Top 10 Richest WWE Wrestlers in The World

There’s just no place where you can’t earn bucks in this world. And tough men with great bodies biceps and triceps who aren’t scared to thrash people and get thrashed in turn earn bucks by displaying their fighting skills. Since ages men have been earning through street fights , etc. They got a new platform WWE in world wrestling entertainment was stated. It attracted people from all over the world and drew wider audience since it’s inception.

So much that little boys consider the wrestlers as their inspiration! While the wrestlers themselves are going about fighting for belts, and minting considerable amount of cash from all the ways possible. Other ways? Confused? These popular wrestlers used their fame and their brains to moved in to other industries like Hollywood, singing, television , writing books, advertising for commercials etc . and now they’re worth millions ! So, here we have the top 10 richest WWE wrestlers of the world 2019.

10. Mick Foley ($15 million)

Richest WWE Wrestlers 2019

Mick Francis Foley is a famous WWE wrestler ,a famous voice actor, an active commentator, and an author too. He has been a part of World Championship Wrestling,Extreme Championship Wrestling,National Wrestling Alliance etc. He was inspired by Jimmy Snuka to become a professional wrestler. His career in WWE was an eventful one. He fought many violent matches ada part of Wrestlemania, Raw etc. All his books are international bestsellers. The men of action has also authored a children’s book. He’s earned pretty much too.

9. The Undertaker ($17 millions)

Richest WWE Wrestlers 2019

One of the scariest professional WWE wrestlers Mark William Calaway, stands 9th on this list. He’s been a part of WWE since 1990 and is one of the oldest WWE wrestlers. His style is terribly scary , still he fights like lightning and manages to smash his opponents skull nevertheless. he has to his credits many awards and titles not to forget a handful revenue too.

8. Chris Jericho ($18 million)

Richest WWE Wrestlers

Here we have the multi-talented American professional wrestler Christopher Keith Irvine aka Chris Jericho on the eighth spot. He has a thriving career because He is not only a wrestler but also a famous host, an actor, incredible author and a musician too. He has always managed to grab drawn crowds attention. His finishing move is very popular and is one of the deadliest moves in WWE.

7. Kurt Angle ($20 million)

Richest WWE Wrestlers

On the seventh spot we have Kurt Angle who is an American wrestler and an actor too. He has been an acclaimed wrestler since his college days. European Championship, WWF Championship, Intercontinental Championship etc. were like the stepping stone for success for him. He next moved on to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and created history there too. Adding to his ventures are his appearances as sportscaster and has authored his autobiography named It’s True, It’s True. All this glorious life and now his net worth is about 20 million dollars.

6. Big Show (20 million $)

Richest WWE Wrestlers

Sixth on the list we have Paul Donald Wight famous by his ring name Big Show. He has gained popularity in the world of wrestling by his fabulous matches in Smack down! And Raw. He has won the world champion seven times and is also acclaimed as the most important wrestlers of the decade. He has acted in a few movies and garnered a lot of attention too. Not only attention, there’s the money too.

5. Triple H ($30 million )

Richest WWE Wrestlers 2019

While most of us know him by his ring name, his actual name is Paul Michael Levesque. He was born and brought up in Nashua, New Hampshire. An athletic he was an active sports player since his childhood, he started dreaming about wrestling and took up training since he was just 14. His first walk towards fame was when he won International Wrestling Federation. Through His fame in WrestleMania, Monday Night Raw, and many other shows he managed to land 5th on this list.

4. John Cena ($40 million)

Richest WWE Wrestlers

Cena is one of the most adored WWE wrestlers the federation has seen. He been considered a cool amalgam of strength and humility. His style ,dialogue and the charisma draw him millions of fans worldwide and can see them mumbling his anthem , and truly as John Cena says “my time is now” it’s his peak time as he busy earning bucks through matches . But he doesn’t stop at earning bucks, he is a famous philanthropist too. He donates millions of dollars for charity Make-A-Wish Foundation.

3. Steve Austin ($ 45 million)

Richest WWE Wrestlers

Top third on this list is Steve Austin. He is widely famous by his stage one Stone Cold. He has acted in movies, appeared in television series and also has tried his hand at film producing. He gained widespread recognition through his King of the King, Raw, and Royal Rumble etc. His movies gained him a lot of bucks too. He has starred in movies Like Maximum Conviction, Hunt to Kill etc.

2. The Rock ($125 million)

Richest WWE Wrestlers

Dwayne Douglas Johnson famous by his ring name The Rock is probably the most well-known WWE wrestlers who has more entered into field of acting too. Like his grandfather Dwayne entered the field of wrestling after becoming a famous footballer in Miami. He gained immense stardom in WWE for his style and strength. His looks weren’t less noticeable. He started his acting career with the movie The Scorpion King. He gained his foothold in Hollywood with the Fast and Furious series. As of now he is one of the most influential, highest paid and one of the most popular celebrities of the century. Needless to say he has stacked in plenty of cash for himself.

1. Vince McMahon ($750 million)

Richest WWE Wrestlers

Here’s the man who owns it all. A professional wrestler himself, Vince is the owner of and chairman and CEO of WWE, he’s pretty much the person controlling all the scenes behind the cam. He was initially discouraged by his father to begin wrestling as well as the managing work, but he played an important role in this and helped in widespread popularity of WWE. He has proved himself to be an excellent businessman and commentator too. Slowly he entered the wrestling ring and was a hit there too. Through the decades McMahon continues to be the leading man in the face of world wrestling entertainment in all the ways possible, be it behind the scenes, on the commentators post or in the wrestling arena itself,

These are the top 10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world 2019. These were the top 10 wrestlers who gained popularity through WWE and went on to make billions of dollars for themselves. The wrestlers will forever stay in the hearts of millions of guys watching WWE without fail.

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