Top 10 Distance Education Universities in The World

Distance education is a type of education where a student need not be physically present in that school which provides that kind of education. This type of system mainly makes use of the internet. Sometimes books published from the university are sent to the pupil seeking such education and he has to study the subject by himself. There are several MOOC’s available in the internet from various top institutes. Students who do not get direct seat can make use of this facility and study from the same university for the same certificate. This system thus has gained fame due to the advantages it has. A student can simultaneously go to college and also do a MOOC so that he gains some extra knowledge on any topic he wishes. So, below is the list of top 10 distance education universities in the world 2019.

1. University of Liverpool, England

Distance Education Universities 2019

World’s leading E-Learning University according Financial Times, University of Liverpool was started in 1881 and globally acclaimed for best education services. In collaboration with an Online Education company, it has been exceptionally serving global students in variety of subjects, including business, medicine, IT, law, psychology and others. The university holds 123rd rank in QS World University Rankings.

2. The University of Manchester

Distance Education Universities

The popular university of Britain, The University of Manchester enables students from across the world to expand their knowledge with its standard and quality distance education and courses in different subjects, including Resource, Informatics Nursing, Arts, Density, Management, Engineering and much more. University of Manchester holds 52nd position in Times World University Rankings.


Distance Education Universities

The largest distance Education organization, IGNOU has been serving a large number of students from across the globe with its distance certificate courses in a variety of disciplines at not very expensive rates. The university offers distance education in all the educational fields and hence it holds the position of best distance learning amongst the top distance education universities 2019.

4. Boston University distance education

Distance Education Universities 2019

Distance education at Boston University is the quality experience where students receive the same degree and quality level of education as any other student of the college in a variety of subject areas, including Arts Education, Criminal Justice, Music, Health Communication, Management and much more. Boston University holds 78th position in QS World University Rankings.

5. Symbiosis center for advanced learning

Distance Education Universities

Holds the 5th rank amongst the best education centers in India, it takes the pride for offering high quality distance education to students in almost all educational fields including law, management, commerce, science and arts. Referred as the best Deemed University of India, it is the top and one of its type distance education institutions in India that upholds a close link with most of the industries and businesses.

6. University of Florida distance learning

Distance Education Universities

No matter where you are located, you can get access to online campus and online certificate and degree programs through distance learning program at University of Florida. University of Florida offers online degree and Doctorate programs which are the wings of UF’s academic brilliance. The university offers online degree programs in various fields including Agricultural & Life Science, Communication, Administration, Health and Human Performance. University of Florida holds 126th rank in Times World University Rankings.

7. Massey University Distance Learning

Distance Education Universities

The leading provider of distance learning, Massey University has set a record by attracting over 20,000 students every year to pursue online undergraduate and postgraduate degree program in different subjects including Business, Creative Arts, Humanities and Social Science and much more, to enhance career prospects and for professional development. Massey University holds 346th rank in QS World University Rankings.

8. University of Southern Queensland

Distance Education Universities

Established in the late 1970’s, The University of Southern Queensland is the largest online university of Australia with over 17,000 enrollments every year. The distance learning here has a proven track record for rendering the best online degrees and programs in a supportive and in a variety of subject areas, including Commerce, Sports, Arts, Social Science, Science, Engineering and much more. University of Southern Queensland holds 701st ranking in QS World University Rankings.

9. Charles strut university

Distance Education Universities 2019

Charles Sturt University is the leading and largest online university of Australia with over 25,000 admissions every year for its online undergraduate and graduate programs. The university offers online undergraduate and single subject degree in a variety of educational courses including, Agricultural and Wine Sciences, Allied Health, Finance, Communication, Business, Engineering, Information Technology and much more. CSU holds 710th ranking in QS World University Rankings.

10. University of Pretoria, Unit of Distance Education

Distance Education Universities

University of Pretoria is the leading distance education University of South Africa with comprehensive track record and academic excellence. University of Pretoria started its Distance Education in the year 2002 with an aim to address the need of practicing educators in the rural and remote areas so as to enhance their education and qualifications. University of Pretoria is ranked 470th in QS World University Rankings.

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