Top 10 Sexiest Power Rangers

Haven’t we all watched Power Rangers, its funny how we have. They had plenty of seasons ranging from Dino Thunder, in space, samurai, turbo, in space. I remember having cool watches that hardly tell time. The franchise surprised many of us with their funny monsters, colorful costumes and humongous robots. What were we kids or aliens? However their fighting skill is still followed by some of us. While the girls selected colors and shades of pink, boys loved looking at darker shades.  This Japanese superhero show was dubbed in various languages and India. The Country to be frank, loved that show.

The franchise hit a high mostly because the girls they hired for acting were models, cheerleaders and skilled was amongst the most successful shows in modern day television. If not models, role models for us young children. Let us try summing up and begin a new quest to find the top 10 hottest power rangers 2019 and put them on our countdown.

10. Kimberly

Sexiest Power Rangers 2019

At number 10 we have Kimberly, Amy Jo Johnson took her part and played it extremely well, she used her Gymnastics skills and took the children with cheer. Making witty remarks and shopping is what we always seen her do. Her fashion sense was very well appreciated. She is also very humorous, a joke every 2 minutes in the show and a role model for all those young girls who loved pink and a brief fight. Amongst the most powerful and popular Pink Rangers is Kimberly. Always smiling she kept the Power rangers show at an all-time high. She played her role in MMPR.

9. Ashley

Sexiest Power Rangers 2019

Tracy Lynn Cruz, The turbo Yellow ranger. Played her role in Power Rangers Turbo. She initially entered with a background of cheerleading. She played the role of yellow ranger with ease and subtlety. Jumping all over the place, her cheerleading skills did make a mark. She was always happy but could always pop up as the savior. Always dressed with a yellow shirt and a grey jumpsuit she played the perfect Yellow Ranger role. She was also very funny and very hot and ranks at the 9th position in the list.

8. Kira

Sexiest Power Rangers

Kira was played by Emma Lahana in Dino Thunder. Along with having a really good body, she was an exceptional singer. She played the only girl in the Rangers team. Hey sparkling eyes and her brunette hair made her amongst the most watched ranger. She could cry with ultrasonic volumes and push back enemies with a blow. I’ve seen oppressors have a hard time when Kira comes on scene. We placed her at number 8, and have a due respect for her unconditional appearance.

7. Mia

Sexiest Power Rangers

Role played in Samurai, Erika Fong played Mia. Amongst the sexiest fighter and combatant of the First New Rangers Series. She was a Pink Ranger and had amongst the cutest of smiles. However, her quick reactions and responses could send you flying in all directions. She is very pretty with a dark shade of hair, and a sex appeal to steal hearts. Amongst the most popular of Power Rangers is Mia and she ranks at 7th position on the list.

6. Tori

Sexiest Power Rangers 2019

Sally Martin did true justice to the role of Tori in Ninja storm. A surfer that she is, her skills in the line and technique were quite a mouthful. This blonde always wore dark robes and that ninja attire made her look extremely attractive. She fought with attitude and was amongst the sexiest in the show. I bet she attracted the camera men equally. A favorite of both, parents as well as children. Tori aces to number six position in this rundown of sexiest power rangers.

5. Kat

Sexiest Power Rangers

At number 5 we have the Australian Catherine Sutherland who played the role Kat. She featured in MMPR, Zeo and Turbo. Her stunning gaze got the viewers hooked on to her. She was so vibrant on the show that teens never missed an episode. Everyone made her their instant favorite long after she left the Ranger Career. Still Regarded as Ranger Kat, she is ranked at 5th position amongst the sexiest power rangers there has ever been.

4. Tenaya

Sexiest Power Rangers

Known for her immense hairstyles and that beautiful silver crown is Tenaya. The Role was played by Adelaide Kane and she perfected it. She always wore a skin tight brown suit, and looked sexier than she ever could. What made this sexy girl good at? She had every enemy already defeated. But what made her even cooler was that she played the enemy role and commanded the role with attitude. Tenaya is rated number 4 in this list of hottest power rangers.

3. Gia

Sexiest Power Rangers

At number 3 we have, Ciara Hanna, American blonde who played Gia in Mega Force. The hot Gia stunned with ocean blue eyes really glued us to Mega Force. She played tomboy of the Rangers gang. She commanded her yellow shirt, and the leather woven jacket. She wore skin fit pants making her the bomb of the show. She produced tremendous heat on the show with her unbeatable fighting skills and that slick hot body. Even though she is recent on the show Ciara stands out to be the most influential and sexiest of the Power Rangers lot.

2. Maya, Lost Galaxy

Sexiest Power Rangers

Cerina Vincent played Maya. It really felt like she was from outer space because we had never seen that beauty on normal television. She wore a dark jumpsuit and sleek leather shoes. I believe her curly hair was indeed a distraction to her viewers. She played her role well and in an episode I recall, she swiged like Tarzan and swished off everyone off their feet. She did this in order to get her yellow suit and she got it. She has stunning abilities and thus ranks as the 2nd sexiest power ranger.

1. Lily

Sexiest Power Rangers 2019

Lily played her role in Jungle Fury. Anna Hutchison, number one on the countdown made power rangers what it is today. The pizza place worker to an attractive power ranger. She was always happy and her humor never touched a cold bone. Amongst our personal favorite Lily really is a charm in her personality, behavior and her beauty. She wore the yellow suit and fought those evil lords with ease. She really is a treat to watch and her blonde hair and her sparkling smile made her face even more appealing. Amongst the most popular Rangers, she steals number one with pride and grace.

The Power Rangers series is a great entertainer for the kids and these pretty, hot girls made the show even better. They had a very appealing appearance and thus been ranked as the top 10 sexiest power rangers.

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