Top 10 Worst Bollywood Actresses Ever

Bollywood is India’s entertainment premiere industry. There are plenty of stars who can really act within the India’s film industry. There are also many performers that give lackluster performances. The following list describes the worst actors in Bollywood. These individuals are truly horrible on-screen and stage performers. Bad performances can make any picture look bad.

They can also keep people from going back to a theater whenever a bad actor appears in a film. The people presented in this list have consistently given bad performances over the years. Let’s take a look at some of Bollywood’s worst entertainers. Here are some of Top 10 Worst Bollywood Actresses Ever.

10. Katrina Kaif, Bang Bang

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Katrina Kaif stars in Bang, Bang which is the Indian version of the movie Knight and Day featuring Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruze. However, this Bollywood remake is no-where as good as the original film. Katrina Kaif’s performance in this film was panned by the critics. This movie apparently did not do Kaif justice or she did not do the movie justice. Either way, this film fell short at the box office and Kaif’s presence caused it to suffer.

9. Preity Zinta

Worst Bollywood Actresses 2019

The thing about many Bollywood actresses is that they are incredibly beautiful. But once you get past their looks, that’s when the trouble starts. Preity Zinta is fine and tasty looking. But she is an untalented actress who does not have a good mind. She comes off as a uneducated woman who doesn’t know much about anything but think that she has life figured out. Thankfully, Zinta is beautiful because that is the real reason why Bollywood is keeping her around.

8. Daisy Shah

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Daisy Shah stars in Jai Ho which is a 2014 Bollywood film about a vigilante. This film was given a poor rating at the box office because it lacked substance and the acting was horrible. The stars in the flick was Salman Khan, Tabu and Daisy Shah. Daisy Shah’s per performance in this film was considered among the worst in the business. After seeing Shah in this film her acting career might be coming to an end.

7. Sonam Kapoor

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Sonam Kapoor plays in Bewakoofiyan. This is a romantic comedy film that was just a bad flick from start to finish. The film was just an all-around bad piece. While it did satisfy the romantic movie crowd, people with an eye for good quality films were severely disappointed. Kapoor might be pretty but she just cannot deliver at the box office. Her performances within this film were predictable and lackluster. Also, the cast was just no good, especially Sonam Kapoor.

6. Bipasha Basu

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Bipasha Basu in Creature 3D. Bipasha Basu just cannot get a break from bad films. She is constantly appearing in bad flicks and she just cannot get away from lack luster performances. Creature 3D is horrible film that helped to wear down this actress’s career. One critic claimed that the film was so bad, in terms of acting, that he was rooting for the monsters to kill the people. This way the show would finally be over. Maybe Basu should consider another line of work that might do her some good.

5. Sonakshi Sinha, Action Jackson

Worst Bollywood Actresses 2019

Action Jackson was a 2014 action-comedy film that failed to entertain audiences at the box office. This movie features Sonakshi Sinha who plays the role of Kushi. This film was loaded with crap acting and bad effects. Most people that went out to see this film was mad about the money they paid to view this bad acted flick. This movie was an absolute disaster at the box office. It did not make back the money that it lost at the box office. This film could have easily ended Sinha’s career if she was not careful.

4. Deepika Padukone

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Deepika Padukone played in Happy New Year and her performance was bad. She was so bad to the point that people cringed when they saw her on film. This movie was a comedy heist and it was referred to as a hamfest. This movie was just as bad as Humshakals or almost as bad. Many people complained about the unnecessary violence and the cheesy lines. Deepika Padukone might as well hang up acting career if this is the quality of work that she plans on turning out over this phase of her career. She will not be able to hang on for long if she continues to act like this.

3. Ameesha Patel

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Many Bollywood fans and insiders honestly believe that Ameesha Patel is a foolish young woman. Yes, she is sexy and yes, she has a great look on screen. No, she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. This young woman is a has been and her career hasn’t really even got started. Many people just see her as more of annoying female broad with no real talent other than looking good. Many believe that she is best seen and not heard.

2. Veena Mallik

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Many people in India see Veena Mallik as an all around ditzy woman. Not only do they think she is dingy and very uneducated they just want her to leave their country and go back to Pakistan where she is from. Mallik is beautiful enough to keep people coming to see her on the big screen but her acting talent and public persona is literally pissing people off they just do not want this actress around anymore.

1. Tanisha

Worst Bollywood Actresses

Many Bollywood fans in India believe that the actress Tanisha is a joke. They no longer take her or her talent seriously. This is sad to say. They want her to make an exit from the business and never to return. However, Tanisha is still holding on to her career. She might not be a dynamic actress but she still is doing enough to pull audiences into theaters. However, once they get there many people are seriously wondering why they went out to see her at all.

Bollywood actors should probably retire like Veena Mallik if they have no talent. However, if they are terrible actors and people still pay to see their films; then they should stay in the business for as long as they can.

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