Top 10 Most Read Magazines in The World

Even after the advent of Internet and Social Networking sites, magazines have not lost their shades. A magazine may be defined as a periodical publication, generally containing of sheets of paper folded in half and stapled at fold. It is also a collection of articles on the various aspects of life. There are numerous genres in magazine industry. There are magazines related to movies, fashion, technology, sports, fitness and health etc. The word magazine comes from an Arabic word, makhazin, meaning storehouse. These magazines are very useful as they provide new and improved ideas for a better life. They provide exceptional scrapbook collectives. They also come in handy while travelling and helps us pass time. They are attractive and the contents in the magazines are very much distinct too. Here is the list of the top 10 most read Magazines in the world 2019 that are very well renowned across the globe.

10. Family circle

Most Read Magazines 2019

It is an American home magazine published about 15 times a year. It is one of the oldest magazines which was started in 1932. Its main audience has always been the ladies. So the magazine has mainly concentrated on lifestyle, fashion, interior designing etc. It has around 3.5 million annual subscriptions all over the world and is read by millions of others. Thus it occupies the number 10 in the most read magazines in the world.

9. People

Most Read Magazines 2019

It is an American weekly magazine which mainly writes on celebrities rather than other human interests. It was started in the year 1972 and has targeted the adult population since then. It holds survey on topics such as “sexiest person alive”, “cutest face”, ”cutest smile” etc. It is widely known for its annual special editions. It was branded as the “Best magazine of the year” in 2005. It has a readership of about 4.5 million and is placed 9th in the list.

8. National Geographic

Most Read Magazines

This is the official magazine of the national geographic society and has been published continuously from 1888. It is widely known by its thick yellow rectangular border. It mainly writes about topics related to geography, science, history and nature. Their main audience have always been people of all ages. They provide readers with awesome photographs of the nature. They have about 5.5 million global circulation and places them in 8th.

7. Good Housekeeping

Most Read Magazines

This is a magazine that has been published since 1885. This is originally from United Kingdom and has readers all over the globe. The target audience here is again women. The magazine publishes articles on fitness, health and diet, food recipes as well as literary articles. It has a readership of about 5.58 million all across the world.

6. Readers digest

Most Read Magazines

This is an American general family oriented magazine. It is based from New York. It was started in 1922 and had held the best magazine position for several years consecutively. But due to some reasons it has stopped publishing after 2013 year-end. It wrote on general interests of people such as health, food, sports, travel, leisure, technology and covered most general topics. It had an audience of about 6 million people all over the world. This is one among the few most read Magazines 2019.

5. Better Homes & Gardens

Most Read Magazines

The Better Homes & Gardens is another one of the “Seven Sisters” American monthly magazine. It was founded in 1922 and is published by the Meredith Corporation. Its articles are based on topics such as cooking, gardening, interior designing, crafts, and healthy living. It is the 4th best-selling magazine in the United States. Its total circulation is around 7.6 million.

4. AARP The Magazine

Most Read Magazines 2019

Since 1980s, AARP The Magazine has been the United States’ largest circulated magazine. However, until 2002, it was known as the Modern Maturity. First published in 1958, it is a bi-monthly magazine owned by a non-governmental organization, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). It belongs to the category of ‘lifestyle’. Its total circulation is about 12.5 million.

3. Game Informer

Most Read Magazines

The Game Informer is an American monthly magazine belonging to the category of video games. It is published by the GameStop Corporation and was launched in 1991. It contains reviews and news regarding video games and consoles. It is owned by the GameStop Corp. which enhances its in-store promotion. Its total circulation is around 18.1 million, making it the World’s 3rd most read magazines.

2. Awake

Most Read Magazines

The World’s second most read magazine is a spiritual and basically a religious magazine. It is a monthly American magazine. It is an illustrated magazine, first published in 1919. It is published by the Jehovah’s Witnesses through the Tract Society of Pennsylvania. Its original purpose, as given in a statement until 1982 was: “this magazine builds confidence in the Creator’s promise of a peaceful and secure new order before the generation that saw 1914 pass away”. It is published in 99 languages with a total circulation of around 43.5 million copies.

1. The Watchtower (Public Edition)

Most Read Magazines

The World’s most circulated magazine is again an illustrated religious-spiritual magazine. It is a monthly American magazine, first published in 1879. It is published in 209 languages around the globe with a monthly circulation of a massive 45 million copies. It is published by the Jehovah’s Witnesses through the Watch Tower Bible. Its purpose is given in its mission statement: “This magazine, The Watchtower, honors Jehovah God, the Ruler of the universe. It comforts people with the good news that God’s heavenly Kingdom will soon end all wickedness and transform the earth into a paradise. It promotes faith in Jesus Christ, who died so that we might gain everlasting life and who is now ruling as King of God’s Kingdom”.

This was the list of the top 10 popular and most read magazines in the world 2019 that have been widely known across the world. These have played a very important role in the society and systems. The magazines are vital in providing exclusive news, reports and columns that are not usually the commodities taken up by the other media. Magazines have been popular and will continue to be one of the most effective medias with their expansion on the web too.


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  1. So all of you readers of the Watchtower and it’s companion the Awake magazine, please come and visit the meetings at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses there are never any collections there for the ministers…And if you would like a free home Bible discussion in your zip code, please let us know at JW.Org…

    • There are several collection boxes however that they utilise to pay for all of the child sex abuse cases that come as a result of this cult.

        • Sorry, Ludic os correct. How do you know what the facts are? You didnt learn in college because higher education is frowned to upon. You are told where to go and what to look at on the internet. If you were caught in the wrong site you would be disfellowshipped and shunned even by your immediate family just likena good cult always does. you are one of them that says the idiots didnt say ” the end” was coming in 1975. I can give you a FACT–they.did numerous time in their own damn publications. You would know this if you.could use more that one source for research.

          • Actually ray another lie you don’t know me, I’ve been to college. And people always start swearing like you when your satanic propaganda can’t win hearts and minds! Go away troll you talk to us witnesses like you know us! Only Jehovah really knows us. Your an angry person spreading lies! You say things that make you look like a liar and very uneducated. I follow Jehovah not men. Soon we will all see his righteous Kingdom rule!

          • I’ve read several of the court transcripts against the JW’s. In every case I’ve come across, the JW’s were horribly maligned. You have to wonder how the judges came up with their verdicts. In the cases I’ve read, the judges appear to have a prejudicial bias against the JW’s from the get-go. And the JW’s go to extremes to make their folks acutely aware of the dangers surrounding child abuse. Probably more than any other religion. But no group on the planet, religious or otherwise, can completely guarantee that some individual somewhere won’t abuse. That’s just not in the realm of possibility.

            To fully understand what’s going on I would NOT take the word of anyone, and especially not those who seem to have an axe to grind against the witnesses. If you really want to know what going on, go to the source. Read the court transcripts! Then I think you’ll find that the JW’s, while not perfect, stand staunchly against child abuse, ready to comply with the law resolutely, and for the hugely greater part, are innocent of the vast majority of accusations. In fact, they shouldn’t be accused, they should be applauded for their resolute stance. But don’t take my word for it, nor the word of likely respondents to this very post. No, read the court transcripts for yourself!!!

          • once again incorrect. we are encouraged to get the education needed to support ourselves and our ministry. While we are helped to see what is wise and unwise to view on the internet we are not policed and not disfellowshipped for it. As far as the practice of “shunning” or disfellowshipping, it is clearly stated in the bible to do so when it is warranted. (1 Corinthians 5:13). As far as the 1975 end story that was never in one of the publications. Never. That was something that many people heard and accepted as true. It is true that some Bible truths were conveyed incorrectly. And each time the magazine and the organization has taken responsibility for it. But according to 1 Peter 1:10-12 this is supposed to happen. It sounds like you got your information from the internet or word of mouth instead of investigating yourself. Why don’t you find out for yourself at

          • All actions of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization are backed by the Bible. So, if a person is mad because of actions taken by the JW’S organization then they are mad at Jehovah who is the author of the Bible. We follow what Jehovah instructs us to do in the Bible not what a man instructs us to do (hence not a cult). And yes miscalculations have taken place in the past however we have allowed the Bible to correct our thinking and we’ve made adjustments accordingly; we don’t hide this all of our resources concerning the history of our organization states this (check out our Kingdom Rules book. It’s free one on our website). Instead of spreading false and broad accusations or leaving out the truth have others make decisions for themselves and direct them to the true source for learning about Jehovah’s Witnesses and why we do the things that we, visit We are people of peace, there is no need for the terrible language. May the Word of Jehovah bring change and comfort to your heart and thoughts.

      • There are always apostate trolls on anything about Jehovah’s people. Apostate’s main aim is to tear down and not build up! So why would people want to follow you negative trolls? Jehovah has truth and soon you will see him act to defend his name and his people!

          • 1peter 3:15, since you believe this is not the time or place maybe you should remove your comments and go prepare for the Watchtower on Anxiety and not tell another brother or sister what’s best for them!

      • In the world, no one says of someone committing a crime ..”he was Catholic, or Jewish, or Episcopalian, or etc, etc, etc. The message is the same….whomever chooses to follow it, does, whomever doesnt will be judged. The magazine brings Gods word not mans. Each and every human has been given “Free Choice”..will some make wrong choices? I would say yes…….to blame a whole religion for a few? there would be no religion

      • @lucid one what you are saying is not true people are abuse by other people not by the religion they profess if you will research in court how many cases of jehovah witness in court for that reason campare to any other religion you will be enlightened, you will know that is pure propaganda and jargons of people that hates jehovah witness , come an experience for your self and once you have done that then and only then you oils criticize base on what had happened to you and only and not base on someone experience

      • Do you realise that spreading lies and rumours is not what normal people do. Yes I know the JW’s have made mistakes, they are only human. But I know for a fact that they have learned from their mistakes. Have you learned from your mistakes. Or are you so bigoted that you are always right and everyone else is always wrong.

      • I think this is just horrific and I am in complete shock after teading this. I am a survivor of the JW brainwashing cult. I had to be part of this throughout my childhood. So happy to have been able to get out an build up a happy, meaningful life and. These magazines are completely non-scientific and hold false information. Further, JW is a completely closed social structure – once you get in you can hardly get out; complete social exclusion will be your punishment for having an open eye to the world. I’ve seen many lives being destroyed because of this. And ludic has a point.

      • If you don’t have anything kind to say, it’s better to say nothing at all! If someone did a horrific act to you or to people you know, it doesn’t mean sex abuse is ever accepted in our organization! I’m completely against any type of abuse! It’s not right to put down our belief over the wrong doing of some that choose to make a reproach against God!

    • yes…with those who have interest in our publication
      use this opportunity for the benefit of yourself and others
      you visit any congregation of jehovahs witnesses near you
      for mote information visit

    • U and ur organisation disgust me! ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • In the world, no one says of someone committing a crime ..”he was Catholic, or Jewish, or Episcopalian, or etc, etc, etc. The message is the same….whomever chooses to follow it, does, whomever doesnt will be judged. The magazine brings Gods word not mans. Each and every human has been given “Free Choice”..will some make wrong choices? I would say yes…….to blame a whole religion for a few? there would be no religion

        • God does not lie, correct? Than tell me why the WTBTS distributed millions of their false prophesies world wide. Would a God of truth allow that?

    • I decided to leave the Jehovah’s Witness church and now my parents, siblings and my son will not even speak to me. It’s been years. So much love there!

      • Jehovah proves to be loyal to the ones loyal to Him as he would not be righteous to let the unrepenant sinners stay among His people and bring they unholy lifestyle into His holy house. Friends and family members set a fine example when they adhere to the righteous ways of their God and have no association with ones who are disfellowshipped ; as you should well know , if you were once one of the witnesses . You swore to Jehovah before you were baptized to stop all major sin and do your best not to sin at all and knew full well what would happen if you chose to divide for yourself what was right or wrong , just as Adam knew , you knew.

        • My JW family are miserable. One has tried to kill himself several times. His wife and children left him. Another is also divorced and struggling to find happiness. Another is barely surviving cancer- They all believe they will be happy in the end- when they can take our stuff and pet pandas. Yeah- see? None of that sounds sane or comes from the Bible. It comes from some fiction literature. It’s sad.

        • Unrepentant sinners? Wow… I also grew up as as jehovahs witnesses, in saying that though I was around 17 when I realised it was all a delusional lie.
          My parents are still in the truth and that is their choice and I would never stop them from loving their God. However to me he does not exist and to worship him for my parents sake would make me a fake.. cos it simply isn’t true to me.
          I’ve seen what the watchtower society does to people.. I remember when my parents spilt up I had the elders sitting outside our house monitoring if “men” would come in to see my mama.
          It is a mass delusion and it’s interesting to look back on my mentality back then. They believe the world is ending soon.. which is laughable because they have predicted Armageddon wrong so many times it felt childish to me to keep up “Pascal’s Wager” with myself. They also treat gays badly. Asking them to suppress their natural instinct and live a life of misery.. cos you know next time round it will be all worth it… Yeah right.
          And I Remember growing up with all the gossip of affairs that where happening within the congregation. Hypocrites isn’t a word you utter to often in those halls.
          The fear and self loathing drives the witness to keep self assuring that everything is going to be alright and even though you may not get picked to get into the new system… you secretly know chances are you will have your access denied (exactly what the top dogs at the watchtower society want you to feel). That chance…. that little chance…. that’s your only true motivation.

          • @gabriel what do you believe today , what you just said could be said about every religion,every one is waiting for the day in which the world will be a better place , do you believe in evolution or creation, also trashing a way of life the way you are is not nice , iam glad you are out if that was what you wanted , but every jehovah witness that I know and I know lot of them we will never change anything in our world we may have problems like anyone else and sometime more because because to serve jehovah today and be like christ was is not a piece ok cake if you know what I mean , perhaps nd only perhaps you left because you probably wanted to do your own will ,do what ever came to mind and in jehovah witness you won’t be able to do it , if iam wrong let me know the reason why you left , call me if you want ( 646-733-6561 -Alexander cruz we may become friend after all your family is one of us still if I could help you I will like to try . I will like to challenge you that if you could prove me wrong I will hanged and if could prove you wrong you will change what do you think

          • The elders sat outside of your home, waiting to see if “men” visited your mother.

            Yeah, not buying it.

        • I’m dissed right now and I totally agree with your statement except for the fact that Jah remains loyal to all not only to the ones loyal to him. He does not change! Does not the Sun shine for all? Your point of the decision is true!

    • The only people that REALLY read the Watchtower and Awake are JW’s. The tens of millions of magazines distributed to Laundrymat trashcans can’t be considered “read” by anyone.

      I make an effort, every Saturday morning when I’m doing my laundry, to go to all the apartment complex’s laundry mats and tear up and trash all the Watchtower and Awakes I see. Why? Because I want to protect my neighbors from the undue influence of a harmful high-control group masquerading as a religion.

      • So to prevent others from controlling your neighbors choice in reading materials you choose to attempt to control what reading materials your neighbors have access to?

        • Funny you complain when your org does the same to You! They insist anything outside the org is trash and from Satan so therefore you listen and refuse to research outside the org

      • There are 750,000 visits per day at our website, these are definitely not all from Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are sincere people in all religions and many are searching for the answers to life’s big questions. What is the meaning of life? Is God to blame for our suffering? What happens when you die?

      • You say we are the CRAZY ones! ??? You turn into the Incredible Hulk on our magazines! lol that’s fine we usually leave the dog eared and coffee stained ones at the laundry mat anyways! Take care tough guy!

      • Not true,another lie someone made up,click bait type of answer,i left a ,long time ago,and still get on with everyone,you can say they shun everyone,do you have stats for that, or are you so easily led that you would say that?.

        • Maybe for you but that diddnt happend with me and my family and friends. And there are many more experiencing this so dont call it a lie…. you dont know what happens in thus cult

    • No collections but you have a promise to send so much money each month to the Watchtower Bible and tract Society. Kind of like how the Mormons have tithes. As a matter of fact, were dose all that money go? Your organization dose not have any public charities or programs to help the communities that they knock in. Funny how you are considered a not taxable organization but have no charities to show how all those donations are being used.

  2. Awake and Watchtower are handed out for free and are not most widely read. HOw many people would actually buy them if there was a fee? Don’t understand where these figures come from if they have cut back on printing.

    • How do you know that magazines that people buy are read by them? What’s even more impressive about the, Watchtower & Awake is that they carry no advertising! All paid for by willing, voluntary donations.

    • Well, don’t u also wonder where the money to fund the printing and distribution of these magazines in such volumes cone from?
      Since they are given out for free, yet they are not matched in production by even d most astute business oriented magazine, isn’t it logical that sooner or later they should fold up. But they have survived more than 100 years of production and distribution plus translation. All supported by volunteers and voluntary donations. This only shows that they have God’s backing.
      Try as you may, it will certainly be an uphill task to try to beat them in this rank.

    • Even when a fee was attached, they remained the most widely distributed. Let’s face it. They are not in any form of competition.
      They are just modestly carrying on their God-assigned work of preaching and teaching God’s work. We now understand clearly Jesus statement when he said his followers will do works greater than he did.

        • those are Jesus’ own words. He spread the message about the kingdom in a relatively small area. It is now being preached world wide. No one is demeaning Jesus’ position. He is the King of God’s Kingdom.

      • It is rather amazing I suppose that they still have money left to print the magazines considering the millions( probably billions or will be soon after the ARC GETS through with them) they have had to pay all the sexually abused victims they tried to silence. Perhaps that’s why they are so thin now.

        • Well, i guest they saved a little money since they no longer are paying to be a non govt member of the United Nations! But JW’s would not know that because the ate only allowed to use 1 source for their FACTS, the WBTS.

        • Jesus is king by the name you call yourself it looks that you are a Christian you are happy about people trashing jehovah witness , iam sure that if you go to any religion you will see things worst than that , I will challenge from any church that you are affiliated search you will find out there 10/ 1 cases filed from any church you could think of for every case of a witness there is 10/ from any other church it happens anywhere , another thing is that we don’t cover any wrong doing jehovah witness that is found doing something wrong and doesn’t repent is disfellowship , jesus is king give me a call ( 646-733-6561 Alexander cruz

          • In the Shepard the flock elders book it directly.states that if there is not a second witness to child sexual abuse they are to leave it in Jehovah’s hands. They are to call the watchtower legal dept not the police or any proper authority. If you would like proof go to the Australia Royal Commission Website and read the testimony given from elders and governing body member Geoffrey Jackson where Jackson admits there is a child abuse problem in the org contrary to Stephen Letts claims on jw broadcasting that they are apostate driven lies. Over 1000 sexual abusers and not one reported to the police. I do not enjoy bashing jws. I have family in the org. I was raised as one and was taught to search for the truth. The Watchtower is not the truth and I don’t believe God would support an organization that does not protect its most vulnerable members.

      • Our king Jesus Just preached to the people who were living near his home land. But today his true followers have preached the good news all over the world.

      • The Jehovah’s Witness members are demanded to show obedience to an organisation of small group of men who have placed themselves between the followers and the “salvation” of god. Other cult characteristics used by Jehovah’s Witness Religion include: Behaviour control, information control, thought control, emotion control.

        • your view on things needs to be reconsidered. The way that things are handled is “orderly and by arrangement” this it’s biblical. An example of this is seen in exodus 18:18-26. In the times jesus (a single man) was over a small group of people (his apostles) once he went back to heaven, jesus appointed the apostles over the faithfull, the apostles then appointed elders to be over the individual congregations. Non of these appointed men took over the position of jesus or jehovah and neither do the members of the governing body. It’s just following the biblical pattern so that things run smoothly.

  3. Research, research, research!!! The Watchtower religion doesn’t want you to learn real facts as it uncovers their lies. If Jesus was alive today he could answer every critics questions and any documents they had he would prove wrong. People in this religion are forbidden to question or look outside of it. They are shunned if they disagree with anything so many stay trapped with fear of losing family and friends. GEt out like me. it’s not as bad as they tell you and there are some real genuine lovely peace abiding people out there

    • Firstly, publishers of the watchtower and awake do not belong to the watchtower religion. Never heard of such religion.
      Then too, Jehovah’s witnesses, publishers of these magazines are the most informed. If you doubt me, engage any of their young ones in a bible discussion…
      They are well taught, encouraged to make researches and even assisted with numerous tools to help them.
      Because they strongly believed in the bibles admonition: ‘keep on making sure of what is acceptable to the lord’ ; ‘make sure of all things, hold fast to what is fine’ and ‘ PROVE to yourself, the Good and acceptable and perfect will of God, they ensure that before ANYONE gets baptized as their member, such one must study the bible thoroughly and accept its teachings and without any form of coercion, adhere to what he/she learns from the bible.
      This doesn’t sound to me like being trapped.

      • There are over 8 million baptized JW now. Not a single one is coerced into getting baptized. Jehovah’s Witnesses strongly encourage people to study the bible closely and not just take anyone’s word as to the meaning of the scriptures. We encourage people to ask questions and demand satisfying answers, but true answers can only come from God’s word, the Bible. If someone learns the truth, gets baptized and then decides that they would rather live a worldly life, they are completely free to join any other religion they wish to, or just not be involved with any religion, that is there choice. We don’t make up our own rules, we simply try to adhere to the rules and guidelines Jehovah God gave us. The fact that the Watchtower and Awake magazines are by far the most read magazines on earth is remarkable. Not only the most read, but it is free to anyone that wants one. Those of you that are looking for a religion, or just want to check to see how your religion compares to the JW religion; I urge you to sit down with a seasoned member of the JW religion and ask the toughest questions you can find about the bible.

          • Interesting observation right there? Tasks me you know exactly the meshing of baptism. But did you know that those kids aged 10, 11, 12 are excellent teachers of the Bible , they conduct Bible lessons with adults weekend in weekend out! They know Bible! Mhmm, Unlike other churches where 6 months old infants are baptised.

          • Mageba, according to older WT literature, the age of responsibility varies from 15 to as high as 30. Logically, if a child 10, 11 or 12 years old are mature enough to make a decision to affect them for the rest of their lives then, they should be permitted to drive a car, date with a view to marriage or any number of other activities. You point to infant baptism, but I challenge your statement on the grounds that a child is neither emotionally nor intellectually mature. I point at this time that Jesus as head of the congregation was about 30 years old at his baptism and he was perfect. So, these prodigies are more advanced than the head of the Christian congregation?

        • I was coerced. I started studying with my husband after we married ( as in we both started studying ) he got baptised, I was told if I didnt I would be holding him back, because ‘ If he couldnt control his wife how could he handle privileges ‘ I was told off many times for asking questions that weren’t preapproved. Several people tried to ‘ get me in line ‘ included COs
          Oh and when my husband was in hospital with meningitis they told me they couldnt visit him because they couldnt be in the same room alone with someone who isnt baptised. So don’t type here all high and mighty like your religion is the be all and end all. Jehovah’s witnesses have always and will always leave a trail of broken families and shattered dreams behind them. Do some research. Look outside the watchtower. If your religion is the real one it will hold up to scrutiny

          • That’s absolutely ridiculous. I have jw family members and have been alone with them on many occasions. They never said anything about me not being baptized.

        • I think you are sorely mislead. There are a great number of minors who have been coerced into baptism even threatened with bodily harm by their parents or even elders. And even so baptism of a minor is a grevious action, you can’t get married at 10,11,12 etc but you can make a lifetime comittment to an organisation under the guise of serving the one true God, in reality getting baptised at that age is child abuse because of the oath to the organisation which is all that child knows and understands. Never being given an opportunity to ‘Make Sure of All Things’ (1 Thess 5:21) They are stuck…. to leave requires disfellowshipping or disassociation both receive mandatory shunning by even family members (And now even faders are being shunned after 2016 Convention admonition). I was eleven years old when I thought I was dedicating my life to my creator but now I know it was an oath to blindly follow an organisation of men who care nothing for the Grand Creator or spiritual things but rather for real estate and protecting child predators. I wasn’t forced but I was severely mislead and it took 28 years to figure it out. This organisation has no transparency. If it had nothing to hide it would be transparent and wouldn’t have to hide behind ‘Theocratic Warfare’ when it lies to the superior authorities when they are questioned about the policies that grossly protect child sex predators and thier shunning practices. I was once blind, I thought it couldn’t be a cult, I wasn’t brainwashed, I knew everything and all the horrible things God allowed in his clean organisation were ok because He would fix it eventually. Makes me want to spew that I was so mislead and believed this organisation had God’s backing. That he was allowing the child abuse for the greater good of humanity and the organisation. When I think about 14 yr olds getting raped and then getting disfellowshipped and further getting shunned by mom and dad when they most need support the righteous indignation boils up inside of me. These kind of experiences are rife. But you will never know about these horror stories because you are not allowed to read apostate experiences. The voices of those who have been severely abused by WTBS and it’s organisation is getting louder. More and more of our beautiful, loving and true hearted ‘brothers and sisters’ are waking up and leaving. Apostates are not trolls
          They are desperately and often to no avail trying to wake you from the very well orchestrated brainwashing you have been the victims of. We have much better things to be doing if we were what you think we are… apostate trolls hating on God’s Precious Possession. We have lives to live after so many years of not living them. But no we are here trying in any way we can to save your lives from a cult that is farming your life while you think you are saving people’s lives. So ask yourself why does Daniel 4 have a secondary fulfillment when the rest of Daniels prophecies have only one fulfillment? And secondly how does the parable of the Faithful and Discreet Slave become a prophecy to be fulfilled?

        • Wait a minute! You are the one that said no one is coerced in YOUR religion, we weren’t talking about other religions. You kids ARE coerced to be baptised. 10, 11, and 12 year olds are generally not good teachers. Maybe they just seem to be to other JW’s because everyone is strongly discouraged from furthering their education.

          • @ Ray. what of the other religions which widely baptize infants.
            Would you call that coersion? Or is your reasoning selective to please your pre – concieved thoughts?

    • Are you now a desfellowship person and becoming one of the apostate….you know the truth….but you choose to leave Jehovah’s organization…and I know the Truth…

    • You know YOU are the one who is telling a lie, that is why u cannot accept the fact that JW are getting more n more. Show ur evidence u can even file a case if its true your allegations……

          • What if the website had thousands of verifiable FACTS from numerous sources showing what the JW cult has done in the past and continues to do today. Would you look at it then? No you would not. What you are saying is that if there INDISPUTABLE evidence of a pattern of wrongdoing you would not look at it because it is apostate! Do you not see how insane that line of thinking is. I hate to see families torn apart and sexual predators protected!

    • My brother I strongly believe you really don’t know what you talking about. Jehovah’s Witnesses do much more research than you think. Have you personally taking your time to check their two magazines, the awake and the watchtower, what it discussed, where do they get all the informations from please?

      Compare your life then to now and see if your life have real and true meaning now. Don’t let this world’s fantasies blind your eyes. If all religious groups were like Jehovah’s Witnesses my brother we’ll have enjoy true peace, unity and brotherly love. There is more to life than you think.

    • My brother Michael James i strongly believe you really don’t know what you talking about and have not been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses do much more research than you think. Have you personally taking your time to check their two magazines, the awake and the watchtower, what it discussed, where do they get all the informations from please?

      Compare your life then to now and see if your life have real and true meaning now. Don’t let this world’s fantasies blind your eyes. If all religious groups were like Jehovah’s Witnesses my brother we’ll have enjoy true peace, unity and brotherly love. There is more to life than you think.

      Go to if you would like to know more about Jehovah’s Witnesses, who they are, what they believe etc.

    • My brother Michael James i strongly believe you really don’t know what you talking about and have not been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses do much more research than you think. Have you personally taking your time to check their two magazines, the awake and the watchtower, what it discussed, where do they get all the informations from please?

      Compare your life then to now and see if your life have real and true meaning now. Don’t let this world’s fantasies blind your eyes. If all religious groups were like Jehovah’s Witnesses my brother we’ll have enjoy true peace, unity and brotherly love. There is more to life than you think.

      Go to if you would like to know more about Jehovah’s Witnesses, who they are, what they believe etc.

    • Well, Michael James, I questioned everything they taught. I had problems with a few things the JW’s taught.
      But with time, patience, and a mature and balanced attitude, I came to see that these people were the only ones who have the Truth.
      I started learning the Truth when I was well into my 40’s.
      Your remarks either echo of apostate web sites or you just have an axe to grind somehow.

      • John 5:36 and 14:28. Is Jesus calling himself My Father? is he saying that he is greater than himself? of course not. Jesus is the reigning king of Gods Kingdom, and as Colossians 1:15 says the first born of all creation. He is gods son

    • Michael James iam glad you found what you looking for outside , but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us that remain inside had not found also what we were looking for , you said jesus will prove us wrong in everything we publish , you sound very partial, it doesn’t sound like an ex jehovah witness to me , I hope that you are happy doing jehovah will , following Jesus Christ in another place ,,who is your God today you didn’t mention jehovah I will like to know what do you believe today ( Alexander f. Cruz ,646-733-6561 Michael James or anyone else that may read this message and will like to talk to me , some people even use this avenue to attack jehovah witness , it wasn’t us who took part in the survey and found are two magazine on top of the charts ,every year !independent studies conducted by different organizations all throughout the world place are magazine on top , is not us

    • To: Michael James. You were raised as a JW? You’re worshipping GOD through what religion now? For myself, I ask questions all the time, I have never been told that there are no peace abiding people out there.

    • “Get out like me. It’s not as bad as they tell you”:
      So it is bad, but somehow who have managed to rationalize and accept the bad situation you put yourself in when you deliberately rejected the the Bible truth.

      “It’s not as bad as they tell you”: Is it easy now to fornicate and get drunk without feeling guilty of it? Or perhaps somehow the Bible view on these matters changed when you left? Or did you change your own?

      Now that you have left, which religion do you associate with at present? Do you still believe in everlasting life on a paradise earth? How about a heavenly kingdom and Jesus’s reign to restore paradise on earth? Or perhaps now you believe that everyone is going to heaven? Somehow, God made earth as testing ground to see who is fit to go to heaven? Is that what your current Bible is teaching?

      Or maybe you still believe in all the goodie promises Jehovah had penned in the Bible. But somehow you have come to think that it is not really necessary to associate with other Christians? It is possible that deep down in you you still hold the beliefs that you once cherished before you left? And you still hope on those beliefs? Remember what the scriptures said when Paul wrote to Corinthians and said “Do not be misled…” And he went on to list a few skewed view points that others like you were having 2000 years ago.

      Anyway, what exactly made you leave? Lack of Bible understanding (same as most of other people commenting of this thread), were you just following others when you became one of JW’s? Was it a girl/guy you like and promised to date with you/marry you if you came in? Were too self-assuming to admit to your own wrong doing? Well, What I’m getting to, when you got in in the first place, was out for the right reasons? Which is love for Jehovah and your neighbour from study and knowledge of the Bible.

      When last did you read the Bible? Well, it’s never too late to resume!

      • You will be in a much better position. Most who leave this heretical sect do so after examining the bible closely without cult literature and end up following their conscience and choosing Jesus over men who deliberately change the Bible to support their doctrine and diminish our Lord Jesus Christ.?????

        • I agree with you that Jesus is King. But be careful to put him in his rightful place.
          You talk about Jesus like he is the supreme almighty God. He is second in rank from Jehovah God. We worship Jehovah God through Jesus Christ.
          Check the facts in your bible with an open mind.

        • Jesus the king you keep saying lies about us I challenge you in this forum or by phone that you are not acting in love we love jesus that I why we do what jesus told us to do mattew 24:14 to preach the good news of the kingdom of God are you doing that nad , if you are why do you speak the way you do call or text me I will show you do you not following Jesus Christ , jesus said to the will of the father he has come and many will say to him I did this in your name mattew 7:21-23 and he will say to those get away from me you workers of iniquity,

      • “It is easy to fornicate and get drunk etc”. Wow, talk about narrow minded! You take as fact what WT says others do when they leave with no knowledge of facts.

        “Somehow you think it’s not necessary to associate with Christians”. Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson when replying if the Witnesses were the sole spokespeople for God replied ” That would be presumptuous” Those are his words in a court of law. Now, if that statement is false, then Mr Jackson lied. If Mr Jackson is correct, then you are lying or being mislead.

        “When was the last time you read the Bible?” Well, I do every day and it’s interesting what the Silver Sword says at Micah 6:8 ” He has told you O man what is good and what is Jehovah requiring of you? Only to exercise justice, to cherish loyalty and walk in modesty with your God.”
        It is interesting that the 1984 edition of the NWT states ” He has told you O earthling man what is good and what is Jehovah requiring of you? Only to exercise justice, to love kindness and to be modest in walking with your God”. In the 1960 edition Vol 5 of the NWT, the footnote to “love kindness” reads “literally loyal love”. In fact, there was a kingdom song stating ” Loyal love, God is love..” Who gave the WT authority to rewrite the word of the Living God? Are you sure you are reading the Bible? I personally suggest the NIV or NRSV

      • Wow,
        Every question you asked was a wonderful, meaningful and heartwarming for myself. Question I have to ask myself when it comes down to why it’s taking me so long to get myself into Jehovah’s Organization wholeheartedly.
        My mother, brother, and sister are active. My deceased sister and younger sister, myself included are not baptized. I’ve studied 3 times, and still to this day have not dedicated my life.
        I’ve refered baptism as a BLANKET OF PROTECTION. It’s hard to do right however everything that I was taught was and is for my PROTECTION. I go every once and awhile to the meeting. I make it a point to be at the memorial.
        Jehovah loves me to death and wants me to get back into my protective waters. I have been married before, I’ve had 2 more sons without marriage. I’ve done wrong with an elder who’s known me for years, and it’s a hard pill to swallow.
        Now in my mid 40’s, I have to pray for faith, humility, patients, and forgiveness. No, I’m still not baptized, however, I never thought I would see the world the way it is, and for all those who still know that Jehovah’s Organization wholeheartedly wants the best for myself and my 3 boy’s 25, 13, 10, and for whomever is trying to get back in, or dedicating their lives to Jehovah God, it is the best choice to make. I see what Jehovah is sayin to me when it comes down to the world lying in the power of Satan. The tribulation is upon us, Revelations is the last book of the bible, and yes we are in the last days. So I have to throw my burdens on to Jehovah, and know that if only I’d listen to his commandments would my path be straight, and as long as I grab hold of his right hand I know he will make my life easier with faith in him. No one is alone in this world, and Jehovah is THE HEARER OF PRAYERS.

    • Jehovah’s witnesses are not perfect.they are humans prone to mistakes as much as everyone out there.but know one thing: Jehovah’s witnesses are only trying to do their best..and so far so good,their best is better than everyone else’s out there.there is a reason why u left, and I won’t tell u here….

  4. Actually some years ago both awake and watchtower used to be offered on a contribution and subscription basis and back then over 20 years ago both were in the number one and two positions. Their books also were top sellers when you had to contribute showing that the demand is genuine and real. They stopped asking anything based on scriptural principle you receive free give free and people still make voluntary contributions as can be seen by the massive increase in distribution not even commercial companies match these figures in the publishing industry and sustains such

    • CORRECT. Even now some older people asked why they can not obtain this two magazines anymore by subscription as they used to before, they want to read it regularly. And these very people knew that subscription was NOT FREE at that time, they have to pay for the subscription. Still these two magazines, Watchtower & Awake was in #1 & #2 places then as it is now. We are making sure though that those who wants to read this two magazines regularly can have their own copies of every issue of Watchtower & Awake magazines. We deliver & hand them personally to any interested ones in their own addresses.

    • Please research as they stopped Asking for contributing cause the government was going to tax them cause any religion collecting funds for items have to be taxed… again if you are so free to research do it outside of the watchtower and awake!

  5. This is truly amazing. Despite being a work entirely supported by volunteer service and no form of profit is made, the work of publishing awake and watchtower continues to grow. This gives evidence that the creator really wants all lovers of sincere bible truth to come to an accurate knowledge of the truth.
    These magazines have changed many lives. The bible is truly a unique book.

    • No, these peope have destroyed MANY, MANY families. Steal kids childhoods. Subjugates women. Hides paedophiles because the do not report sexual abuse to authorities and the victim of the sexual abuse is blamed if there were not 2 actual witnesses to the abuse. Also, discourage furthering educations. They are the definition of a dangerous cult!

    • If no profit is made why don’t you have a look at the houses of the bigwigs? Or have a look at jw tv where they routinely wear a 20 grand rolex?

      • The “bigwigs” live in the same building as the rest of the Bethel Family. and Ive seen the article about the “Rolex”. That has been debunked even among the JW hater community.

  6. The bible is clear in helping z masses to determine true religion. The strongest binding element in the universe is love. Of God’s many attributes the bible singles out one to personify God. 1John 4:8 GOD IS LOVE. it stands to reason that God would gravitate to the religion exhibiting the most love. Jesus demonstrated how that love would be shown by being proactive in reaching out to people and educating them from God’s word. It is written he would say… Mat.4:4.. Also st Acts 1:8 he revealed how yo identify God’s spirit on the Church. It would mobilize its members to witness on a global level. Acts 5:42 shows they would enter every house. Even politicians today recognize the power of face to face interaction. I hereby simply ask, in the light of the above, which religious group qualify in that aspect of LOVE? You’ll also agree that love unites, fosters camaraderie, and protects its own. How then does one qualify or explain the churches involvement in the wars of politicians and have their members killing each other on both sides of the divide or battle fields. Love unites 1Cor 1: 10. The holy spirit inspired the apostle John to identify whose children behave like that. I beseech, yes implore anyone who wishes to open the bible and read 1John 3: 10-12. I’ve never met a Jehovah’s Witness who’s a soldier or willing to even learn war anymore! What do you think, could that be love that attracts God?

      • Are you a Jehovah’s Witness? If so, you obviously don’t see the lack of love around you. Jehovah’s Witnesses only love each other, and that comes with restrictions, obligations, and requirements. I’m from a family of JW with third generation family members. My experience, and that of many others is conditional love, gossips, fear, shunning, child abuse, sexual abuse, wife beating. I don’t need to go on. This is an organization run by a group of men disguised as God. I pray Syd, that your eyes will be opened. Just do a google search on Jehovah’s Witnesses and sexual abuse. Learn what the signs are for being part of a cult. It’s okay, God is not going to punish you for asking questions.

        • Hi Barb, you are correct. Indeed, God encourages us to ask questions. In response he gives truthful answers that are based on his lofty, but attainable standards. Interestingly, some persons will ask a question but not wait for an answer, either because of (1) not being deeply interested in the answer, (2) doubting that they will ever get an answer, or (3) deciding what the answer is even before asking the question. I get the impression from your statements that you had a very challenging childhood. I am very sorry you had such an experience. Such bad experiences can affect our view of God, since adults are usually the ones who should care for us and direct us to him. But he is not an unloving, uncaring God who does not take note of what is happening. (1 Peter 5:6, 7) He takes a keen interest in all humans, (John 3:16) but especially in anyone who professes knowledge of him, and he encourages them to represent him well. (Proverbs. 27:11) He gives clear guidelines as to how such ones should conduct themselves. For example, how marriage mates should treat each other. (Ephesians. 5:22-25, 28, 29) How to care for children. (Deuteronomy 6:6, 7; Ephesians 6:4) How to display good moral conduct. (Ephesians 5:1-5) The need to avoid gossiping, to mention just a few. (Proverbs 20:19; Psalms 15:3)) All this information and more, with Scriptural references, can be found in the pages of the magazines under discussion. However, each person bears the responsibility to take that information off the pages of the magazines, examine and apply it, if it is to be of any value to them. At the same time, no one is forced to do so. A good reason for that is because God will only accept those who turn to him willingly, out of love, obedience and appreciation for the God they have proved him to be. (John 6:44, 45; Isaiah 48:17, 18)) We cannot prove him if we do not take the time to learn about him. When we do that we will come to see that he does not tolerate wrongdoing, regardless of where it is being carried out, or who is carrying it out. (1 Corinthians 5:1-13; 6:9, 10) In addition, he sets out clear guidelines on the form of worship acceptable to him. (John 4:22 – 24; 17:1-26; Matthew 7:13 – 27; 2 Corinthians 6:14 -18) While individuals will err, Jehovah’s Witnesses as an organization, have endeavored to uphold the Bible’s high moral standards where such matters are concerned, giving reminders and corrections where needed and removing any who refuse to practice the principles they willingly accepted and vowed to keep. A pair of glasses does not take the place of our eyes, it enhances our vision. Those of us who use them appreciate their value in helping us to see more clearly. Some persons refuse to wear them for one reason or another, and no one should force them or criticize them. It is a personal choice. Similarly, the Watchtower and Awake magazines do not take the place of the Bible, nor do they brainwash anyone. They enhance the understanding of the Bible, which is difficult to comprehend on its own. Some persons are benefiting from that clearer understanding. As a result, they have come to appreciate why people do bad things, whether they are adults or children. They have also come to appreciate what God is is doing about it now, and what he will do in the future. This has helped them to find real joy and happiness while coping, to make positive changes in their lives and to use their time and energies to help others who might have had similar experiences. Others, because of long held prejudices, misinformation, or just lack of interest refuse to read these magazines. That too is a personal choice and should be respected. That is why individuals are given a choice to accept them, or to refuse them, just as they are given a choice to worship God, or not to worship to him. (Joshua 24:14, 15)

          • How much field service time are you counting for THIS word salad?

            And do I need to pray first before I eat it?

        • Well my jw family is wonderful to me. They looked after me after I had my surgery and help me pick up my medications when I can’t. My nephews are always working on my car for free and running errands for me. I know they love me even though I don’t believe what they do. Also many of them have gone to college, so yes they do believe in higher education! I should know, I was at all the graduation ceremonies!

        • I’m sorry for any pain your life has caused you but we don’t only love other witnesses. I’ve been married to a non witness for 18 years and have 2 non witness children. I love everyone in my family. Both witnesses and non witnesses. The fact of the matter is everyone is accountable to Jehovah. It is your own personal choice to have a relationship with him or not.

    • Would you please tell me What is the message you preach? JWs came to my door today and said they were volunteering and gave me a magazine about teen depression. They didn’t mention Jehovah or Jesus or even have a bible. I appreciate your explanation. Thank you.

      • They met you on a magazine distribution day, and they probably didn’t read the Bible to you because we choose to either read or not read the bible when offering an awake, especially one that features such a cover article. But have you seen how many Bible verses, how many times Jehovah and Jesus come up in that awake? If you showed interest on that day, they most likely will come and study the Bible with you. If they met you on days that we’re teaching the truth, they’d have shown you at least one Bible verse and explain it

      • Toss the mags and dont answer the door next time they come.. or better yet, answer the door with a cigarette and bottle of JD in your hands, with some death metal or rap on in the house.. Hopefully you can scare them away!!

      • We preach about the coming of God’s kingdom that Jesus said he would be king of. When Jesus returns, all the pain and suffering that this wicked system of things has caused, including depression will be a thing of the past. You can read it out of any Bible you choose in Revelation 21:3,4.

  7. People magazine is about celebrities, change the name to me , myself and I , a magazine about people should not be about worshipping them or worrying who’s cheating on who , there’re plenty of real hard working people out there who deserve to be recognized not only rich with a itch ?

  8. I was of a different faith in 1974 and one day in Hong Kong, a couple knocked on my door. They introduced themselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    I had never heard of this religion, still , the Magazines ‘Watchtower & Awake’ they offered me caught my eyes!
    The contents pointed out to were very relevant to me , even though I was just 18!
    I wanted to know why the world , being an avid Newspaper reader , was so massed up!
    Now, after 40 years, I’m still so thankful for these 2 magazines.
    I understand God’s word , the Bible better.
    Our King, Jesus Christ under the direction of his Father, Jehovah God
    will change the world into a Paradise.
    Now I have hope, meaning in my life and a future to look forward to!

  9. I’d read Watchtower and Awake. But to be fair, I also read some of the magazines mentioned above (ex. National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping etc.). For people who don’t believe about God then let’s don’t talk about it. Let’s talk about the facts inside those sparkling pieces. Magazines published by Jehovah’s Witnesses were not really worshiping or religion centered. Some topics talked about world happenings in real. Some parts of the publication really have information relevant for everyone – students, employees, employee, children, adults, men, women, believers or not. These are probably some of the reasons why those magazines were noticed standing.

    • Right. A lot of topics in Watchtower and Awake are for general people, not just for JW themselves. Topics that are so useful for every family members, health, education, how to deal successfully certain daily issues/problems/worries. It is not just about worship & religion.

    • Blue Zoom, the articles might be relevant but that is exactly what the Watchtower Organization wants you to believe. This group is 100% a cult. I lived it. Breathed it. Was abused in it. They teach fear of the outside world and members are only allowed to read JW material. They get all of their information from the JW organization. They rank right up there with Scientology, only the JW use God to hide behind. And He’s not a God of kindness or forgiveness – he’s a God that watches every move you make from reading a comic book deemed inappropriate by the Watchtower Governing Body to setting foot inside a church – for let’s say a family members wedding.

      • Who compelled you not to attend a church wedding? Stop spreading your lies about. A jw chooses which wedding to attend and which not to

      • Im sorry you had a poor experience. Not all people do things correctly including JWs. This is not the experience I had. I have come into a loving family and organization that stresses helping others and showing genuine love in people. Maybe you should check into it again.

      • To be honest Barb there are always two sides to a coin. You are telling us all the negatives of this religion but you really know why you left this organization.

  10. The Watchtower & Awake are bible based publications that aid people to understand bible truths, help them draw close to Jehovah God & his son Jesus Christ. These magazines offer basic principles to live by to enjoy a successful life, comfort when faced with hardships and hope for a better future where wickedness, sickness, poverty, war & death will all be things of the past. The work of publishing & distributing these magazines is backed by God’s Holy Spirit. For more information visit the web site

  11. I have no issue with magazines. I think they all serve the intended purpose for which they were designed. I’m concerned with those who hate without cause or acquisition of the facts. I’ve read Watchtower & Awake for many years. I’ve met persons who read just a leaf they found and got excited to the point they searched out Jehovah’s Witnesses, study the Bible and say they’re better humans today as a result of one leaf found. To quote a once popular song: What the world needs now, is love sweet love … Notice the next line. .. That’s the only thing there’s much too little of. I invite all who may as advocates of love to examine the international brotherhood of Jehovah’s Witnesses and see first hand the unique people that inspired the singer: Larry Graham at the time not a Jehovah’s Witness to write and sing ONE IN A MILLION. Any loving enough to take up the challenge, please remember all the subjects are avid readers of Watchtower & Awake and are proud to say they are now lovers of God and very happy in their spiritual estate. Love to the masses >

  12. LOVE, First of Jehovah God, then Love of neighbor (regardless of color or nationality) is what motivates the Witnesses to volunteer their time to help others come to an accurate knowledge of GOD”S word and draw close to Him and His Son Christ Jesus. If it were not for all the lies I was told about Jehovah’s Witnesses, (like they don’t believe in Jesus,or they are a cult) I would have become a Witness long ago and saved myself from many mistakes and heartaches! Don’t let people who don’t know us or what we truly believe keep you from learning about our Loving Creator. and His dear faithful Son Christ Jesus, & the earthly Paradise soon to comeJohn 17:3, Revelation 21:3, 4.

  13. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free, and ” GOD is a spirit and those worshiping him must worship him in spirit and in TRUTH.” I’ll be forever grateful that 57 yrs. ago, Jehovah’s witnesses knocked at my door.We are not coerced do do ANYTHING!

      • I believe you didn’t go out. You were kicked out and that is why you are so bitter! I am a university lecturer with a number of degrees and very proud to be a witness. Most JW haters are actually perpetual, unrepentant sinners that were shown the “red card” and so turn haters! I know your type.

        • I dont believe a word you say. I got out of the crazy as soon as i could at age 18 because i saw how dangerous they were and what they did to people. Why do you advertise at your lecture that you are a proud JW and see if you would be welcomed with open arms and what kind of questions you will get asked. The infomation age has opened the eyes of a lot of people.

      • So? Are u the first person to go to a college? Are you as rich as henry ford because u have a degree? In Nigeria, a degree is nothing, even those who have no degree are financially stable than those who do. Jw understand that truth worldwide, that’s why many don’t waste their time looking for what’s not lost in a college

  14. If the Watchtower and Awake Magazines are from man and mans opinions they should have folded up years ago. The thing is if you still feel they are and like to bad talk them think about it if it’s from men they will go away but if it’s From God all your going to find yourself doing is arguing with our creator and you are not going to win that one.

    • Carlos… I’m sorry. They haven’t folded up because the labor used to print them is free. This is an awful argument. There are many things not from God that are from men only that have not gone away – cars, tvs, cellphones, etc. 🙁

      • @barb why , you and so many people attacks the magazines watchtower and awake for decades they have been in on top ( the blue book entitle the true that leads to eternal life was the second most distributed books behind the Bible for many years , they are many religious books and magazines out there that has not done what we have done , is a matter of hard work , call me ( 646-733-6561 ) let’s talk about the Bible

  15. The numbers don’t lie folks. Hate em’ or love ’em the Jehovah’s witnesses do an amazing job getting those magazines out.

  16. Rather than been unnecessarily critical, any reasoning person should pause and ask himself/herself,why are these magazines occupying first slots despite been purely supported by voluntary contributions? is it not amazing? Don’t think hard about the answer its Simple; JEHOVAH HAS A HAND IN IT!!

  17. Thank you to the writer of this article , I just feel compelled to correct something about your number 1 and 2 , The are printed by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

  18. Might want to edit your text. It’s hard to read when the syntax is wrong and words are added or missing in the wrong places. Seems like the intro text was written by someone either in a big hurry, or by someone not entirely familiar with English. On a good note, I enjoyed the information.

  19. To Melamine Smith, please, keep pride and hate aside and let’s put our brains to good use….When those Magazines were being sold at a price, they were still the World most circulated Journals, Now, they are given without any charges attached to it, they still retained the same position, What do you make of it? You claimed they would fold up but it’s just your negative hatred oozing off. Jehovah’s witness are ordinary people who are your neighbours, Cobblers, factory workers, Cleaners, Doctors, Proffesors, farmers and so on. If any has Offended you genuinely, approach him and respectfully air your greviances.

    • But also a VERY large percentage of uneducated part time janitors and window washers that are experts in collecting unemployment and govt assistance even though they disavow their govt and refuse to show respect to their country.

      • They show respect to their country and that is why they give Caesars things to Caesar by paying taxes e.t.c. However when Gods principles conflict with Gods then a true christian should follow God as ruler rather than men.

      • Ray you talk with out thinking when do jehovah witness don’t show respect for their government when we don’t go to kill our fellow neighbors and brothers in another nation ,that are not part of the government actions of going to war in many cases with out proper justification for it , and even if we could grant them a good reason to go to war you condemned us because we refuse to war against our fellow brothers and sisters of another nation ,in the other hand we pay our taxes, we respect the authority you don’t see jehovah witness breaking the law unnecessarily and if they do they get disfellowship from the church, we hold jehovah witness to a high standard as worshippers of the true God jehovah

  20. Too bad you featured two magazines from a cult. They will tell you they are a loving group, loyal to God. Those who were once in the organization and left are now shunned by their families. Do an internet search on Jehovah’s Witness and Sexual abuse. Still don’t think they are a cult? – they qualify for all 10 of the items on the warning signs list. Of course, any Jehovah’s Witness will happily tell you they aren’t a cult – why? Because their governing body tells them so.
    I’m sorry that you posted these magazines. And I don’t think they are the most read…most printed perhaps, but not read.

    • Sally spratt , come an visit us mingle with us and them you may be able to talk , if you talking because somebody that was here , is not here not an is talking bad about us is not reason for you to talk on behalf of those people ( ilustración you could find thousands of females and males talking about their ex spouse , same how bad , abusive , and unlovely they were , but you also will find thousands of others females and males married to those same people of the illustration saying they will not change anything on their spouse and that they are the best thing that ever happened to them , As you may see you cannnot judge base on that , you will always find people in every religion saying as much as they want to say about there ex religion , an it will always happen , in my case I being a jehovah witness for almost 40 years and I will not change my experience with them for nothing in the world , you see the point , you probably are happy being were you are , and probably there are thousands coming out every year saying as much as they want to say about your religion , and because of those comments you will not leave your religion so how come you want others to leave jehovah witness and those who will like to know us you want them to stop that is not nice ( my name is Alexander f cruz ,646-733-6561 , you could call me let’s talk in love , if you could convince me iam willing to look into it and if the Holy Spirit of jehovah shows me the true of what you are saying I will follow your way and religion , will you do the same if I prove you wrong about us ?

    • Very well put. And please remember the cult mags are made with slave labor (volunteers who make $30 a mo in NY and regret it from the beginning)

      • @ ray I will ask you a question do you have a life I guess you will need one , the only thing you do is show your hate the more you attack somebody the more people will stick together jesus said they will hate you in account of my name that is exactly what is happening all over the world ray ask your church to do what we do since we are a false religion and a cult and you are the right religion, ask your church to try to follow are foot step , many had try over the years and had fail to do what we do read the book Walter Martin the king of cults what he said about us that we preach more than all the churches of the world conbine and we place more literature in six month than all the churches of the
        World combine in one year today Martin is long gone and we are still here preaching distributing books and magazines like no other group in the entire world , like Jesus said in john 14:10-11 you will do greater works than me do to the spirit of the father in us just like it was in jesus

  21. Jehovah’s Witnesses are REQUIRED to pick up the magazines up at the Kingdom Hall (and they are pushed to donate for them from their own pockets – that FREE magazine wasn’t free). They are REQUIRED to push those magazines on people and get points for how many they distribute. So although they may quote that a magazine was placed – it was left at a “not at home” or a “laundromat” or a “doctor’s office”. They place magazines everywhere and count it as if it was a subscription. There is no other religion that is a publishing company and promotes itself through paper magazines like the witnesses. These people are publisher slaves and pay for those magazines that you get for free (though it is coerced and money given freely). A majority of their money is going to sexual abuse cases at this time – they have been found wanting in the reporting of sexual abuse (unlike their reporting of their magazines). They promote that abuse should stay inside their religion and the victims should be quiet.

    • The JW organisation is very complex and there are many secrets that “non believers are not entitled to” because some parts of the meetings they are politely told to go out. In these shadow meetings the leaders coerces the members on meeting the budget lines pertaining to printing costs that match the amount of publication a certain group has received. No wonder if there happens to be a deficit, it is covered by the member of the group compulsorily and in a faithful manner. So every thing is is extraordinarily monitored in a businesslike environment and no miracle is expected here. This explains why they don’t go bankrupt. They are very shrewd at monitoring cash. No wonder, the objective is for the founders to obtain a great number of membership as possible so they give for free to a stranger or try to entice the same person for giving a contribution but in most of cases they get none and will be obliged to cover the cost. If you get more members who look into you as a representative of God then you can use their free labour to perpetuate your activities. In brief, if you are a JW you can’t know how the organisation owners are using you for their own benefit because frankly speaking I don’t see any public good they do as a group entitled to tax free donations. They don’t build any school, hospital or charity. All they do is look into the law loophole and use it for their own benefit, and they have the best lawyers! They publish and for their own interests because the last page of each book will request the reader to know more and eventually the finality will be to become a member and an active member for your information is called a free “publisher”. So don’t be fooled that a sort o miracle makes them no 1 publisher, it’s business! Untaxed business. Free to receive members money by coersion or by free will and use it to enlarge the organisation’s assets at the sole benefit of the owners and won’t a government tax free green card.

      • All you haters of jw,very soon your intense hate will be satisfied.jw knows these will end up to persecution your happy now and excited to kill us all…brothers,whatever they say against us,we know Jehovah is with us and he will save us in the end.

    • That is completely false as I myself have read the instructions given to elders to call the police of any child abuse no matter what immediately. Jws do not protect pedophiles. We turn them in as all religions should do so as well.

    • Michelinda smith you had become an expert in jehovah and his people we do what jesus commanded us to do to preach the good news of the kindom of jehovah God that is what we do , is not about magazine or book let talk about other thing like preaching Walter Martin in his book the king of cult he stated that jehovah witness preach more than all the churches of the world combine so as you see it doesn’t have to do with magazines or books it has to do with us giving our best effort to our God jehovah , I will challenge your religion like jesus said in Luke’s 6:46 why do you call me lord lord but do not do the things I say , is to do jehovah preaching like jesus thought us , can you honestly say you are doing it and your church

  22. Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t pay for their magazines either. Free to the public and free to them. This is a simple fact to research and clarify and yet what has been expressed is still wrong. People talk about research when they haven’t actually, personally, done any…or their notion of research is based on what they hear in the media …probably not the best or most recommended reference or research tool available.

  23. Its very obvious almost every one of you are members of this dangerous cults that destroys families and steals the fun of childhood from kids.

  24. It’s interesting how some assume they have the facts and wield it as a weapon. I hereby write for the benefit of those desirous of knowing God and looking beyond the boundaries of hate. Rebellion against God started in the spirit world. Was God yo blame. No, he took a purging stand and expelled the rebels. Rev. 12: 7-9. Did God ever have problems with his people on earth? Yes, and he instructed leading men how to keep his congregation clean. Lev. 17:10; 1Cor. 5: 11-13. Jehovah’s Witnesses are not immune to unrepentant sinners in their ranks. But like their heavenly father they don’t wink at it, but take firm action to expel such in imitation of God. If such ones repent, and wishes to Be a part of pure worship again they are restored with love. Should I blame God for setting the example and directing his own to behave like him? So for all the detractors I say. Why not try love since hate will only blind one to the facts and distance you from the most precious relationship you’ll ever have. That with the supreme author of love, Jehovah God. Did you ever stop to observe one of his greatest miracles unfolding before the eyed of men at this time? Jesus made s bold statement to a handful of disciples before ascending to heaven. He told them they would cover the earth with his Christ teachings. How could that be possible with the hatred and persecution they had to endure? God would have to perform a miracle. Acts 1:8 shows holy spirit would be responsible. The witnesses endure hatred and persecution in all lands even in the land of the free where they were Tared And feathered. Ever wondered why they cannot be stopped when so many other religious groups have tried Acts 5:42 and failed? Again I say without apology all credit to the most high God who through Jesus Christ sends holy spirit. Yes it’s a miracle since such activity can only be attributed to a supernatural source. Many former haters are now Jehovah’s Witnesses reading and being empowered by the same magazines they once hated.

    • Getting an education and really being able to look for ALL the facts using multiple sources is common sense unless you are told where you HAVE to get your facts from a cult. If you look at other resources you could be labeled an apostate.

      • Ray what make you think we don’t look for multiple sources are magazines and teachings are exposed to the scrutiny of every one hat reads it and the world because the information is out there for everyone to see , also about deviding family is not the way you put it , I was reprimanded and also disfellowship in another case and I came back to jehovah and I was forgiven and I repented and iam back , the Bible speak of setting the sinners outside , until they repent and desire to come back, when you love God and your people you will do what it takes to change what ever got you in trouble with jehovah and repent as jesus thought us , I will like to ask you a question if you grow up knowing what is right or wrong .knowing if you do something wrong and if you don’t repent and leave what ever practices got you in trouble in the first pkace you could be disfellowship and you see others getting disfellowship and you follow the rules when it happen to others how come when it happens to you or me we is difffernt is no different what goes for them go for us what apply to them apply to us

  25. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a verified high control group also known as a cult.
    This is a fact, said mant times over by experts in the field of undue influence and mind control.
    All of their literature is propaganda.

    • Bernard shakey if we are such high control group , what are your accusations .are we violating the law are we killing our fellow man or brother in our nation or around the world , are we preaching hate , disobedience, can you argue that we are bad people , because we are a high control group , that is probably what is going wrong we the world today , is hard to follow everyone wants to be the leader creating chaos all over , in our case because we obey and we could follow even though we could also be the leader they see that as a bad thing , not my brother is a good thing is called meekness, humbleness when even though you could be on top you take the last place , that is courage that is to be brave, that is to know how to follow in today society no one wants to follow everyone thinks because we are in the age of information , we don’t need to follow , you just google it and make your on path in life , in business, and in religion how nice that is why the world is the way it is .can you in modern history point at something bad jehovah witness are being acuse us a group , you will not see jehovah witness in war , in jail , in disobedience, in a riot , causing others harms for there way of life for what they teach us to the contrary we try to spend our free time bringing the good news that jesus spoke of to every people in the world to even those that can not see can not hear and can not talk distributing lirature in more than 800 hundred languages of the world this year and trying to reach more languages in the years to come to reach more people and with the only purpose of getting the good news of the kingdom to every people like jesus said in mattew 24:14 and then the end will come

  26. No ones belief system should keep you from your own family. If you find out the governing body of Jw’s is not inspired, as surprisingly quoted in their magazine, and talk to other members about it, you will be shunned. Speak to other members that the organization is wrong about the Bible, that their prophesies are wrong, you will be disfellowshipped. Members of your immediate family that are jw’s will shun you! So don’t bother reading something that has a little truth and a lot of bunk.
    The ones commenting on here were told and are fully indoctrinated to not look up anything on their own religion on the internet. Why? They would soon discover the hypocrisy of the governing body. It is under investigation for hiding pedophiles and for not allowing members who have been abused to report to authorities.

  27. The Watchtower and Awake are not free. In fact, they’re paid for twice by donations. Once, when they’re picked up by the publisher at the Kingdom Hall and again when a householder donates at the door.

    Money twice wasted.

  28. This is fascinating.
    I just wish that each Witness posting here would read the comments posted by the Ex Witnesses. They were you once. I was you. When I left, it was the most difficult choice I’ve ever had to make in my life. But in my heart I knew it was the right one.
    I knew that upon leaving, I was going to lose hundreds of friends all at once. Some of my family would begin to shun me, even when passing me in grocery stores.
    But I could not live in a life where I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if my future children ever needed a blood transfusion, or they’d die, I’d pump them full myself, if I could.
    I also told myself, out of allllll the religions in the world, what are the odds that my family picked the right one. If they had been courted by Mormons instead, that would be the religion I was having doubts about.
    Leaving was hard, but living as a hypocrite would be harder.
    I am so grateful to live the life I live. No judgement, I’m a good person. Im happy.
    I miss some people, but I have other amazing people in my life, that are meant to be in it.
    If you’d like to leave, but just can’t make the move… I understand that too.
    Very hard choice to make.

  29. Most JW’s are made to feel bad if they don’t get baptized. They come to a decision to do so by peer pressure. Once in your not free to leave.

  30. Watchtower and Awake are definitely not the most read magazines. Members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses are supposed to take them from the organization (and they are presusserd to pay for them “voluntary”) and distribute them to the public. At the end, only a part of the monthly printed volumes is actually taken by the public (even though the magazines are for free, they won’t take them!) and most of the magazines end up on the streets or in waste bins close to the jehovah witness “publishing carts”

  31. They problem with Jehovah’s witnesses is that they don’t stand up to scrutiny. Any grown up with a belief welcomes questions. For example, Im pro-dairy but if someone said to me Oh Michelle I read a terrible article about the dairy industry my first response would be to ask for a copy and would be open to the possibility of changing my views. However, if you were the say the same to a witness they would promptly stick their fingers in their ears while chanting APOSTATE and DISFELLOWED. I recently mentioned to a witness that they are a doomsday religion to be told NO NO NO refusing to even view the world in the dictionary.

  32. I am a victim of the watchtower organization. I was physically and mentally abused by my Jehovahs Witness husband and when I left him and reported him to the elders they tried to convince me to go back. That it was my duty to be submissive. I refused and my family suffered for supporting me. When my spirituality was low the members of the congregation spread rumours about me, my situation caused me deep stress and depression. They questioned whether I was faking it to get out of meetings. Instead of HELPING they spoke badly of me, over and over again. One day while sitting in a meeting depressed and defeated I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. I stood up for myself and I stopped attending. Since then I’ve only been getting better. I am happy now. I am no longer alone. I found people who understand me and stand by me. They love me unconditionally. Jehovahs Witnesses only care for you if you obey whatever their publications teach. Steer clear of this CULT. I lost my family to this cruel organization. I am now shunned by my own parents and my only sister. Because of a difference in beliefs. BECAUSE OF A DIFFERENCE IN BELIEFS.

  33. These people are definitely a cult! I was abused as a teenager by one of their main men and it was brushed under the carpet! In this day he wud b known as a paedophile and is a danger! They are so controlling and disgust me!

    • @jo people are molested in every religion by somebody who lives a double life , with that in mind you can not judge a group of pileople by the actions of some of them is like calling all Americans are bad because of an act of one of them the same way you can judge a group base on the actions of a few of those people you can judge all of them , I feel sorry for your case in particular and wish you a full recovery of your trama , hoping in jehovah and jesus that you come to a full knowledge of God ‘s true Timothy 2:4 john 17:3 ( if you ever want to talk to a jehovah witness that will understand you call me Alexander f cruz ( 646-733-6561 ) or any one else that find them self in the same shoes

  34. For the ex witnesses, the question is: why did you REALLy leave? Where you leaving a godly life before you left? Where you living a double life? For most of you, your consciences were sitting hard on you so you quited! Love or hate them, the witnesses are good people!

  35. Jehovah ordered Moses to kill a man in the most brutal and barbaric way (stoning) because he collected wood on the wrong day.
    I had a conversation with a JW about this and I was amazed at that she said. She said “How else could he have died? They didn’t have guns, they had swords. I’d rather be stoned to breath than have my head cut off.”
    I said “Are you joking?”
    She replied “No, there’s a spot in the side of your head. If you hit that you die instantly. Sometimes people die when they hit that from falling over.”
    So I said “Yes that can happen. But stoning doesn’t work like that. You basically get a stone thrown on you which hurts. The another larger one that breaks your leg. Then a few more. Then you’ve got a broken leg a fractured eyesocket, broken jaw, broken arm. You’re in so much pain but still the stones come. Until you’re in so much pain and lose enough blood that after hours your body gives up! Jehovah the creator has the power to kill him instantly and painlessly.”
    She repeated about the fact there’s a point in the side of your head which kills you instantly. She said they guy had to die as he disobeyed Jehovah and he could have collected wood the day before. She also said he had to be stoned and she agreed with it.
    I don’t like to be rude about anybody’s religion or faith. But I was looking at her amazed and thinking it proves she’s been brainwashed since birth.

  36. Watchtower and awake are popular for one reason. They’re mandatory for the 8 million cult members of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They must read and study these mags, and they must distribute them to be seen as being obedient. They give them out to anyone and they do take donations for them. In the past there was a charge of around 40 uk pence for each mag, until watchtower realised that a way to avoid tax would be to accept “donations”. Now they make more money tax free because those donating will give at least £1. Clever watchtower.

  37. I have a few questions for those of you who are trying to destroy our reputation as Jehovah’s Witnesses by depicting us as a dangerous cult : What other viable choice do people have? Those of you who once were witnesses, what have you accomplished so far? Can you honestly say that you’re now a better person? Have you finally pinpointed another religion that is diligently preaching the good news of the kingdom? Say that the witnesses are in the wrong, where else can people go to find real comfort from the bible? Because what would then remain would be religious groups actively involved in politics, asking for more and more money each time, upholding and tolerating misconduct and sexual immorality. That’s what would remain. NOTHING else. So please don’t come with that fake look on your face pretending that you have something better for people out there. Because the truth is, ex-brothers and sisters, there is not any. And you all know that. So shut up and let those of us who have something interesting to say do the talking.

    • Yes! A much better person. More happy, more successful, a beautiful marriage and successful children! You do not have to stay a witness – their shunning, guilt, judgment and expectations cause Religious Trauma Syndrome.

    • Funny you should ask, what we have found since leaving. How boutique unconditional love. Being accepted for who areas Jesus said to love your neighbor a yourself, how are the JW’s doing that when they shun their own family members?? How about helping the poor? Teaching the bible is not all that Jesus asked to do? In fact I believe he fed the masses when he preached? Stop acting like us who have left are horrible unhappy people! 99% of the people who he left are in a much better mentally than they ever were when they were in! Just look outside the watchtower once…

    • That’s typically JW’s bad thinking that they are better than anyone else. Let the world judge you. Don’t be your own judge. Before your religion exist there has always been the bible and the Christan religion. So You didn’t discover the bible nor Christianity and God is interested in individual Christians not organistions. What you brought in is a certain cult that tries to oppose doctrinally all other versions of Christianity and coerce its members to stay in, in fear of shunning. Nothing else. No schools. No hospitals no charity, just lip service, faith without good works. Your religion needs Reformation. It does add up to stay with all the contradictions and false interpretations. Honestly.

    • Those who have left due to realizing how the Watchtower has changed the Bible to suit their doctrine go to who the Bible directs us to go to Jesus..not men. Jesus our mediator. Too bad he is not your mediator.
      Your language and rudeness and just plain ignorance is a perfect example of what jws are truly like inside. What a great witness to all those reading these comments of how unloving jws are.

    • Hello. There is no where manmade to go. We have fled to the wilderness. We have heeded Christ’s admonition to flee from Babylon the Great. Christ has not returned invisibily. The two Witneses have not arrived. It’s a lonely place at times but I’d rather be here than supporting an organization that is lying and abusing it’s flock. It is not the time for the good news to be preached. This worldwide work is not the evidence of Holy Spirit directing an organisation. It’s evidence of a whole flock of brainwashed people furthering the interests of a publishing company gone extreme.
      Deal breakers for me: examining Daniel 4 and realizing it makes no sense nor is there evidence it has a secondary fulfilment as none of Daniel’s other prophecies have secondary fulfillments. And the parable of the faithful and discreet slave is just that a parable or an example not a prophecy to be fulfilled l by first labeling the remnant of the 144,000 in Rev then changing it to just the 7 men in brooklyn. Its a parable for us as individuals to follow, which of those slaves are you going to be when your master, Christ returns? All of your questions are typical of cognitive dissonance and brainwashing. I’ve been there. I’ve been on the inside looking out through glasses that only showed what the organisation wanted me to see. You are programmed to fear the world and the people in it. Apostate Reasoning = critical thinking. You have been stripped of your critical thinking because it’s been labelled a mental disease, independent thinking. You are living in one of the biggest hoaxes of the 20th and now 21st centuries. Because you have been convinced this is God’s Earthly organisation dictated by 7 men, you let run ramrod over your life all in the self sacrificing spirit of serving the Grand Creator. They even now admit they are not inspired of God nor are they infallible thats in the Feb 17 WT. If you could just let yourself hear the horror stories of spiritual emotional and physical abuse experienced by those who have left the organisation and are now leading happy fulfilled lives. It is not a safer place than the world. Just go take a peak at the FB group Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Recovery Group 3. These are not apostate driven lies they are true experiences of people trampled on by their own shepherds. And if you’ve always had it pretty cushy as a JW like I did then these experiences are so extreme you can’t believe we are talking about the same religion. And that’s when the cognitive dissonance kicks in and you label it all lies. Because you know deep down something is not right but to admit that and start on a path of enlightening yourself to what’s really going on is going shatter the illusion of a safe place where you think you are protected from this big bad scary world. It’s a hoax and illusion. And you can’t see it when you are in it.

      • Do you believe in the life Jesus lived? Not Witnesses but Jesus earthly life. What he did and how he conducted himself. According to you which religion is closest to this kind of life today?

        • Absolutely none. Organized religion is a snare and a racket. That idea of ‘what religion comes closest to following Christ’ is again a typical response that comes up like a red flag that you are suffering from cognitive dissonance. And further do you remember the illustration of a glass of water with one drop of poison being unacceptable to drink? Well even if JWs are the closest of all organised religion they still have at least that drop of poison that I am not going to drink their water (further research reveals more than one drop though). I have listened to my Lord Jesus Christ and fled Babylon the Great into the wilderness where he will care for me until his return.

    • You are a complete idiot. You need to take on a lot of debt like the people did right before 1975 because they would never have to pay it back. A true believer would do it. That wa interesting. Now you shut up and let people with cognitive reasoning skills communicate.

    • On point my brother! I’m sick of these apostate trolls who have nothing better to offer! But try to ruin Jehovah’s reputation on earth. They only tear down and not build up! This world is going down those who refuse to see it are blinded by their own pride! We will defend our God, Jehovah and his son Jesus, till Jesus takes over his kingdom.

      • There is no way to build up on a foundation built so shoddily built as this organisation has been built without first tearing it down to the base raw materials and that means ultimately the deprogramming the brainwashing which in your cognitive dissonance means apostates are only hate filled trolls who only want to tear down. From your programmed point of view you will never see the unconditional love we have for you. You live in a world where hatred and judgement has been taught to you to be love and true unconditional love has been taught to be seen as hatred.

    • After leaving the Jehovahs Witnesses I have come to learn what unconditional love really means. I can be myself without fear of rejection or judgment. I have found friends who accept me for who I am. I am free to think for myself and read, watch and listen to various religious beliefs and learn more about myself and my relationship with God. This is something I could never do as a witness. I was always shamed for being different or having too big of a voice. I am no longer put down or limited in my learning. I feel free. I am so happy to have my daughter be free to learn and love as she chooses. To be close friends with people of all religions and have an open mind to new ideas and teachings. She will be free to think for herself and be herself. Jesus’ teaching to Love your neighborhood, love yourself and love God is a teaching I live by and with which I guide my daughter. I am so happy to leave such a controlling and judgemental organization! Very liberating! 🙂

  38. You haters o God or of any religions are FOOLISH and STUPID, no one can say he had better Religion than anyone, you stupid!!! You do not tell to anyone to come to your religion to be a better person, leave JW alone! You dont have to say anything if u dont agree, as if you are righteous stupid you!

    • We speak up because they are a dangerous cult that uses mind control tactics which jeopardizes peoples lives. How you ask one is by refusal of blood transfusions which is ultimately scripturally baseless. Another is the shear number of suicides taking place because of their practice of shunning those they deem have turned their backs on God by leaving the organisation. The number of people who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses in high control religions is just unacceptable. And there is no true guidance or help for these people. Often they are disfellowshipped when they are at their lowest thus incurring family and friends shunning them it’s kicking someone when they are down. This is by no means showing unconditional love!

  39. Cult cult cult! WBTS is run by 7 old farts in NY who make up rules and policies while lying under oath about said rules and policies. You who are defending this cult, how many of you have actually researched your “religion” not using the org’s publications? What have they got to hide that prevents you from actually learning the history of your “religion”? From CT Russell who got many of his teachings from the Adventists and believed in nephrology and pyramidism to Rutherford who was a womanizing, law breaking (re:prohibition)
    An organization that protects pedophiles and shuns the victims of such abuse! (Royal Australian Commission)
    Ugh.. I could go on.. please for your own sake, do some research.. “apostates” aren’t mentally diseased…they are mentally AWAKE!

  40. Serving Jehovah in the right way is a matter of choice. Forgive those who have misconceptions about Jehovah’s Witnesses. At the appropriate time, and if it’s the will of Jehovah, those who do not share our faith would one day be with us. It’s a matter of time. And let’s be clear: we are not in the business of competition.

    • It’s not a choice when you are taught from infancy and it’s all you’ve ever known and you are not given the opportunity nor encouraged to ‘Make sure of all things’ 1 Thess 5:21. It’s also not free choice when an organisation utilizes kind control techniques and language. It is only the illusion of choice.

  41. Please feel free to visit any Kingdom Hall or even the Headquarters. What a wonderful feeling a person has when he examines and investigates things for himself and come up with the TRUTH. Not just idle talk about what he thinks he knows but real facts about what things really are. Again, it’s a great feeling. Try it. Anyone who is being being bashed by someone would prefer that person coming to them for the truth instead of spreading lies Jehovah’s Witnesses would love to answer your questions. Feel free to also visit if you prefer to get answers in the privacy of your home. There are publications and videos for download which is also free.

  42. The WT MAY, big MAY, be the most widely placed but that does NOT mean its actually read. Keep in mind, every magazine that’s left at a Laundromat, doctor’s office, what have you is counted as ‘placed’. Does anyone read them? Maybe. Maybe not. How many of those left at doors go straight into the garbage as soon as the Witness who ‘placed’ it leaves? Probably quite a few. That’s what I do with the WT magazines. Accept it with a polite smile just to get the Witnesses off my door step, then straight into the garbage.

  43. I’ve observed that some are becoming I bit heated under the collars and attacking the person and not the subject. Let Mr hereby remind you: Jesus Christ and his father is looking for sheeplike, humble people who respects his word and submit to it. John 10: 3, 14, 20, 21. Shortly after making reference to his sheep his haters said he has a demon. Remember Jesus also said a slave is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they’ll persecute you also. With all due respect to haters, if they have the facts and have love for God, why not try going out as Jesus say and teach the masses true religion? Mat. 28: 19, 20. For witnesses advocating true worship, remember Paul’s counsel: there’s no need to fight. 2Tim. 2: 23. Christians are asked to reject such debates knowing they produce fights. Is there wisdom in that counsel by holy spirit? Oh yes! Otherwise you’re only becoming fodder to be abused. Even expelled ones may be forcing you to disobey the bible’s counsel at 1Cor. 5: 11-13. For the above reasons this will be my last post on this topic. Many sheeplike ones need this precious time. There must be a reason over 260, 000 persons are being baptized each year as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Are they readers of the two most widely read magazines? The answer is yours.

    • You are right, the WT is fooling as many as 260,000 yearly. This includes a handful of newcomers and their underage own children. However, your misplaced counsel to discourage all effort of knowing the truth about you and gobble your lies in a sheep like manner is not biblical, dishonest and doesn’t help the public to know the TRUTH.

    • Thank You Syd…well said…we need not respond to these remarks that would only bring us down to a level that Jesus would never have done, we serve a wonderful God that will manage all of this in his own good time, we are smart to leave these matters in the hands of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and keep our eye on his footsteps so as not to be drawn into such idle conversation.

  44. Wow! So much hate for the JW’s, why am I not surprised! Even the son of God was shown the same hostile attitude. This religion saved my life by their skillful teachings of the Bible and helping me have a relationship with Jehovah God. They place emphasis on Jehovah God,the true and the living God which should be the rightful case since HE deserves it. I am now studying to be HIS witness and to have a small part in declaring HIS righteousness to those starving for spiritual truth. It’s well over seven months now ,I did my research on them 2 years before deciding to associate with them and get an upclose feel and view of their conduct in relation to living in harmony with what they claim is in the Bible (I’m a Journo ,can you blame me! ).I was so relieved to be proven wrong. They really strive to live by Bible standards and be peaceable with their neighbors. This was revolutionary in my mind!! My life let’s just say was as dirty as a sewer and I thought I was never cut out to have God’s mercy and acceptance ….How different our long-suffering and patient God viewed me! It is what breaks me down whenever I thank HIM for all HE’S done for a sinner like me.For even drawing me! I have just gotten enrolled into the Kingdom Ministry School last month and I am on my way to worship Jah and dedicate my life to HIM. Oh, The remarkable growth and the international unity of the witnesses and the successful dispersal of Bible-based publications with innovative method worldwide is visible proof this gang got Jah’s blessings and backing. HALLELUJAH !

    • You are not yet a JW if you have not yet been baptized and what your are saying is typical of a person at stage 1 development to become a JW. On road, many hidden truths will be revealed to you and some secret books designed to program you the way they want will be handed to you, i hope you will not be disappointed while in no return mode. Good luck!

    • Inform yourself. Check the facts. This website will give you references and facts.

      Jehovahs Witnesses forbid you to even Google their organization. Do it. If you truly believe it is “the truth” then this should not sway you. The truth will stand, will it not?

      1 John 4:1 “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

  45. I studied for 2 years, went to every meeting, every book srudy, conventions and assemblies. I also spent every spare moment in the ministry. But I just didn’t believe what they were teaching and I was appalled by the self riteous way they acted and the way they downgraded other religions and the shunning of former members. I discovered the lies and gossip they spread about them and wanted no part of that. I walked out when I was 15 years old.Trish

  46. It’s said at Mt 7:6 “Do not give what is holy to dogs nor throw your pearls before swine, so that they may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open”…the words of our Lord and King Jesus Christ now ruling over Jehovah God’s Kingdom….an argument is never wise if the minds are closed to what the Bible has to say, conversation is healthy when someone wants to hear what the bible teaches AND then they are always free to form what ever opinion they choose to form, this is the gift of “free-will” I am thankful for that gift… Jehovah will take care of all things through his beloved son Jesus in his own time..Mt 24:36…nobody knows the hour not even the son of man…. all his followers can do is keep telling about the storm on the horizon just as Noah did, because they love mankind just as Jehovah does, if they choose to hear they will follow as sheep do with their master…. if not….well that too is up to them…..

  47. This is for the haters: Why do you have to bash people if they want to read this magazine? Is it bothering you? They are not a cult. I see Kingdom Halls everywhere and they have there own houses. Before you hate learn about what you are hating. Learn about what is disgusting you. A lot of these commits are untrue, and can be hurtful

    • We have the responsibility to speak out of love so that no one has to go the same hurtful way we took. On a good note: Many thanks to the writer of this article to have manufactured a unique rare platform where JW and ex JW can discuss their differences. You know JWs are normally not allowed to discuss with the ex jws. I hope those commenting here are high ranking officers who are allowed to go unorthodoxly otherwise they should look for elders’ counsel for having come to a secular forum like this. It’s a pity how cheap one can sell his head.

  48. As someone who grew up as a witness, I have been consistently active/inactive. I’ve never had the elders come and try to keep me going, though they might stop by (2, MAYBE 3 times a year) to see how I’m doing and encourage me (using scriptures) to return. They are not controlling as some comments state here. Though, as UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS, one persons “technique” will differ from another. I’ve been on the verge of being disfellowshipped, but because I am just another imperfect human, as we all are, my attitude resulted in my not being disfellowshipped. Many people don’t understand that being disfellowshipped might be compared to putting a child on time out, because they are acting out and refuse to change their attitude. If your child constantly had a group of friends over, and one of them was a known drug dealer/user or something else that you detested, would you continue allowing that kid (bad influence) to hang around? Disfellowshipping is done to protect the congregation from those that are known to bring bad influences/habits with them.

    To any that might be curious, please don’t take the negative words of others on here about the articles in the magazines. I urge you to do as much research possible.

    • Interesting comparison sadly. You compare adult fully grown with children? The benchmark for comparison is very awkward. You can’t display a fully grown thinking in the matter of christ or any religion if you consider yourself as a child. How can you grasp the truth? But true you have to think like a child to stay in. Wake up

  49. I have read a lot of comment here and would say the following :
    1. A lot of the writers were former witnesses . Not bad … I have not seen any religion where people don’t leave and new ones join . So it is normal
    2. A lot of the haters are people who don’t even know what it means to be a Christian. Please read Rom 12:2 …
    They feel their freedom is taken away and there is a control in place . So what do you expect ? Your workplace , are there no controls in place and so you just can’t do what you like or wish to ?
    If the JW religion has no control in
    Place , I wonder what sort of chaos it would be ! There is nothing without controls . Such controls are called laws in a country or rules or policies in a workplace . Even a football or handbal or any sport or game , there are Controls in place called rules . In soccer , the referee is like king , he decides everything done by 22 player .
    3. Some people want to eat their cake and have it back ! Tell me one place where children don’t get abused : is it sport , house , homes , school , religious centers etc evil people abound everywhere. Some kids are even abused by their parents . So when people are disciplined by JW as having gone against the laws of the church , you resent ! So they should leave you to do what you like ! Gosh ! What a dumb ! Why don’t you drive anyway you like on the road ! Why is there traffic lights ? Why does the police infringe on your right when you decide not to wear sit belt ?
    I think some people are very dumb . Because the Jw have controls , they are a cult . Everyone should be left to do what they like ! Really ?


  51. if your religion is correct….. then why so much hatred do you have….. we agree Jesus is king; but he received that power from his father…. and did not Jesus teach his followers about this kingdom… and expected it to be spread earth wide…. and did he not warn about false teachers…. and that his followers would be persecuted… as he was… and as his disciples were as well…. so calling us a cult is child like behavior; and yes people have done very bad things, while pretending to be good; so even if they can fool humans; they cannot fool god; and we have Judas as an example of that… who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver….. as for people working for nothing; shows just how much love they have for Jehovah and his son Jesus….. as well as how much they believe in god’s kingdom and his purpose for mankind….. but either way; man cannot stop this work or truth from reaching those ones with the right heart condition….. because as Jesus said.”no one can come to me unless the father calls him”. And just like in the days of Noah; so too; in the last days..people took no note or notice of the signs of his presence……. and we look forward to his promises….. and people will have to know; that I am Jehovah….the only true god…”

    • On the correct religion, the criterion is stated in James 1:27. ‘To care for the distress of vulnerable people including widdows and orphans’. See if the JW fit in.Is there any social program that the JW are associated with? Jesus will judge all religions for this including yours. Look at your financial statement. Just printing. What is your contribution to society? Magazines? Hahaha. The race continues.

  52. I came out of Apostate America and now serve Jehovah to the fullest and let me tell you that all of these guys on here that claim they know the works of the organization have all been poisoned by the same websites and YouTube videos, there is no proof behind the uneducated remarks they give and they quickly accept rumors as gospel! I meet a lot of them in the ministry and they sound really BIG at first and possibly even Educated but once you peel back that onion they shrink down to the size of a lawn gnome, never be intimidated over these ones daily I read and go over information they give me or stumper questions they ask me to answer (not recommended for new or easily shaken ones) and they are always wrong and it’s easy to combat with the Bible and APP because 80% of them have the same exact questions ?? also they have the same eyes like they just seen a ghost, many of them are really bitter ones who have mentally lost out on the hope of everlasting life so they spend all the time of the day brainwashing themselves that this is not the truth so they can live an easier life without that inner Jimminy Cricket beating them up about what’s to come!

  53. When you argue back and forth with hateful or disfellowshiped or simply misinformed people, you waste your time. Jehovah has a way of helping the misinformed and thats Matt 24:15. Also jesus said they would persecute you as they persersecuted me. They spread false lie about jesus they will do it to Jehovahs people. Arguing on the Internet is not going change any of those realities. Nor will it stop Jehovahs will from being done. The light gets brighter and brighter by accurate knowledge from the Bible not bantering on Internet.

  54. JWO is a corporation religion( business) ,you want to know about JWs go in the www. taxpayer office web site or Google JW or go in to Youtube and see the” hidden from JWs members”

  55. I belong to this religious organization. Also, I can tell you that individually and collectively we have done things we are ashamed of; to make this state you must know the history of this organization, I have over 35 years. Calling person names during a conflict only intensifies that conflict and does not bring a peaceful resolution; I have noticed some name calling, and this is shameful for any person calling themselves a JW. We as an organization have matured over the years, and I think that for any Kingdom Hall that you could enter you would be surprised of our advancement as it is related to the meaning of the scriptures. Please remember Jehovah is perfect, not the members of this organization, and for this, we (at least I) remain humble.

  56. Dear Ignorant Mageba,

    The reason I left was because I WOKE UP to the TRUTH. I’m a respectable married woman of over 25years, with lovely children. I was not disflowshipped. Not everyone who leaves does so to fornicate ? Or get drunk. This is where you are brainwashed. I have brought my children up to be respectful and they are well balanced. It was a very hard thing for me to leave as I felt trapped. I was worried about being shunned! You are fully immersed in the religion as I was for many years but there were many unanswered questions which elders couldn’t answer. There is a true life away from this cult but you cannot see it now but maybe one day you might. ‘Apostates’ are people who feel they have been wronged and some have been for many years. I was so distraught when I first ‘woke up’ as the bubble burst. Now I look at my children and think thank God they won’t have the life I had. GOD BLESS you in what you do

  57. I believe some people have been molested. I also believe that perhaps the brothers didn’t take care of the situation as they should have. Let’s hope that there will be a significant change as to how these situations are handled. There are bad people in every religion, in every walk of life, but what people will focus on is that this person that has abused children was a Jehovah witness. Obviously though these people were not doing or living in a way that is taught by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is sad and horrific when this happens. And it unfortunately happens in all religions and in the lives of people who are pagans and agnostics and atheists. I think the real problem with a lot of the people who suffered abuse by witnesses is that they felt that their congregation didn’t deal with it the right way. Maybe their family didn’t believe them or others in the congregation didn’t. And that is sad and hurtful. Sometimes people put others on a pedestal and can’t possibly comprehend that someone they see as such a good person can do such a horrible thing. It’s easy to say well we’re all imperfect humans and sometimes we don’t do the right things. But to the abused person this reasoning is not enough. But it’s true. No matter what religion, race, economic situation, we are all imperfect humans. And some of us are horrible people. And sadly people who seem to be good or godly are in fact not. I personally have never heard of Jehovah Witnesses going along with child abuse. I have read in the publications to keep a close eye on our children and to report abuse to the authorities. I have never heard that spousal abuse is okay. Witnesses are taught to follow Jesus’s loving example.
    And please let us all be honest, yes there are some that are gossips, some that think to highly of themselves in ALL religions and in ALL families and in ALL of our social circles. In my experience I have heard public talks that have reprimanded the congregation to stop gossiping and speaking abusively of one another. That’s why we are also constantly counseled to put up with one another.
    To all of you Witnesses or non Witnesses you have to realize that what each person is commenting is their own experiences and feelings. Don’t engage in these petty back and fourths. Being combative will never win people over.
    To anyone who has been abused by someone in the congregation I truly hope that they are outed. There is no room for child abusers in the congregation. I hope you find peace of mind. I hope that you do not hate all of Jehovahs Witnesses for what one has done to you. Just as it would be illogical to to hate a whole race for what one has done.
    Being a Jehovah witness isn’t for everyone. Some who were raised in the religion have decided that it wasn’t for them. That happens to people from all sorts of religions. We are all free to find what works for us. We should all respect our differences.

  58. Not interested in getting into a back and forth here but a quick thought for the JW haters . It seems like a constant thought is that JW’s don’t associate and shun people that don’t believe like them . But it sure doesn’t seem like any of you would want to talk or associate with a JW because of what they believe. In fact even hatred towards them. So who is shunning/ judgeing who here?

  59. This article was about the most top ten magazines read it not to draw conclusions which are the best the readers will determine that as been shown so to all who are trying to defend there faith this is not the forum to do it you are defending your faith by replying with words that allows more attack on your faith so allow the persons who rates all these magazine to give a witness and that’s all needs to be said continue your work properly from door to door not on social media which takes away from the way the message was designed to be given. I hope no true Christian will continue to reply to comments about your faith

  60. Dustbin, you talk utter rubbish. So many families have been destroyed by Jehovah’s witnesses shunning because a member made a decision to leave for whatever reason. Especially, how can someone be shunned for not believing it’s the truth. Say, someone dissociates (doesn’t want to live a lie) himself because they don’t BELIEVE anymore, why should they be shunned by family members. There could be children involved who are denied a relationship with parents, grandparents, siblings etc. What have they done to deserve this. This is wrong on all levels. That’s how some are trapped. Oh let’s go back so we’re not outcast …. WRONG!!!

  61. And for MARIE ‘we are not all free to find what works for us’ as my comment above states. If only things were that simple and differences were respected.

  62. Having read all the above comments …..
    Facts to ponder about.
    Please read these verses in the Holy Scriptures.
    Mathew 7:13-14
    Mathew 10:34-35
    Mathew 24:14
    1Corinthians 5:11
    1Corinthians 6:9-11
    Do you see the True Picture?

  63. A matter of fact:
    John 6:44
    God Jehovah, Draws all people from the nations tribes and tongues of the world towards Him ….those who are sighing and moaning because of the detestable things done in this world…..those seeking righteousness…. those in need of forgiveness and mercy…..those who love God and his son Jesus…..those who seek The Truth…… those who are humble …honest….those who who are willing to sacrifice their own wills to the will of God.etc.

  64. Yes that applies to all true Christians of any denomination. There are good and bad in every religion. It doesn’t matter which Church you belong to. Over thiusands of years the message has been preached and religion has been established. As long as you believe God knows your heart. Every religion interprets their own way. The witnesses are known to misquote in the Watchtower and have had complaints from various authors. Look online and see for yourself if you’re allowed. Those who add things knowingly to mistranslation/interpretation I believe will be punished by God I.e. The blood issue, birthdays, Christmas, that are not written in the bible. There will never be new light on the blood issue because Watchtower will get sued by all the families of those who have died. Blood refusal was referring to animal blood in the bible. Human life is sacred. How can you now accept blood plasma etc or whatever is now allowed? It is still blood. These are man made rules and so on and so on. Can you answer my questions from previous posts about shunning and how children are denied a relationship with parents/grandparents/siblings no matter their age.

  65. I’m not being hateful about this just very upset and hurt for the life I have had. I feel so let down since ‘waking up’ and now realise I may grow old and die. This may sound strange to non-Jehovah’s witnesses but for me it is massive after being told all my life that the end of the world is imminent and we would live in a paradise world.

  66. Woahooh,
    What a hearty exchange!
    Reading through different posts, I have been wondering if anything good or even exceptional could be put at the credit of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    If anyone has actually been abused in anyway by immoral and unscrupulous individuals who are covered by their like, no big troubles. God will definitely deal with them at the best way and the right time.
    A point in case are the clergy of the Catholic Church. Few decades back no one could imagine that they would be tried and sentenced for their gross immorality and shocking paedophilia. Their head had no other choice than to ask public apologies. Who were those relentlessly denouncing those filthy acts? Jehovah’s Witnesses (through awake and watchtower magazines). If the latter have finally joined the first in those same practices, they are more guilty than the catholic and as such, they deserve a more serious punishment. And for sure this would not delay.
    If Jehovah’s Witnesses are such a dangerous cult (as some are tirelessly painting them), no big worries here too. Gamaliel gave a sound advice to Jewish High Court in the first century regarding similar accusations on Christ disciples. He said if they were like other false prophets who came before them, they would unfailingly disappear like them. But if they were genuine, all efforts to fight them would simply be futile as their enemies would actually be fighting against God.
    The same goes with Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have been saying for over a century that they are the ONLY genuine Christians on earth (as an organization or group). Some do not agree with that, depicting them as a dangerous cult, child abusers etc. If the latter is true, the Witnesses will be extinguished in one way or the other and will each individually pay for their crimes. If however they are genuine Christ followers, no amount of anger, bitterness, false accusations, black painting and so on will stop them as their enemies would actually be “fighting against God”. In this case, the Watchtower and Awake will continue to be the MOST READ and CIRCULATED magazine on earth. And the Witnesses will continue to grow in number (hundreds of new congregations formed each week) with the great majority coming from “OUTHERE” where have tasted and “ENJOYED” all type of “FREEDOM” before being “ENTRAPPED” and are greatly enjoying their “CULT” and would not exchange it for anything…

  67. I’m not being hateful about this just very upset and hurt for the life I have had. I feel so let down since ‘waking up’ and now realise I may grow old and die. This may sound strange to non-Jehovah’s witnesses but for me it is massive after being told all my life that the end of the world is imminent and that I would not grow old in this system but rather see the paradise earth during my lifetime.

  68. Most published/circulated and given out to people without a fee doesn’t make it the most read. How many of these magazines do you see thrown in the trash or in the roads. They are literally given away! I know because I used to do it. Push through letterbox ‘not at homes’ etc. Sorry to tell you but Jehovah’s Witnesses are declining in the Western world where the truth can be found via internet. The growth is mainly in Africa and many other Countries incl. Eastern European countries. Desperate people with problems are sucked in. X

  69. The Bible contains expressions such as: “the end is near”; “the time left is reduced”; “the end of all things has drawn close”. Why feel let down if Jehovah’s Witnesses are saying the same thing about 2000 years later.
    Jesus told his followers: “truly I say to you that there are some of those standing here who will not taste death at all until first they see the son of man coming in his kingdom”. All those hearing these words did die.
    Billions of peoples still trust Jesus Christ the Bible till date.
    As it is, most often than not the problem lies not what is taught, but in attitudes and heart condition

  70. Some may not read the magazines. Still printing and circulating 45.9 million issues of watchtower per month in 212 languages and 44.7 million issues of awake per month in 99 languages remains impressive indeed. If printing is sustained year after year and decades after decades, it is an indication of at least one thing: though the magazines are loathed by some (which shouldn’t be surprising), their contents are appreciated by many (including non-witnesses).
    Number of Jehovah’s witnesses per country in Europe may not indicate that there is a decline in their number. If that were to be true, it wouldn’t be a surprise because Jesus Christ did say that it will be more difficult the rich to enter in the kingdom of God than for camel to pass through the whole of a needle.

  71. Those leaving in the Western world has nothing to do with being rich but being able to acquire true knowledge through the internet. Not all who leave are RICH ?.

    Failed predictions:

    “We have no doubt whatever in regard to the chronology relating to dates of 1874, 1914, 1918 and 1925. Watchtower 1922 May 15, p.147.

    “The time of the end” a period of 115 years from AD1799 to AD 1914, is particularly marked in the scriptures. ….Studies in the scriptures – The Kingdom Come p.23.

    “The indisputable facts …. time of the end’ began in 1979 …. lord’s presence began 1874”. Watch. 1922 Mar 1 pg 73.

    So many passages but no time for me to write …. 1878, 1881, 1914, surprising 1915.

    “Be that as it may, there is evidence that the establishment of the kingdom in Palestine will prob be in 1925,
    ,” …. studies in then scriptures VII – The finished Mystery, p128.

    Then when this failed went back to 1914 teaching.

    1818 ‘The Finished Mystery”

    I 920, 1921, 1932 Watch. 1938 Feb 15, pg 55

    1935 Sealing of the anointed.


    “MIllions now living will never die”
    “Those who saw the First World War would live to see Armageddon. Aren’t they all dead now???? So of course another change of teaching the “overlapping of generation”. This adds more time doesn’t it?

    AND you wonder why I feel failed? How many times can you see ‘new light’. These are clearly false prophecies. You mock other religions who make mistakes.

    All quotes are from your literature. Read if they still have from accessible.

    I won’t be responding any more.

  72. To all those who continue with their apostate rants, what a sad existence you have. None of us desire to “escape” from this organisation, so save your breath. We know we have the truth, and that is worth more to us than any lie you post here. We’ve seen for decades how apostates operate; they have no life, so they insist on lurking on message boards like this; they thrive on it. They have nothing positive to say; and nothing to offer.

    Anyone who has been disfellowshipped and has come back, admits it was the worst experience of their life, to be out in the world and away from Jehovah’s organization and loyal worshipers. They are happy to be back, and the congregation is happy for them.

    If you want out, then GO. No one is forced to stay, and no one is forced to become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Those of us who came out of the other religions of the world wouldn’t go back for all the money in the world. We are happy and proud to be Jehovah’s Witnesses, the only religion that worships the true God Jehovah and follows his son, Jesus. And we are the only religion obeying Jesus’ command to preach the Good News of the Kingdom worldwide.

    So tell us: Now that you have ESCAPED from such an evil religion and are so HAPPY, who do you now pray to? A god with THREE HEADS? Do you now believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Do you now celebrate birthdays, despite the fact that Jesus and his apostles did not? Do you now gamble, play bingo, and watch alot of TV because you have nothing better to do with your life? Or do you now lurk message boards like this one, spouting your venom against JWs because you are so miserable?

    Do you now believe that when you die, your SPIRIT will go to heaven, but your BODY will be buried? Oh, wait! Or is it your BODY will go to heaven, because you now believe in the RAPTURE? Oh, wait! or is it you will be buried FIRST, and then on the “LAST DAY”, your spirit will go to heaven? Oh, wait! Or is it you DIE first, then your SOUL goes to heaven?

    Now that you are so enlightened, do you now worship a god who burns BAD PEOPLE like Jehovah’s Witnesses in a hellfire?? Do you now take blood transfusions, despite the fact that the bible says to ‘abstain from blood’? Do you now commit fornication? Do you now smell bad from the filthy habit of cigarette smoking? Do you now go to bars and parties and get drunk? Do you now kill your fellow Christian in war? Do you now salute the American flag and sing “God Bless America”? Do you now have no hope for the future? Do you now have no friends?

    So tell us: What’s it like to be FREE?

  73. You can only speak for yourself. Yes many are happy being a Jehovah’s Witness but don’t fool yourself. Multitudes are trapped for fear of being isolated if to leave. There are many chat forums of people in these situations who want to get out but can’t. People have committed suicide over being shunned!!!! Many are seeking counselling!!! It has nothing to do with apostasy!!!!! I speak for myself and I’m happy and didn’t leave to get drunk and participate in all the things you’ve mentioned. I am lucky that all my family are out as well. Is that why you think people leave? Why can’t you accept that they leave because they don’t believe your VERSION of false interpretation. I left because it’s not the truth. Simple! Your choice to stay but I’m entitled to free speach and people need to know what they’re letting themselves in for. This is a dangerous cult!

  74. R Bowman – hypocrite who’s lurking message boards spouting venom? No friends? What a fine Witness you give with so much love.

  75. I was a Jehovah’s Witness for 35 years, raised in the faith from age 8. It IS a cult, in every definition of the word. Both my two EX wives are still JWs, and BOTH were seriously sexually molested by JW men who got away with it, with complete duplicity of the ‘Elders’. The Elders are supposed to be the Shepherds and protectors of the flock, not harboring child predators!

  76. Tom, shunned? No, disfellowshipped. It’s nowhere near a bad thing plus we aren’t the Only organization to practice disfellowshipping. Please tell me how this is a dangerous cult as you claim?

  77. As of May 16, 2017, the Watchtower if published in 302 languages and 61,651,000 copies in various formats
    The Awake magazine is published in 117 languages and 60,240,000 copies in various formats

  78. Those Watchtower and Awake magazines come from Jehovah’s Witnesses, the religion which claims to be “the truth” BOTH before AND after it changes its teachings. Since that claim can’t be true, why trust reading those magazines?

    Type the link below to Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society’s official list of teaching changes into your browser:

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