Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in The World

Did cavemen have Ice creams in the summer? Of course not. And also until the recent developments in the field of refrigeration, in the past centuries, people underwent great pain to freeze any form of foodstuff, except probably in the tundra of course, where they found it difficult to heat things up. Neither could anybody afford the luxury of frozen and preserved food. But now, almost a major part of our diet depends on food that is frozen. It comes as no surprise that food that would otherwise have to be thrown away within a couple of days, now, thanks to refrigerators can be preserved for weeks, perhaps even months.

Refrigerators have struck a revolution in the field of preserving any form of organic material. Not only this, fridges have also made our progress in the cosmetic industries and pharmaceutics quite simple. So, we are quite well off thanks to these chilling systems. A lot of companies have put their effort in developing the refrigeration technique and also in making these machines affordable for normal people, but some few companies are surely one of a kind that have sometimes been s of companies have put their effort in developing the refrigeration technique and also in making these machines affordable for normal people, but some few companies are surely one of a kind that have sometimes been synonymously been compared with refrigerators themselves. So here is the list of the top 10 best refrigerator brands in the world 2019. These Refrigerator Brands have recorded highest number of sales in all over the world and the countdown follows:

10. Haier:

Best Refrigerator Brands 2019

At the 10th position, this Company has come into the market in 2004, but has achieved a considerable trust among the buyers today, because of its high quality and latest technology products. This brand showcases a number of innovative models in refrigerators, including bottom mounted refrigerators, top mounted frost free, side by side and direct cool.

9. Sharp:

Best Refrigerator Brands 2019

Known for its affordable price is another company sharp .This company is the Japanese multinational brand Sharp, this company has its production all over the world and they are globally trusted manufacture of consumer electronics. The refrigerators of this brand are loaded with excellent features such as hybrid cooling, plasmacluster ion system, LED lighting and LCD display.Thus they are in the 9th position in the list.

8. Hitachi:

Best Refrigerator Brands

Hitachi is a Japanese company which is a trusted manufacturing company of electronic products. This company is trustworthy and which makes a promise of high quality and durability, along with low power consumption. Also, there are some promising features available in refrigerators from Hitachi, including dual fan cooling, eco thermal sensor, no frost and nano titanium filter.

7. Electrolux:

Best Refrigerator Brands

This company is almost 100 years old which is known for its production of refrigerators which are of latest technology, affordable price, stylish looks and also all other excellent features rolled in. They are very trustworthy company all over the world and have millions of satisfied customers under the brand.

6. Panasonic:

Best Refrigerator Brands 2019

This is yet another Japanese company but it is amazing producer of higher quality products. This brand is known for its production of variety of high quality products. Econavi, deodorizer, AG clean and intelligent inverter technology are some of the amazing features available in this brand. Thus this stands in 6th position.

5. Godrej:

Best Refrigerator Brands

This company is an Indian company which was established in the year 1897. They are leading producers of electrical devices. They are also known for their quality production of refrigerators. They have technologies such as aroma lock, sif technology and anti B technology. Thus they stand in 5th position.

4. Videocon:

Best Refrigerator Brands

This company is one of the most popular refrigerator brands .Videocon, which has been a part of the market since 1979 and has developed a trusted reputation because of bringing products with amazing features and latest technology. It brings a wide array of models including side by side, frost free, direct cooling and a lot of other models.

3. LG:

Best Refrigerator Brands

With the tag line of life’s good, this South Korean company always provide justice to that name. LG is a reliable name in consumer electronics and showcases a great variety in refrigerators equipped with excellent features like humidity control, power cut even cool and moisture balance. It brings single door, double door and side by side models. They are not very expensive too.

2. Whirlpool:

Best Refrigerator Brands

This is one of the American Brand is about 100 years old. They are known for their production of Washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioning and other electrical appliances. The brand gets a large number of models, which are loaded with outstanding features like 6th sense technology, tower cooling and freshonizer. The company has made up to the 2nd position with the constant effort in bringing innovative, futuristic technologies with their devices.

1. Samsung:

Best Refrigerator Brands

This is a South Korean company which is one of the leading producer of electrical appliances. They are very well known for their production of high end refrigerators which comes with excellent features such as moist fresh zone, cool pack inverter compressor. This top manufacturer has always been introducing innovations to bring about more efficiency in the field of refrigeration.

This was the list of the best seller top 10 best refrigerators companies in the World 2019 that have recorded highest sales across the world. Thus, for a buyer, keeping in mind about the companies in the list proves very handy in choosing a right refrigerator.

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