Top 10 Best Medical Colleges in The World

In the changed trends, medical sector has gained more importance than the engineering sector as there is a great demand for doctors all around the world. To excel in the field of healthcare and medicine, it is important to get enough knowledge and skills from the best institutes. There are plenty of opportunities to get graduated from some prestigious medical colleges in the world. It is crucial to know about the best, reputed and well known medical colleges, which are very well equipped with all the amenities. Here is the list of top 10 best medical colleges in the world 2019 that have gained widespread recognition for their quality and service offered:

10. Karolinska Institutet-

Best Medical Colleges 2019

This institute, in common language is known as Karolinska institute and also Royal Caroline Institute. It was established in the year 1810, in Kungsholmen near Stockholm, and later shifted to a place named Solna, just outside Stockholm. This university has been consistent and has been rendering great quality to put itself up into the top 10 list of best medical colleges. This university offers the widest range of medical courses for the students including clinical training and other trainings. The Nobel assembly in this institute, consisting of 50 professors belonging to various medical disciplines in the institute, awards Nobel Prize in the fields of physiology and medicine.

9. University College London-

Best Medical Colleges 2019

This is a public research university, established in 1826, which is providing education to over 35,000 students. There are about 7,000 teaching staff in this university. This is the world’s leading multidisciplinary college. This university was the first university to be established in London, and the third oldest institute in England. University college London is basically divided into 11 major divisions, which is in turn made up of around 100 departments and research centres. Students emerging out of this university are ranked among the best and the most employable students in London. Father of the nations of the countries India, Mauritius and Kenya, Founder of Nigeria and Japan, Inventor of telephone are associated with the University as alumni.

8. Yale university-

Best Medical Colleges

With a campus spreading to 1,015 acres, this university was established in the year 1701. There are about 12,000 students studying in this college. Yale University is the third oldest university for higher education in the United States. This institute was given the University status in the year 1887. This university is made up of 14 different schools. Yale graduate school of arts and sciences, the undergraduate college and 12 other professional schools. This university library consists of 15 million books, which makes it the third largest academic library in USA. Five U.S presidents, 52 Nobel Laureates, 5 field medallists, 19 Supreme Court justices are associated with this university.

7. University of California, San Francisco-

Best Medical Colleges

This University was established in the year 1873, in San Francisco, California, United states. This university is majorly concentrating on graduate education in patient care, health science research and other related disciplines. This is the most selective university for medicine in USA based on the GPA, MCAT scores and acceptance rate. This university has four campus sites inside the city of San Francisco. Parnassus is the main campus of these 4, where the school of Nursing, Pharmacy, Biomedical science, Medicine and Dentistry is present. This also serves as centre for diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of eye related problems.

6. University of California, Los Angeles-

Best Medical Colleges

This university was established in 1919, as the south campus of the previously present Berkeley Branch, making this the second oldest undergraduate university. This university receives the most number of applications every year, housing about 43,000 students and 4,000 academic staff. This university stands 16th in the world ranking of all the universities. This university is split into 4 health science schools, 5 undergraduate colleges and 4 professional schools. 3 field medalists, 13 Nobel laureates, 3 chief scientists in the U.S air force are associated with this university. The university athletes have made their mark by winning 126 national championships.

5. Johns Hopkins University-

Best Medical Colleges

The main campus present in Baltimore, Maryland, United states, this university was established in the year 1876. This is named after the philanthropist and its first benefactor Johns Hopkins. This is the first research university founded in the United States. It follows the German’s concept of graduate school from Heidelberg University. This university is organised into 10 divisions in Washington D.C and Maryland campuses and also has international links in countries like China, Singapore, Italy etc. A total of 36 Nobel laureates are associated with this university in the past 140 and odd years.

4. Stanford university-

Best Medical Colleges 2019

Established in the year 1891, this university is one of the leading universities from many decades, which has presently made itself comfortable in the second place in the whole world. It has a total campus of 8,180 acres, making it the largest university in the United States of America. Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Lathrop Stanford founded this college in the memory of their son Leland Stanford Jr. Who died the previous year. There are sixty people who gained their Nobel prize from this university and seven field medals, by students, faculty and alumnis put together.

3. University of Cambridge-

Best Medical Colleges

Established in 1209,it is now the second oldest university in the English-speaking world and is the world’s fourth oldest university. This university is made up of 31 colleges, containing more than 100 Departments. Cambridge press, is the second largest university press in the world and also is the oldest publishing house overall. Cambridge libraries houses over 15 million books. 10 field medals and 92 Nobel prizes have been affiliated with this university, either students or faculty or alumnis. This university has seen a lot of great minds including Sir Isaac Newton.

2. University of Oxford-

Best Medical Colleges

This is the is the oldest university present in the English speaking world. Their Slogan is “The lord is my light”. Established in the year 1096, this university grew very fast when the English speaking people were not admitted to the Paris university. They have numerous institutions under their name, which consists of 38 different colleges and various departments. Though all these colleges are under the big name, it management and control is vested in their own hands. It has the world’s oldest university museum and houses the world’s largest press. It has been the house of knowledge for many great persons including 27 prime ministers of the UK, 27 noble laureates and also heads of states.

1. Harvard university-

Best Medical Colleges

One of the most famous colleges in the world, Harvard university stand 1st in the world ranking this year. It is known for its courses in engineering and technology and also applied sciences. They have faculties who have won various awards like Guggenheim Fellowship, McArthur award etc. It has a 209 acre main campus. They have athletics facility, sports facilities etc. They have school of applied sciences, school of engineering, medical research, dental studies etc. It has the biggest private library system, consisting of about 80 libraries, 18 million books and alumnus of most of the VVIPs of the world.

This was the list of the top 10 best medical colleges in the world 2019 that are highly reputed in all around the world, for providing best quality education and preparing the medical aspirants in the best way to serve the public.

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