Top 10 People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Many people think that a person needs to be talented in order to come famous. In many cases that is true. In order to become a star a person also has to look good. There are some celebrities that are known for their good looks rather than any talent that they may have. They may not be able to sing, dance, or act but they are good to look at. These are the top 10 celebrities that are famous only because they look good.

Here are some of the Top 10 People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

10. Jessica Biel

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Many people question her acting talent. It was hard to believe that she played the part of an innocent character on TV and it was harder to believe some of her movies roles. When she was in the movie she was wearing skimpy clothing and even some lingerie. This kept the fans interesting more than her acting ability. She is not a terrible actress but her body is much better than her skills. If she did not have the good looks that she does no one would have taken notice.

9. Chace Crawford

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks 2019

Chace has been seen on the show Gossip Girls. He has blues eyes and a great smile. People turn in to get a good look at him. He has many fans that gaze at him each and every week. He has even been in some movies. He has a nice looking face but does not have the best acting ability. He is good looking and many say that is how he has gotten this far in his career.

8. Vanessa Hudgens

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Vanessa has become famous for her singing and her acting. It is her good look that gets her notice. Her dark hair and her dark eyes are very appealing. This start is known more her great body than any talent that she may have. Early in her career she took nude photos and now they are all that people talk about. With this pictures out she can no longer pretend to be sweet and innocent. She s good looking so that is why she still has a lot of fans.

7. Eric Dane

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Eric is very attractive. He has been on television for a number of years. Some people say that he is better looking than he is talented. Some state that he is barely action and it is hard to feel his emotions. He is nicknamed Dr. McSteamy for a reason and sometimes people are willing to overlook his lack of talent for his good looks.

6. Mario Lopez

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Since Mario was first seen as a teen heartthrob on the show Saved By the Bell he got the attention of women everywhere. He is good looking and muscular. He has a way with the ladies. Unfortunately for him many people do not take him serious as an actor. He just does not seem to have what it takes to be great. It does not matter to the fans. As long as they are able to look at him they will watch whatever show that he is on. The less cloths he has on the better off he is as well.

5. Hayden Panettiere

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks 2019

Hayden is a pretty blond girl. She has become famous for playing the bubbly role of cheerleaders. She looks the part. She is blonde and perky. In many of her roles she is wearing the little cheerleader outfits what caught the attention of many of her fans. She has been known for playing these roles. While they have gotten her both teenage and male fans it is hard to be taken seriously as an actress when all she plays is a cheerleader.

4. Jessica Alba

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Jessica has been in some action movies and not all of the movies she has been in are that good. Yet due to her good looks she does have a very big fan base. She was in the movie Sin City where she showed more skin then acting ability. She was able to dance on the bars in skimpy clothing. This gets her the attention of many people but does not get the respect of the critics.

3. Josh Duhamel

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Josh has a great sense of style and is good looking. He has been in some popular movies but still does not make an impression with any of the roles that he is in. He does not even make an impression when he has the lead roles. He is good looking but not very talented at the same time. His good looks may be enough to carry him for the time being and help him with his career.

2. Matthew McConaughey

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Matthew has been in a number of movies and has enjoyed fame for many years now. His fans like his laid back style and his good looks. He has been a leading man in a number of movies and keeps on getting leading roles in some big hit. The less cloths he has on the better he looks. While has enjoyed success he may not be the most talented leading man out there. Some of his antics have also gotten him more attention than his talent. He has made a lot of money but may critics feel he needs to calm down and get serious to continue to enjoy success.

1. Megan Fox

People Who are Famous Only for Their Looks

Megan is hot but many people cannot even name one movie that she has been in. She has dark hair and intense eyes. She does have a sense of style and is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She has been seen in a number of lingerie spreads as well as bathing suits. She has pictures in magazines wearing men’s shirts and nothing else. She has also taken topless pictures where there is not much left to the imagination. She is good looking but many feel she does not have the talent to match her good looks.

These people are hot and they are famous. They may not be the most talented people in show business. For many talent does not really matter. As long these stars are looking good they will continue to get roles in movies and on TV.

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