Top 10 Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

There are lots of nice looking and hunky Pinoy teens out there. However, if you have to separate the most cutest from the rest, this list of top 10 most handsome Pinoy teens does speak out proudly, and has some really awesome and handsome Pinoy boys for all to like and enjoy on all fronts. Who are they? They are: Here are some of the Top 10 Most Handsome Pinoy Teens in 2019.

10. Aljur Abrenica

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens 2019

Aljur Abrenica is another guy that has the looks for pretty eye candy so to speak. He isn’t only blessed with good looks that are dark and suave. He also is all the things that a perfectly handsome Pinoy teen should be and is in essence. He was born as Aljur Mikael Guiang Abrenica and he is a Filipino actor, dancer, model, and singer as well. He did make an appearance on the fourth season of Starstruck and is originally from Angeles, Pampangna, Philippines. Albernica did sign a contract with Regal Films in 2007. He did play the part of Cervano/Zaido in Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.

9. Xian Lim

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens 2019

Xian Lim is another of the popular and handsome Pinoy teens. He is handsome, tall, and every inch cute. Why he is so very popular is abundantly clear. He is able to turn the girl’s heads, and even the boy’s, in some cases as well. He was born as Alexander Xian Lim and is of Chinese and Filipino descent. He is also an actor, model, and singer. He is a contract artist that does belong to Star Magic exclusively and he is famous for two roles. These two roles are no other than that of Andy from the series called Binondo Girl in 2011 and the role of Rocco from the blockbuster and hit movie called Bride for Rent.

8. James Reid

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

James Reid is both of Australian and Filipino descent. He is a singer, actor, dancer, and much more. He is someone in the entertainment industry that does have a dual citizenship in both Australia and the Philippine islands. His birth name is Robert James Marquinez Reid and he was born in Sydney, Australia, on May 11, 1993. He signed on with Star Magic in 2010 and then eventually with Viva Artists Agency in 2012.

7. Vhong Navarro

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

Vhong Navarro is known to many out there for being the “Horror Comedy King” of the Philippines. He is very handsome, has lots of talent, and can surely perform when it comes to dancing. He stands out for all these clear reasons and then some as one of the most handsome of all Pinoy boy teens. He was born as Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro on January 4, 1977 in Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. He has been a TV host for ABS-CBN and is a part of the wildly popular dance group called the Streetboys in the Philippines.

6. Alden Richards

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

Alden Richards is the stage name of Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr. Alden Richards is a Filipino television actor who is immensely popular in the field of entertainment. In addition to, being a television actor, he is also a host, model, and a recording artist that is signed to a contract with the GMA Network. He was born as Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr. on January 2, 1992, and is best known as being the opposite half of AlDub love team. The other part of this team is comprised of Maine Mendoza. As a recording artist, Richards did manage to release two albums, and these albums are no other than an album that was self-titled in 2013. It was released from Universal Records. The other album title was called Wish I May in 2015 from GMA Records.

5. Daniel Padilla

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens 2019

Daniel Padilla is both a Filipino actor and recording artist. He has all the right qualities, as well as, that certain brand of charisma that makes him stand out among the Pinoy teens. He also is another young man that does put his family first ahead of all else. He is most unique in look and in talent. Padilla did also earn himself an honor, and that honor was this, when he was singled out to be one of the Original Pilipino Music Junior Ambassadors to promote local music for Filipino youth.

4. Dingdong Dantes

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

Dingdong Dantes is a Filipino actor, commercial model, film producer, and television presenter who has it all. What is this all? He is handsome, successful, and all the things that a leading entertainer should be in the industry. He is also hot, sexy, and alluring which works to his advantage all the more.

3. Enrique Gil

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

Enrique Gil is a lot of things rolled up into one exceptional Pinoy teen. He indeed does have it all. He’s a family man. He obviously also does love his fans a great deal. A fact that does make him all the more human and among the people. He isn’t someone who thinks himself above others and that does signal a winning personality in him more so than anything else he does have.

2. Richard Yap

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

Richard Yap is a special young man. He has it all. There is good looks blended in with his charisma and much more. What is this much more. This much more is all about lots of good things that make him stand out. In addition to his charisma, which is 100% natural, there is a talented personality as well. They all come together at the end of the day is this delightful individual.

1. Coco Martin

Most Handsome Pinoy Teens

Coco Martin has extreme good looks that do match his acting ability perfectly. They both seem to go together naturally. He has lots of humility that is his definite strength. He has many attributes that do make him eye candy for the girls. However, his talent is evident as well, and it goes beyond mere good looks alone.

The following list of the top 10 most handsome Pinoy teens that are listed here do stand out on their own and for their own handsome of all reasons. Who are they? They are these Pinoy most special of all boys.

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