits and other such flavoured cookies seem to have run up in number. So, keeping this in mind, here is the list of the top 10 best selling biscuit brands in the world 2019.

10. Rose Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands 2019

Owned by Veeramani Biscuit Industries Limited since 1987, Rose Biscuits come in various varieties ranging from Glucose Biscuits, Coconut Biscuits Cream Biscuits, Salt Biscuits, Marie Biscuits, Salt & Sweet Biscuits, not to forget the confectionery and wafers. Their tagline “Pure joy, Healthy and tasty,” seems to be making the charm work after all.

9. Bisk Farm Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands 2019

The SAJ Food Products Ltd are undoubtely seeing progress at great rates with Bisk Farm. Belonging to Aparna Group of Companies, Bisk Farm been in constant limelight since its inception in 2000. The brand is renowned for its cookies, toasts, rusk, cakes, and obviously, biscuits. At present, they bake Biscuits, freshly baked Danishes, Pastries, Savouries, Special Cakes, Assortments, Breads, and a lot of other confectionery items of supreme quality and standards and delectable, unparalleled taste.

8. Cremica Biscuit

Best Biscuit Brands

The year 1978 was marked with the inception of Cremica which has made its mark as a leading company that manufactures top quality biscuits, buns, toppings, mayonnaise confectioneries, breads, Indian curries, sauces, bread spreads, gravies tomato ketchup, salad dressings, syrups, spreads, Indian snacks, ice creams,. desserts and a whole lot more. Its prominent biscuits are Healthy oatmeal cookies, Digestive biscuits, and Bourbon.

7. Dukes Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands

Guided by Ravi Foods Pvt Ltd., Dukes Biscuits live up to their tagline “Energy Unlimited.” With over 12 manufacturing plants in two Indian locations, Dukes range of products is well known both within and beyond the national borders. Categories like Waffy Delights, The Biscuits Junction, The Confectionaries’ Stop, The Chocolate Zone, Gift Packs, and Newbies list out their products.

6. Horlicks Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands 2019

Founded in 1893 by the British brothers, William and James, Horlicks has been a pioneering brand, manufacturing health drinks, biscuits, oats, and other products. It is trusted by parents long since for boosting growth and health is children. The brand has been popular for its wide range of vitamins and minerals it provides through its products and assures no incorporation of, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners.

5. Anmol Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands

Incepted in 1994 in Kolkata, Anmol biscuits is a leading and trusted biscuit manufacturing company in India. It has a sales network comprising more than 590,000 retailer outlets and 3200 distribution channels. The brand assures taste, nutrition, hygienic standards of their economic products. Begun with the production of just two varieties, the company has been dealing more than thirty varieties as of now. This is one of the top 10 best selling biscuit brands in the world 2019.

4. Priya Gold Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands

Since October 1993, Priya Gold Biscuits have been manufactured and sold by Surya Food and Agro Ltd., a company established in 1992. Ranges of biscuits were marketed under Priya Gold. The company has three manufacturing plants in Greater Noida, Surat, and Lucknow. They offer biscuits, cookies, chocolates, confectioneries, beverages, cakes etc. Their tagline “Priya Gold, Haq se maango!”

3. Sunfeast Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands

ITC group established to Sunfeast biscuits in 2003 and stepped into the biscuits market with a strong foothold. Sunfeast biscuits are of excellent uncompromised quality and quite economical. In a short span of just 9 years, the company has carved a niche in almost all major quarters of biscuits. And have truly been “spreading joy”.

2. Britannia Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands

Founded as early as 1892, based in Kolkata, India, Britannia Industries Ltd is a renowned, authentic, trusted reputed Indian edibles manufacturer. It currently has a market share of about 38% and markets bread, cakes, biscuits, rusk, and other edible items. The company saw a major growth between 1998 and 2001 when it spanned a decent 18%. From Good Day biscuits to Fruitcakes, Britannia has an enormous fan following.

1. Parle Biscuits

Best Biscuit Brands

Ten years ago, almost every small boy and girl wanted Mango bite and toffee Melody. Monaco is still the teatime biscuit in many homes. Established in 1929, as a small and simple company manufacturing candies and sweets in British governed India Parle Products Pvt. Ltd grew to upgrade and manufacture biscuits too. The company has 10 biscuit manufacturing centres and 75 centres for confectioneries. With over 33, 00,000 distribution outlets, they offer a range of biscuits and confectioneries.

Thus this is the list of top ten biscuit brands in the world 2019. All those biscuit lovers over there go try all these top biscuits and feel special.

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